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Updated: 11/21/2019 11:48:03 AM

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OUR VIEW - 05/25/2018 -  North Korea's Leader Learned The Hard Way Today He's Dealing With President Donald Trump Not President Obama

OUR VIEW - 05/14/2018 - Monday Was Historic Day For America, Israel and The World, But Greater Event For People Of Faith

OUR VIEW - 05/10/2018 - President Trump's Decision To Scrap Iran Deal Just One Of Many Great Decisions Flushing Obama Legacy Down Toilet Where It Belongs
OUR VIEW - 05/06/2018 - As We Celebrated National Day of Prayer This Past Week It Behooves Us To Make Sure God Is On Our Side And We Are On His

OUR VIEW: 04/19/2018 - Israel's 70th Anniversary Of Her Independence A Testimony To God's

Faithfulness To His People

OUR VIEW: 04/16/2018 - James Comey's Attempt To Reach Higher Plane Of Morality Falls Way Short Since He's Nothing But Fraud

OUR VIEW: 04/14/2018 - Trump Administration More Than Right On Syria Strikes Providing We Don't End Of Up In Unnecessary War Which We Won't

OUR VIEW: 04/12/2018 - Syrian Situation Is More Than Cowboys and Indians, It's A Dangerous Crossroads In The Middle East

OUR VIEW: 04/05/2018 - On 50th Anniversary Of Dr. Martin Luther King's Death, America Still Divided Racially But Healing Is Possible

OUR VIEW: 04/03/2018 - Host Chuck Todd Of The Nothing But Crap Network Shames Himself And His Network By Mocking Christians On Good Friday, Easter

OUR VIEW: 04/1/2018 - The Message Of Easter And Good Friday Is The Message Of Love's Greatest Sacrifice For All Humanity

OUR VIEW: 03/29/2018 - Smoke Up Johnny Liberals, There Must Be A Citizenship Question On The 2020 Census Form For Citizens' Sake

OUR VIEW: 03/18/2018 - The Firing Of Andy McCabe Was More Than Long Overdue And More Than Right
OUR VIEW:  03/08/2018 - What All The "Know It All" Elite Foreign Policy Experts Failed To Do For Decades, President Trump May Finally Address North Korean Danger Head On
OUR VIEW: 03/07/2018 - Jeff Sessions Comes Out Of Hibernation By Confronting Criminal Activity On Illegal Immigration By California Governor Jerry Brown, Oakland Mayor As He Right Should Have
OUR VIEW - 03/1/2018 - As Cowards In Broward Play Politics The Solution To Nation's Violent Attacks On Schools Is In Faith, Not Gun Control
OUR VIEW - 03/1/2018 - As Cowards In Broward Play Politics The Solution To Nation's Violent Attacks On Schools Is In Faith, Not Gun Control
OUR VIEW: 02/21/2018:  The Loss Of Evangelist Billy Graham Today Is Heaven's Gain As A Faithful Legacy Of Ministry Is Celebrated
OUR VIEW: 02/18/2018 - The Mocking Of Faith In America Is Becoming Too Common In A Violence-Ridden Culture
OUR VIEW: 02/15/2018 - We Grieve Again But We're Looking For Solutions In The Wrong Places For Our Culture's Violence
OUR VIEW - 02/11/2018 - Senate Memo Tightens Noose Around FBI, Political Hack Lawbreakers But Again Where Is Jeff Sessions?
OUR VIEW: 2/3/2018 - There Is Something Rotten In Washington D.C. On The 7th Floor Of The FBI
OUR VIEW: 02/01/2018 - The Democrat's Response To State Of The Union Address Broke New Ground On The Ugliness Of Their Party
OUR VIEW: 01/31/2018 - A State Of The Union Address For The Ages Among Many Hopefully To Come For A Great President
OUR VIEW: 01/30/2018 -  Snobby, Hateful Hollywood Does Not Speak Or Resemble Anything "Closer To The People's Point Of View"

OUR VIEW: 01/28/2018 - As We Recognize International Holocaust Remembrance This Weekend, Let Us Never Forget The Six Million Jews Slaughtered By Nazi Germany And Islam's Role In History's Darkest Stain And Hour

OUR VIEW - 01/24/2018 - The Surrender Of Chucky Embarrasses Democratic Party

OUR VIEW: 01/20/2018 - The Dems Owned This Shutdown And I Hope It Turns Into A Bitter Pill At The Polls In 2018 For Chuck and Nancy's Party

OUR VIEW: 01/15/2018 - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy Is Everything The Liberal Left  And Modern Race Baiters Hate

OUR VIEW: 01/13/2018 - Gutless Politicians Focus On VulgaritiesInstead Of Focusing On Real Issues In DACA, Immigration Debate

OUR VIEW: 01/08/2018 - Tide May Have Won Game, But They Lost Bigger Game Allowing Thug Behavior On Field Without Penalty
OUR VIEW: 1/6/2018 - Left Wing Leaders, Media And Liberals In General Are The Ones Needing To Look In Mirror When Throwing Mentally Unfit Claims At President Trump

OUR VIEW: 12/31/2017- Happy New Year From The Great Smoky Mountain Journal!

OUR VIEW: 12/30/2017 - 2017 Was Great Year For President Trump, Nation, Despite Challenges, Corrupt Media That Will Willfully Ignore His Accomplishment

OUR VIEW: 12/29/2017 - Cutting The U.S. Contribution To UN Budget Is Only Start Of What Needs To Be Done To Most Anti-American, Anti-Israel Body On The Planet Earth

 OUR VIEW: 12/24/2017 - Merry Christmas From The Great Smoky Mountain Journal

OUR VIEW: 12/20/2017 - With No Democrats Voting For Tax Reform It Seems The Party Of The Jackass Loves Political Suicide

OUR VIEW: 12/17/2017 - FBI Did More Meddling In 2016 Election Than Russia  As Urgency Grows For Jeff Sessions To Do His Job
OUR VIEW: 12/13/2017 - Roy Moore's Defeat Very Ugly For Republicans Tuesday Night, State of Alabama, But For Wrong Reasons
OUR VIEW: 12/07/2017 - President Trump Stands In Agreement With God And Shows Courage Where Others Have Showed Cowardice In Naming Jerusalem Israel's Capital
OUR VIEW - 11/30/2017 - Congressional Slush Fund To Protect Those Accused Of  Sexual Harassment Pathetic Disgrace To Our Nation
OUR VIEW: 11/28/2017  - One Year Later We Remain Smoky Mountain Strong

OUR VIEW: 11/25/2017 - THANKSGIVING EDITORIAL - This Thanksgiving, America Needs To Come To The Table Together Again As A Family

OUR VIEW: 11/20/2017 - Lessons From Lincoln's Gettysburg Address 154 Years Later Need To Be Remembered By A Divided Nation

OUR VIEW - 11/17/2017 -  Something Rotten In Denmark In Roy Moore Allegations But We Need The Truth Whatever The Truth May Actually Be

OUR VIEW - 11/16/2017 - Mr. Attorney General It's Time To Do Your Job Or It's Time To Return To Senate Where You Belong With The Other Swamp

OUR VIEW- 11/11/2017 - Thanks To Those Who Have Served!
OUR VIEW: 11/06/2017 - Our Prayers With Texas Today With Much Love From East Tennessee
OUR VIEW: 11/4/2017 - It's Time For The Bushes and Clintons Both To Fade Into History

OUR VIEW: 10/31/2017 - SPECIAL FAITH OPED 500 Years Later The Just Still Live By Faith

OUR VIEW: 10/29/2017 - Lying Narrative Hillary Used To Destroy Trump May Destroy Her If Sessions Does Job
OUR VIEW: 10/25/2017 - Birds Of A Feather Flake Together As Two Republican Senators Including Tennessee's Bob Corker (R) Embarrass Themselves
OUR VIEW: 10/23/2017 - Florida Representative Frederica Wilson No Rock Star, She's A Pathetic Disgrace
OUR VIEW: 10/16/2017 - Bergdahl Remains A Gutless Traitor Even At The Very End Of This Sad Saga In American History
OUR VIEW: 10/14/2017 - President Trump Right To Decertify Deal With World's Largest Exporter Of Terror
OUR VIEW - 10/12/2017  - One Year After Trump Audio Tape Surfaced, Where Is Gloria Alred And Her Ilk Parading The Victims Of Harvey Weinstein In Front Of Cameras?

OUR VIEW: 10/08/2017 - Coach Ronnie Mitchem, A Great Example Of Faith And Courage

In Confronting A Culture Of Growing Disrespect For Our Nation, Deserves Great Praise

OUR VIEW - 10/4/2017 - Amidst A Great Tragedy The Human Side Is Always Greater Than The Political One

OUR VIEW: 10/1/2017 - NFL Could Learn A Thing Or Two From High School Teams Who Show What It Means To Love Their Country

OUR VIEW: 09/26/2017 - Sunday An Ugly Day, Not Just For NFL,  But For The Nation As Commissioner Roger Goddell, Owners, Players Shame Themselves - READ MORE

OUR VIEW: 09/21/2017 - President Trump's UN Speech Made It Clear To World Tuesday American Leadership Is Different Than Past Eight Years
OUR VIEW: 09/16/2017 - The Real Clear and Present Danger To America Is Not Donald Trump, It's The Clinton Themselves, Including Hillary

OUR VIEW-  09/14/2017 -  While We Remember 9-11-2001 This Week Let Us Not Forget 9-11-2012

OUR VIEW - 09/11/2017  - 16 Years Later May We NEVER Forget!

OUR VIEW: 09/08/2017 - Say A Prayer For South Florida This Weekend And Show Some Humanity As Hurricane Irma Draws Close

OUR VIEW: 09/05/2017 - Compassion Cannot Usurp The Rule Of Law In A Nation Founded By The Rule Of Law

OUR VIEW - 09/04/2017 - North Korea Options Few And None Of Them Good But Inaction Only Emboldens Insane Dictator

OUR VIEW: 09/02/2017 - Fox Poll Saying President Trump Tearing Nation Apart Blames Wrong Party For Division In Our Nation - The Enemy Is Us

OUR VIEW - 08/30/2017 - President Trump And First Lady Showed Class, Grit In Texas Visit; The Media Showed A Complete Lack Of It In Their Attacks

OUR VIEW - 08/28/2017 - President Trump Should Be Applauded For His Response To Hurricane Harvey But He Won't Be
OUR VIEW: 08/21/2017 - Enjoy This Historic Eclipse Across East Tennessee
OUR VIEW: 08/19/2017 - Those Behind Statue Madness Want To Rewrite Racist History Of Democratic Party

OUR VIEW: 08/13 - In The End Trump Was Right About Charlottesville But He Gave Enemies Ammo

OUR VIEW: 08/08/2017 - President Trump's First 200 Days Have Started To Change America Despite Political Headwinds From Swamp

OUR VIEW: 08/07/2017 - Chicago Mayor Rham Emmanuel's Lawsuit Against Feds As Comical As His Leadership Skills

OUR VIEW: 08/06/2017 - The Leaks Will Stop When Someone Goes To Jail in Washington D.C.  

OUR VIEW: 08/03/2017  - As Judge Seeks To Jail an 85-Year Old Sheriff Doing His Job, Clinton Comey Also Belong Behind Bars

OUR VIEW - 07/28/2017 - Republican Effort To Repeal Obama Care Goes Down In Shameful Display

OUR VIEW - 07/26/2017 - Sessions Has No One To Blame For The Hot Water He Is In But Himself

OUR VIEW: 07/24/2017 - Obama Care Repeal/Replace Failure On Backs of Republicans Yes, But Don't Forget Who Created This Mess

OUR VIEW: Welcome To The Great Smoky Mountain News Journal

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