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Posted: Sunday, January 21, 2018 07:22 PM

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OUR VIEW: Mr. Attorney General It's Time To Do Your Job

This editorial is one of those short and sweet ones on this Tuesday when Attorney General Jeff Sessions goes before Congress to get grilled over several matters. If I was the one doing the questioning this is how I'd handle today's proceedings:

Very simply, Mr. Attorney General, it’s time to do your job.

Here are my questions for you and they are quite frankly to the point and not in need of complicated answers or Washington political buddy buddy speak.

Why in 2016 did FBI Director James Comey call the Clinton Investigation a “matter,” not an investigation? After all, Mr. Comey wasn’t Director of the Federal Bureau of Matters.

Why in 2016 did FBI Director Comey begin drafting an exoneration letter for Secretary Clinton, whom he called “grossly negligent” in an early draft of the letter, before completing the investigation? Before interviewing several witnesses? And before interviewing Secretary Clinton?

Why in 2016 did James Comey and the Justice Department give Cheryl Mills, Secretary Clinton’s Chief of Staff, an immunity agreement for turning over her laptop computer? Typically, the Department would issue a subpoena or get a warrant and seize it. Why in this case did the FBI agree to destroy the laptop?

Why in 2016—one day before the Benghazi report was released and five days before Secretary Clinton was interviewed by the FBI—did Attorney General Lynch meet with former President Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix?

Why did the intelligence community in the final months of the Obama Administration unmask names at a record rate?

Why in the days following the meeting, and when emailing with the public relations staff at the Justice Department, did Loretta Lynch use the pseudonym “Elizabeth Carlisle?” If your conversation with the former President was only about golf and grandchildren, then why not use your real name?

Why was the decision on whether to charge Secretary Clinton made by FBI Director Comey and not the Attorney General?

Why did James Comey publicize the Clinton Investigation?

Why in 2016 did the FBI pay for the Russian Dossier? It’s been reported that in addition to the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee paying FusionGPS for the dossier, the FBI also “reimbursed” Christopher Steele, author of the dossier.

Why was FusionGPS co-founder Glenn Simpson meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya both before and after her meeting with Donald Trump, Jr.?

Why is the FBI so reluctant to tell Congress and the American people if the dossier was the basis for a FISA court order permitting the government to spy on Americans associated with President Trump’s campaign? If the dossier was a legitimate intelligence document relied on by the court, then why not just tell the country?

Why on January 6, 2017 did James Comey brief President-Elect Trump on the dossier? Again, if the dossier was a legitimate intelligence document, then why wait two months after the election to inform the President-Elect?

Why did the Obama Administration leak to CNN that Mr. Comey had briefed President-Elect Trump on the dossier? Several media outlets had the dossier prior to the briefing, yet no one would print it because most of the document could not be substantiated. In his Congressional testimony, Mr. Comey himself called the dossier “salacious and unverified.”

As pointed out in The Federalist, did the fact that the FBI Director had briefed the President-Elect on the dossier give it the “legitimacy” the press needed to go ahead and print something they knew was not accurate?

Why did the intelligence community in the final months of the Obama Administration unmask names at a record rate?

Why, after Mr. Comey was fired on May 9, 2017, was it so critical for a Special Counsel be named to examine possible Trump/Russia collusion? So critical that James Comey leaked a government document about his conversations with President Trump through a friend to the New York Times.

Why is the Special Counsel Robert Mueller? According to The Hill and Circa News, in 2009 and 2010, the FBI through an informant learned Russian companies seeking to do business in the United States were involved in kickbacks and bribes. Yet, FBI Director Robert Mueller did not inform Congress and did not inform the Committee of Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), the entity responsible for the decision on whether to approve the Uranium One deal.

Why did Robert Mueller not inform CFIUS? And why did the Justice Department put a gag order on the informant?

Finally, why won’t you, Mr. Attorney General —the person with the visibility and responsibility to answer these questions—do your job?

On July 27, 2017, twenty House Republican members of the Judiciary Committee sent a letter to the Attorney General calling for a Special Counsel to get answers to the above questions.

On September 28, 2017, five House Republican members of the Judiciary committee met with the Attorney General and Justice Department staff to inquire about the July letter.

The Justice Department’s response? Silence.

It’s time for Jeff Sessions to name a Special Counsel and get some real answers for the American people.

If this is too hard from him to do then it's time for him to go. The American people are sick and tired of seeing two sets of laws and standards for our nation - one for those out here in the real world, and one for Bill and Hillary Clinton and their cronies.

It's maddening why we are nearing Thanksgiving 2017 and nothing has been done as of yet.

The reason is that most of those invested with the solemn responsibility of investigating the criminal enterprise known as the Clinton Foundation will likely be called as witnesses and become suspects themselves.

A nation without true justice for all is no nation of laws at all.

So pardon me when I gagged and laughed out loud at Sessions' op-ed today in the New York Times saying his Department of Justice has "restored the rule of law" to the American landscape. No you  idiot you have only given cover to the greatest crime syndicate family since those depicted in the Godfather movies of the 1970s.

Sessions needs to either do his job or GO.

I've actually been very disappointed in his ability to do the right thing for the nation at a time when we as a nation need closure on the Clintons and send them packing to where they belong - behind bars.

I hear there may be room for Sessions to return to his Alabama Senate seat thanks to the left wing media's successful attempt to destroy Roy Moore with sexual misconduct allegations from 40 years ago. Moore's situation is not the issue either though we will address that issue this week.

Only in Washington D.C. does political life provide and produce such head-shaking scenarios and cards.

If I were Jeff Sessions, I'd play this card and resign.

It seems he'd be better suited back among the Swamp in Congress since it's apparent he has no desire to prosecute them or drain them from the existence of our government. Just saying.


Christopher McDonald, Publisher, Editor in Charge

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