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Updated: 11/19/2019 04:50:35 PM

Trump: Israel All Messed Up With Their Elections
Abbas: U.S. Summit In Bahrain Will Wind Up In Hell  
Amazon Removes Book By Hezbollah Journalist After Israeli Parliament Appeals To Them  
Report: Assad Drops Cluster Bombs On Hospital In Rebel Province  
Jared Kushner In Middle East To Garner Support For Middle East Peace Plan  
No Condemnation From Any 2020 Presidential Candidates For Rocket Attacks on Israel From Hamas  
Anti-BREXIT Protesters Hit Farage With Milk Shakes In England  
Giuliani: I'd Like To Put Adam Schiff Under Oath
Trump Invites Farage For State Visit Banquet  
Republicans Slam Omar Comments On Palestinians Rocket Attack on Israel - Again  
Reducing Immigration Top Priority Among GOP Voters For Trump in 2020  
American Palestinian Gets Life In Prison For Selling Land To A Jew
Brazil To Move Embassy To Jerusalem Next Year: Not "If" But "When"  
Glick: Israel's Elections Are Basically The Deep State Against Those Who Love Zion
Israel Welcomes 4 Millionth Tourist As Tourism Boom Rolls On
Gaza Strip Terror As Rockets Fired Into Israel Again
Egypt Kills 40 Terrorists in Latest Crack Down
Russia To Host Turkey, Iran To Discuss Syria Sometime Next Year  
Cruz-Cotton Push For Israel To Have Complete Control of Golan Heights
Australia Confirms Move Of Embassy To Jerusalem
Graham Lotz: God Is Giving Me Message About Israel Through Cancer  
Hezbollah Terrorists Warned By Israeli PM Netanyahu To Not Interfere With Israel's Destruction Of Terrorist Tunnels  
Israel Discovers Tunnels of Terrorist Network Tunnels Operating Underneath Jerusalem  
German Schools Identify Nazis In Parent Daycare Booklet Citing Girl's Braids Sparking Outrage Among Parents
UN Fails To Condemn Hamas Terrorism Against Israel As Showdown Looms Between Body and Nikki Haley
Kirsten Gillibrand Continues To Move Away From Israel Support Starting A Anti-Israel Boycott Group Ahead Of 2020
Israel Strikes Iran Linked Targets In Syria  
Evidence Grows Of Assad Extermination By Arab Sunnis In Syria
Iran Is Transferring Ballistic Missiles To Shiite Militia Groups In Iraq According To Reports  
Klein: Anti-Semitism Becoming More Mainstreamed and Common
Nine-Year Old Boy Beaten In Anti-Semitic Attack Near Brooklyn, NY Clothing Store
Report: Syrian Forces Shoot Down Opposition Planes In Damascus
CAIR Leader Mocks Muslims In U.S. Military
Anti-Semitic Video Clip Goes Viral From USA Over AirbNB Delisting Settlements
PA Sharia Judge: "There Is Not World Corruption That The Jews Are Not Behind"
Jordan Cancels Part Of Peace Deal Agreement With Israel
Palestian Rioters Use Explosives To Damage Israeli Fence As Riots Continue Along West Bank
Hamas Chief Calls for Cease-Fire in Gaza despite Rising Tension
Israelis Treasure Children: What’s Behind Their High Fertility Rate?
Israel Detains U.S. Graduate Student for Alleged Boycott Support
Leaders from Three Major Religions Call for “Peace Caravan” to Israel
Iran Warns US and Israel after Deadly Attack on Military Parade
Thousands of Christians Flock to Israel to Celebrate the Feast of Sukkot
Russia Increases Tension with Israel by Giving Missile Defense System to Syria
Historical Evidence for the Exodus May Have Been Found

More World News In Archives

Israel To Hold New Elections After

Conservative Faction Nixes Netanyahu Coalition


U.S. Airstrikes In Yemen Reportedly Kill

Mastermind Of U.S. Cole Bombing


UK Calls New Years Eve Stabbing Attack "Terrorism"

After Attacker Cries "Allah-Akbar"


President Trump To Pull Troops Out Of Syria Declaring That ISIS Has Been Defeated

President Also Signals Pull Out From Afghanistan Bringing Troops Home For Christmas


Cruz-Cotton Push For Israel To Have Complete Control of Golan Heights


Terror Suspect Yelled "Allah-Akbar" Had 27 Prior Criminal Convictions

Four Dead, 12 Injured In Strasbourg Christmas Market In French Terrorist Attack


Hezbollah Tunnels Reveals Iran's Inside War With Israel


Britain's PM Theresa May Survives No Confidence Vote


China Concedes On Trade To President Trump, Agrees To Purchase American

Products As Trump Promises To Ease Tariffs Set To Begin In January



CNN Contributor Marc Lamont Hill To UN: End Israel As A State, Palestinians

 Justified In Their Violence Against Jewish State


Trump Cancels Meeting With Putin At G20 Summit Over Ukraine Tensions


President Trump: No Further Action Against Saudis For

Killing Of Journalist James Khashoggi

Trump Praises Saudis For Lower Gas Prices - Says "Let's Go Lower"


Hamas Rockets Raining Down On Israel Since

Monday As Tensions Rise In Middle East


May In Trouble Over BREXIT Proposal, Facing Loss

Of Position As Prime Minister


Louis Farrakhan Chants "Death To America" "Death To Israel" In Iran


Iran Warns Of "War Situation" If Sanctions Resume

Caravan "Migrants" Set Fire To Mexican Immigration

Facility According To Reports



White House Trolls Iran On New Rounds Of Sanctions President

Trump Levies Against Rogue Regime Coming November 5 


Brazilian Intelligence: Assassination Plot In Play Against New President Elect

Brazils Bolsonaro Confirms Plans To Move Embassy To Jerusalem


Department Of Justice Announces Arrests Involving China And Trade Secrets


President Trump: Close To 15K Troops Headed To Border If Necessary To Stop Caravan


Indonesian Plane Crashes After Take Off, 189 Feared Dead


Senators Paul, Graham Want Saudis Held Accountable For Missing Washington Post Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Presumed Dead and Shot By Saudi Assassins At Bequest Of Crown Prince

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on Wednesday said he plans to introduce a bill this week to cut off all military aid to Saudi Arabia until missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is returned alive. Turkish officials believe Khashoggi vanished Oct. 2 after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and was reportedly dismembered.


Merkel Out As German Chancellor After Humiliating Elections


Arrest Made In Rape Murder Of Bulgarian Journalist

Germany Condemns Rape, Brutal Murder Of Bulgarian Journalist

Investigating E.U. Corruption At Time Of Attack


More Than 1300 Dead Including 34 Bible Camp Children In Indonesia Earthquake, Tsunami


China Accuses US Of Trade Bullying As New Tariff's Kick In


Top Mexican Official: Trump Proved Naysayers Wrong On

NAFTA Agreement With New U.S. Mexico Trade Deal



President Trump: Sanctions Reinstated Against Iran For "WORLD PEACE" Says Tougher Sanctions Coming In November


Trump Offers To Meet Iranian President Rhouani Without Any Pre-Conditions

U.S. Navy: No Signs Of Iranian Threats To U.S. Vessels In 2018

Anti-Trump London Mayor Taking Heat For Soaring Crime Rate In City Amidst Continued Hatred For American President


Entire Thai Soccer Team Rescued From

Cave According To Reports


Indonesian Mother Dies After Being Swallowed Whole By 23-Foot Long Python



President Trump, Kim Jung Un Sign Historic

Agreement In Singapore

Trump: North Korea To Start Denuclearization of Country "Immediately"

Scaramucci: Media Being Dishonest About North Korea Summit

Varney: North Korea "Much More Than Just A Handshake"

Trump Meeting Likened To Reagan- Gorbachev In 1987

CNN's Acosta Rudely Interrupts President Trump, Kim Jong Un In Singapore


Nearly 120,000 Political Prisoners Rot In North Korea Jails As

Nation's Leader Claims He Seeks Peace 

"Sad Moment In History"

White House Pulls Out Of June Summit With North Korea As

President Calls It "Sad Moment In History"


Cuban Airline Jet Crashes At Havana Airport


Hawaii Volcano About To Erupt Again Striking West

Coast Eruption Fears


Three Armed Terrorists Among 37 Dead, More Than 900 Wounded In Palestinian Clashes Outside Gates of Jerusalem On Historic Day




Paris Attacker Was On Terror Watch List After Attack Kills 1, Injures Four  


OUR VIEW - Great Smoky Mountain Journal President Trump's Decision To Scrap Iran Deal Just One Of Many Great Decisions Flushing Obama Legacy Down Toilet Where It Belongs


Israel Strikes Iranian Targets In Golan Heights After Iran Sends Rockets Into Northern Israel - Largest Attack By Israel into Syria Since Yom Kippur War In 1973

Israel Well Prepared For Possible War With Iran Should

Mullahs Decide To Push Missile Strikes Further

Israeli Strikes Have Bigger Meaning - Baier


Iraq Captures Top Five ISIS Leaders In Cross Border

Raid According To Reports


President Trump Pulls USA Out Of

Flawed Iran Nuke Deal

Iranian Lawmakers Shout "Death To America," Burn US Flag On Parliament Floor, Vows To Increase Spending On Missile Program After President Trump Pulls Out Of Nuke Deal

Bolton: Iran Deal Being Nixed Sends Important Message To North Korea


Sunday Morning Acid Attack

In London Leaves Three Injured


Man From India Dies After Being Mauled By Bear Attempting To Take Selfie With It


Mueller Asks For Second Delay In Michael Flynn Sentencing


Israeli PM Netanyahu Says Iran Has Lied About Pursuing Nuclear Weapons In Presentation Involving Half A Ton Of Secret Iranian Documents


Nearly 200 Central Americans Traveling In Illegal

Caravan Stopped At Border Crossing




North And South Korea Agree To Framework To Denuclearize

 Peninsula In Historic Meeting


SPECIAL FAITH OUR VIEW: Britain's Embrace Of Death In the Case Of Alfie Evans is Warning To America


Alfie Evans, British Toddler At Heart Of Government Lawsuit Dies Late Friday Night


Danish Inventor Convicted Of Murdering, Dismembering Swedish Reporter Kim Wall On Submarine Trip; Sentenced To Life In Prison


Sources Say North Korea To Suspend All Nuke Tests Prior To Meeting With President Trump In May; President Trump Says This Is Great "Progress"