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Tuesday, January 01, 2019 03:02 PM

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Indonesian Mother Dies After Being Swallowed Whole By 23-Foot Long Python

An Indonesian mother has died after being swallowed whole by a 23-foot-long python.

The woman, Wa Tiba, 54, went missing while tending to her vegetable garden near her village on Muna Island in Southeast Sulawesi province on Thursday, according to the village chief, Faris.

When her family went to look for her, they found only her belongings in the garden, including her sandals, a machete and a flashlight.

The village subsequently launched a search for her but were horrified to find the python with a severely bloated belly just 50 yards from the garden.

Faris said the villagers killed the snake and when they cut open its belly, they found the woman's body still intact wearing all her clothes.

Local police chief Hamka, who only has one name like many Indonesians, said: “Residents were suspicious the snake swallowed the victim, so they killed it, then carried it out of the garden.

“The snake’s belly was cut open and the body of the victim was found inside.”

Local villager Ayu Kartika said: "Everyone cried and was in shock. That poor woman. It looked like a horror movie. The people are terrified, afraid to go outside.”

Chris Irvine is Senior News Editor at Fox News. His Twitter can be found @chrisirvine86