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Snow Developing Overnight Thursday Into Friday

One To Three Inches Possible Across East Tennessee

Highest Amounts In Smokies Near Gatlinburg


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Remembering The Super Storm/Blizzard Of 1993

This Day In History


U.T. Researcher Arrested For Wire Fraud, Making False Statements To Feds Concerning Ties To China




N.C. KFC Employee: I Told FBI I Saw Evelyn Boswell Tuesday

Mother Of Evelyn Boswell Arrested For Making False Statements

To TBI Regarding Missing Evelyn Boswell  


Weinstein Found Guilty Of Two Of Five Charges In Rape Case, Escapes Guilty In Main Charge; Taken To Jail Immediately

Harvey Weinstein: "How Could This Happen In America"

Victims Slam Verdict: "This Falls Short Of True Justice"

Bloomberg Honors Weinstein In Bizarre Video Unsurfaced This Week



Trump Ban On Welfare For Illegal Aliens Begins

"Disorder At The Border" To Air Tuesday On Breitbart 

White House: Trump Expanding Health Care For 13 Million



Nikki Halley To Bernie: Go Back Defending Castro After Sanders

Refuses To Attend AIPAC Because Of "Bigotry"

Bernie The Communist Leading Dem Polls, Left In Panic

Bernie Sanders Praises Fidel Castro Over Weekend

Barely Anyone Shows Up For Joe Biden Rally In South Carolina

Commie Bernie Rallying Support In South Carolina, Closes Gap On Biden 

Scarborough: Time For Warren To Drop Out - Help Bernie

Bernie: Illegal Immigrants "Part Of Us"

Judge Judy Vows To "Fight To The Death" Against Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Takes National Lead With Young Black Voters 

Biden: Sanders Wrong To Praise Fidel Castro, Yet Obama Administration Opened Door

To New Relations During Joe's Tim As Vice President

Democrats Condemn Bernie's Praise Of Castro But Not Socialism

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Under Fire For Nazi Comparison To Bernie Followers

Bloomberg Received Planned Parenthood Award For Support Of Abortion



Rep. Steve King: Haney Had Archived

Incriminating Data On Top Obama Officials;

He Didn't Kill Himself, Was Murdered

Latest on Shooting Of Former DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney

Haney's Close Friend Warned Something May

Happen To Him Due To Info Haney Has



Netflix Refuses To Air Corey Feldman Documentary

Where He Names Hollywood Pedophiles

Netflix: Film "Too Dangerous"


U.S.-Taliban Reach Historic Cease Fire Agreement  



The Coronavirus - The Latest

President Trump: Virus Totally Under Control By United States

State Department: Employee In Japan Ignored President Trump Orders,

Allowed Americans With Coronavirus To Fly Back To U.S.

Iranian Cleric Blames Donald Trump For Coronavirus

White House To Request Emergency Coronavirus Funds 

Limbaugh: Virus Been Weaponized To Take Down Trump, Elect Bernie

Mission Impossible VII Filming Delayed In Italy Due To Virus

XI Berates 170,000 Communists Over Chinese Handling Of Virus

China Requarantines Cured Coronavirus Patients

Dow Jones Drops 1000 Points Due To Corona Fears



Nearly Three Dozen Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In U.S.A.

Report: Couples Flown Home Off Ship Despite Requests To Contrary By CDC

Iran Reports Three More Fatalities From Virus

Amazon Being Bullied By China To Remove

"Coronavirus Made In China" T-Shirt Off Website





Mother Of Missing 15-Month Old Evelyn Boswell Tells WATE

Her Mother Took Her To Mendoto, Virginia; No Results From Search

Grandmother Of Missing Tn Toddler Back In Jail On Unrelated Charges To AMBER Alert

Petition Calls For New Law To Require Tennessee Parents To Report Missing Children Sooner




LOCAL Updated: 02/27/2020 09:44:28 PM
AMBER Alert Continues For Missing Sullivan County 15-Month Old Emily Boswell
Two Students Missing On Pickwick Lake, Search Underway
Knoxville Ranks Among Top 50 In Bed Bug Cases
Etowah Chief Wanted On Domestic Abuse Charges
Known TN Sex Offender Held Man At Knife Point As Hostage
Three Arrested In Powell For Drugs After Traffic Stop
Lady Antebellum Coming To Knoxville In 2020 
Early Voting For Tennessee Presidential Primary Ends Today
More Local Stories HERE

STATE/REGION Updated: 02/27/2020 09:44:28 PM

North Carolina Woman Assaults Air Marshall, Screams "I Am Palestinian"
TN Counties Pushing For Executions, Two More Scheduled For 2020
Couple Arrested For Allowing Kids To Ride Bikes With MAGA Hats On
Ryan Newman Leaves Hospital After Horrific Crash At Daytona 500
TN Robbery Suspect Thought To Be In Gatlinburg Arrested In Nashville
Missing Colombia TN 11 Year Old Found Safe After Amber Alert
TN Man Charged With Punching Deputy In The Face
Middle TN Husband Beats Wife Almost To Death Over Wardrobe Disagreement

House Falls Into Tennessee River Due To Mudslides

Dem. Dean Hit With Campaign Finance Misconduct
Kentucky Sheriff Lays Off Entire Staff After Budget Not Approved
Jackson MS Under Water In Latest Mississippi Flooding - More Rain To Come
More State Stories HERE
NATION Updated: 02/27/2020 09:44:28 PM
Mom Of Idaho Kids Missing Since September Arrested In Hawaii - Reports of Cult Affiliation May Be Motive Of Death
Trump Starts Implementing Ban On Welfare For Illegal Aliens
One Of Nasa's Hidden Figures Katherine Johnson Dies At 101
North Carolina Woman Assaults Air Marshall, Screams "I Am Palestinian"
Olympic Wrestler Part Of Victims in Michigan Doctor Sex Abuse Case  
Legendary NYC Mobster Dead At 103
Colorado Police Officer Fired For "Severe Misconduct"
Hot Pocket Heiress Facing 21 Months In College Admission Scandal
Biden Says He's Running For U.S. Senate In Latest Gaffe
Big Bear Bald Eagles Eggs Won't Hatch According To Forestry Service
Weird Clouds Overshadow Mount Shasta
Online Petition Launched To Reinstate Florida High School Baseball Coach Fired For Cursing During Championship Celebration
Bloomberg: Warren "Scary", Obama Endorsement "Backhanded"  
Three Dozen Cases Of Coronavirus In U.S. Confirmed
More National Stories HERE

WORLD/ISRAEL Updated: 02/27/2020 09:44:28 PM

Hosni Mubarak Dead At 91
South Korea Enter Coronavirus Arena With 600 Cases Reported
Cartel Gunmen Attack Border City Military Building
Migrants Rescued From Texas Border City Stash House
U.S. Issues Travel Warning After Mexican Border City Grenade Attack
30 Injured After Car Deliberately Driven Into Germany Carnival Parade
India Debuts Popular Namaste Trump Hats For Historic Speech
Sanders Goes To War Against Pro-Israel Group
Italian Prime Ministers Have Different Views On Russia Hoax - Renzi Was Pro-Obama And Lying On Russia
Equifax Hack China Stole 13 Million People's Data In UK
200,000K Brits Ditch BBC Tv Tax Over Last Year
Esper Warns Of China Threat
Johnson, Trump Meeting Canceled On Brits Cozying Up To China Tech Giant Accused of Spying On U.S. Interests
Rise Of Murder In Mexican Based Amusement Parks Lead To Concerns
Iran Confirms Two Cases Of Coronavirus
UK: Over 160 Terrorists Released Early In Past Seven Years Through Emergency Legislation
More World Stories HERE
NEWS FROM ISRAEL Updated: 02/27/2020 09:44:28 PM
Netanyahu Warns Against Fake Coronavirus News As Election Interference
Sanders Calls Pro-Israel Group Bigots
Iranian Cleric Blames Donald Trump For Coronavirus
Iran: We're Looking For Any Reason To Burn Tel Aviv To Ground

Thousands Of Palestinians March Against Trump Peace Plan

Abbas Rages Against Trump Peace Plan In UN Speech
Israel's Economy Surpasses Expectation
Hezbollah's Head Demands Boycott Of U.S. Goods
More Israel News Stories HERE
Devotion: "The Spirit Of Lawlessness" By David Wilkerson  
Church To Pay Off $40k In School Lunch Debts For Students
Black East Tennesseans Make Mark During Black History Month
Largest Women Conceal And Carry Conferences Held In Large U.S. Church
Church Pays Off $46M In Church Debt
India Suffers Record Number Of Attacks on Christian During Spike In Persecution In Hindu, Muslim Nation
Pew: Only Half Of Americans Think College Degree Makes Society More Productive
SPECIAL: America's Dirtiest Secret Exposed - The Bain of Child Trafficking And Pedophile

More Faith HERE

Argentina Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Girl After Parents Set Up Cameras In Bedroom  
Fashion Industry Titan Peter Nygards Time Square Office Raided In Sex Trafficking Sting
Singer Duffy: I Was Raped And Held Captive For Days
Joseph Misfud Gives Deposition To Durham, But Professor Still Missing
Comey, Mueller Went After Blago and Trump; Trump Fought Back, Blago Has The Goods And Is Talking
Judge Amy Berman Jackson Meeting Today At 2PM To Discuss Tainted Juror In Stone Case
Mom Of Missing Idaho Kids Extradited To U.S. From Hawaii - Very Weird Details Emerging Of Mother's Ties To Cult
Mardi Gras Getting In On The "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" Meme Party
Eric Holder Tells Conservative Journalist To "Shut The Hell Up"

Female Prisoner Claims Transgender Man Raped Her, Prison Tried To Cover It Up

Jessie Smollett Pleads Not Guilty To New Hoax Charges
U.S. Issues New Travel Warning After Mexican City Grenade Attack
Police: Body Found Hanging From NYC Park
No Cause Of Death Cited Yet In DHS Whistleblower Haney's Death First Said To Be A Suicide
Agent Responsible For Most Significant FISA Abuse Called For Disciplinary Action In Horowitz Report
Judge In Stone Case Claims Stone Threatened Her, Gives Stone 40 Months In Prison
Mexican Cartels Relying More and More On Child Recruits To Do Work Of Transporting Drugs
Drew Carey's Ex-Finance Arrested In Murder Of Her Ex-Boyfriend
FBI Gets Involved In Cold Case In NYC Homicide From Decades Ago
Two Ohio State Football Players Accused Of Rape, Kidnapping
Feldman Promises To Name Names Of Pedophiles In Self-Financed Documentary
England Police Announce Arrest In Murder Of Schoolboy There Over 25 Years Ago
Hollywood Stuntwoman Who Stood In For Alba, Diaz, Shot To Death In Shootout

More Criminal Justice Cases HERE

Steyer Accused Of Buying Black Votes In South Carolina
Chris Matthews Forced To Apologize To Bernie For Nazi Comments Following Nevada Caucus Win
Dick Morris: Bloomberg, Hillary Working Behind Scenes To Get Hillary Nomination
Trump Trolls Mueller On Bernie's Campaign Being Contacted By Russia: "Bob Will Get To Bottom Of It"
MSNBC Host: FBI Should Target White Men, Radicalize Them, Then Arrest Them
Trump In India: Schiff Needs To Be Accountable For Leaks
Hegsteth: Time For Someone To Put Heat On Bernie, Not Trump, For Russia Hoax
Trump Briefer May Have Overstated Intelligence On So-Called Russia Ties To Trump Campaign
Dem Establishment In Panic Over Bernie Sanders
Clyburn: Socialist Tilt Of The Part Could Put House In Jeopardy
Susan Sarandon Heads To South Carolina To Stump For Bernie
NSA Official: No Surprise Russians Want Bernie For President
Buttigieg: Nevada Caucus Had Many Errors In Vote Tallies As He Finishes Third
Hollywood Long Time Elite Michael Douglas Hits Trial For Bloomberg
Impeachment Witness Inks 7-Figure Book Deal
Trump, NOT Obama Has Turned Economy Around
Trump On Offensive Seeking Never Trumpers In White House
Republicans See Path To House Control Because Of Bernie Sanders
More Political News Here




Artic Blast Coming South, East Across

Nation This Week


Full Weather HERE

This Is Severe Weather Preparedness Week Across East Tennessee
Artic Blast Coming South, East Across Nation This Week
Tennessee Snow Fall Amounts In 2020
Deadly Earthquake Near Iran, Turkey Border Over Weekend
Students Killed In Indonesia Flash Flood
Incredible Snow Squall Captured In Aspen Colorado
Family Saved After Towing Car Through Flood
Floods Devastate Bolivia
The 2019 Fake News Awards Goes To....
Stars We Lost In 2020


Larry Johnson: Russia Hoax 2.0 Just Redo of 2017 And This Time It's Worse
Cotton: Sotomayor's Comments Need Rebuke And Sanction
Nolte: Russia Gate 2.0 Has Already Crashed And  Burned
Root: Why Bloomberg Has Already Crashed And Burn As Has The Entire Democrat Party
The Difference Between Andy McCabe And Roger Stone And It's Impact On The Justice System
Goodwin: Deep State Snakes Slither Back After CIA House Cleaning
Warren Has A Spineless Problem Not A Voter Problem
Bloomberg's Utopia In New York Was Not A Utopia
Former Dem: "Why I Now Support Trump"
Bernie Has Lost Voters Because Of Trump's Economy
Bloomberg's Sexist Comments Far Worse Than Trump
The New Class War Between The Elites and Globalist Oblarchs and The Common People
Devore: Will Illegal Voting Tip Texas Blue In 2020
Nolte: The Facist History Of Mini-Mike Bloomberg
Hispanic Support For President Trump Leaves Dems In Panic
Tucker: China Largest Threat To U.S. Not Russia But Dems Want You To Believe It's Russia
Root: The New Democrat Of 2020 Has Crossed Line From Simply Anti-America To Pure Evil
Gutfield: Democrats and Socialism Cannot Be Separated  

SPECIAL: Obama's Historic History Or Surveillance Abuse Of Power

We Can Never Trust The FBI, CIA Again: Nolte


6.1 Million People Off Food Stamps Under Donald Trump 

U.S. Economy Created 225,000 Jobs In January
White House: Drug Prices Have Dropped 11% Under President Trump
Stocks Take Hit Due To Virus Fears
Things You Need To Know About Tax Season 2020
Small Business Optimism Jumps Higher In January
69% Of Small Business Owners Say They Have Benefited From Trump Tax Cuts
Job Openings Fall More Than Expected In January
6.1 Million People Off Food Stamps Under Donald Trump
Macy's To Close Stores Including Base Store In Cincy
Poll: Trump's Economy Best In Twenty Years
Latest CPI Data: Tariffs Not Hurting American Businesses
Private Payroll Numbers Not As Expected In November
One In Five Business Owners Who Are Left Leaning Refuse To Hire Trump Supporters
New York Mayor Rips Dominos Over Pizza Prices Over Holidays
Hopeful Treatments For Coronavirus
Ten Most Livable Cities In USA
What Happens In A Nuclear Apocalypse
China Refusing To Hand Over Evidence Of Virus To American Embassy/
Mister Rogers Debuted 52 Years Ago This Week
Worlds Ten Most Livable Cities - None In Tennessee
World's Oldest Man Crowed In Japan At 112
Disney Plus Hits 23M Subscribers
Wendy's To Start Serving Breakfast
Facts About Mount Rushmore
Oscars Hit All Time Low As Winners Promote Marxism, Cows And Trump Derangement Syndrome
Brad Pitt Goes Left - Trashes Trump, Praises Impeachment
More Life, Business, Health Stories HERE
Tennessee Baseball Season Begins As UT Tallies 45 Runs In Season Opener
Astros Manager Wants MLB To Protect Team From Potential Bean Ball Encounters This Season After Cheating Scandal
Hank Aaron: Astros Need To Be Banned For Life In Cheating Scandal 
UT Releases 2020 Ladies Softball Scandal  
UT Softball Team Ranked Best In Land Entering 2020 Season
Kansas Chiefs Win 2020 Super Bowl, Headed To White House Soon


Thanksgiving Established Fundamental Values Of America Long Before 1776 Occurred
Carney: Meet The Mother Of Thanksgiving
Roman Catholics In Bavaria Once Founded A Secret Society In 1740 Called The Order Of The Pug
The Tornado That Stopped The Burning Down Of Washington
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