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173 House Republicans Vote

To Censure Adam Schiff; 24 Do Not


President Trump Fires Back At Susan Rice Over Syria:

"Remember The Red Line In The Sand? Me Either"

Latest From The National Hurricane Center - Tropical Storm Nestor Threatens Gulf Coast Friday Into Saturday




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This Day In History

President Trump In Dallas: The Bidens Got Rich, While America Got Robbed

Armed Man Arrested Outside Dallas Arena Prior To President Trump's Rally

POTUS: Left Wants Judges Who Want To Shred Constitution

Trump Rips Democrats and "Crazy" Nancy Pelosi

Texas Crowd Chants "Bring Them Home" Regarding Foreign Policy Statements

Trump: "Pray For Pelosi" After White House Meeting Melts Down, Dems Storm Out

More CNN Biased Revealed In Latest Veritas Video


Clinton Supporting Ex Rear Admiral General Promotes

Military Coup Against President Trump: "The Sooner the Better"





Trump: "Pray For Pelosi" After White House Meeting On Syria

Melts Down, Dems Storm Out

Clinton Foundation Linked Fraudsters Arrested, Poised To Rat Out Bill And Hillary

Flynn Attorney Demands DOJ Produce Newly Discovered

Brady Material On Two Phones Used By Joseph Mifsud

Representative Elijah Cummings Dead At Age 68


Elijah Cummings Signed Subpoenas From His Death Bed, Two Signatures Don't Match On Final Two Raising Questions As Who Forged Them




Impeachment Clown Show Mania Continues

Mulvaney Clarifies Statements On Ukraine Aid

"Read The Transcript"

CNN Leads Hysteria With False Claim

Dems Seize On Mulvaney Comments To Scream Proof Of Wrong Doing

Schiff Pressured Witness To Back "Whistleblower" Narrative

Schiff Met With Impeachment Witness in Ukraine Before Testimony

Ex-Ukraine Enjoy "I Was Never Asked To Do Anything Wrong"

Dems Impeachment Probe Shown To Be The Scam It Is With Pelosi Meltdown

Pelosi Strategy Questioned After Refusing Authorization Vote On Impeachment Inquiry

Pence, Giuliani, OMB Director Snub Dem Subpoenas To Testify

Former Ambassador Had Hit List on Conservative Journalists; Asked To Participate In Dem Sham Impeachment Inquiry

Pelosi: No Impeachment Vote On Inquiry At This Time

President Trump: Nancy Pelosi Among Most Corrupt In U.S. Congress

Schiff: House May Not Vote On Impeachment Inquiry

Schiff: Secret Impeachment Inquiry Is "Like Grand Jury" Investigation; Problem: NO CRIME

Gaetz Barred From Impeachment Hearing That Has Turned Into Clownshow

President Trump: Pelosi Hates The United States Of America

Edwards In Run Off In Lousiana After President Trump Rallys There Friday Night

Pence Refuses To Hand Over Documents Related To Ukraine

President Could Be Impeached Based On Whistleblowers That Won't Testify In Person

Schiff: Testimony Held In Secret To Keep Trump "In The Dark"  

Schiff: Doesn't Need To Be Quid Pro Quo For President To Be Impeached

Schiffs Whistleblower May Not Testify At All In Impeachment Inquiry

Turkish Bank Charged In Fraud Scheme, With Ties To Rudy G

New York Post: Fox News Polls Misrepresented Impeachment Approval

Tlaib: Dems Considering Jailing Presidents Allies If They Don't Comply With Witch Hunt

In Sham Clown Show Impeachment Inquiry

Pelosi Informs Dems No Formal Impeachment Vote On Inquiry

Dems Change Rules Again To Allow Closed Door Interviews

And Limit Questions To Whistleblowers By Attorneys

Elizabeth Warren Questioner At LGBTQ Convention Was One Of Her Top Donors

Chelsea Covers For Hillary: Yes Someone With Beard and Penis Can Be A Woman in America 

Hunter Biden Disgraces Himself In ABC Interview, Claims He Did Nothing Wrong, Slams And Blames Trump, Giuliani

Biden: I Was Raised To Respect The Office Of President  

Biden: I Don't Have To Justify My 50,000 Monthly Salary

Biden Boasts: I'm The Reason Donald Trump Under Impeachment Inquiry

Trump: Media Will Protect Biden With Greasy, Protective Arms

Unclear If Biden Will Actually Step Down From Chinese Firm

Moodys: Trump Will Crush Dem Rivals In 2020

Dems Impeachment Witness Fiona Hill Was Not Even Working In Trump White House At Time

She Claims President Made Call To Ukraine But Was "Upset" At The Call - HUH?


IRS Admits Targeting The Poor Because It's Easier Than Auditing The Wealthy


95% Of Tested Baby Foods Found To Have Toxic Material In Them


Mike Pence Announces Cease

Fire Between Turkey And Syria

Congress Abandons Kurds With Cowardly Vote To Condemn Trump

"Tough Love Diplomacy With Turkey Saved Lives" Say President Trump

Romney: Kurds Blood Will Stain U.S. Hands of History

Romney: Cease Fire Not Victory

President Trump Issues Sanctions Against Turkey For Attacking Kurds

Erdogan: Armenian Genocide Never Happened

ABC News Airs False Story - Twice - Using KY Armory Range Pics To Claim Fake Syria Bombing

President Trump: ABC A "Real Disgrace"

Russia Says It Will Not Allow Turkey Syria Clash In Middle East

China Warns Turkey To Halt Invasion Of Syria Against Kurds

President Trump Threatens To Destroy Turkey's Economy Over Kurdish Action



Police Find Missing Woman's Body Buried In Concrete,

Two Suspects Arrested

Mexico Terminator Scenes Were Filmed In Spain Due To Cartel Fears


Report: FBI Conducted 3.1 Million Illegal Searches On Citizens From 2017-2018


Dems Clown Show Act 4 In Ohio Tuesday Reveals Party Deep In Communism,

Division, Impeachment, Lies, Deceit

Dems Gush Over Late John McCain During Debate

Harris Pledges To Destroy Big Pharma  -Despite Having Big Pharma As One Of Her Biggest Donors

Joe Biden Flubs Several Times Again During Democratic Debate

Moderators Refuse To Ask Dems ANY Questions On China, Hong Kong

The Squad Feels The Bern - AOC, Tlaib, Omar Endorse Bernie Sanders

Warren Thanks Obama, But Biden Says He, Not Warren, Has Obama's Support

Booker Falsely Claims Trump "Most Unhealthy President"

Gabbard: "I Don't See A Nation Of Deplorables"

Castro: Trump Putting Kids In Cages, Freeing ISIS Terrorists

Harris Funded By Big Pharma and Big Tech

Gabbard Fights Back: "I'm No Asaad Apologist"

Booker Defends Planned Parenthood During Debate



Corrupt Media On Display During Dem Debate

Anderson Cooper Defends Hunter Biden, Says He's Been Falsely Accused By Trump

Sanders Dodges Questions On Hunter Biden

Schweizer: No Comparison Between Biden's Foreign Government Ties,

Trump's Family Business

Booker: Attack Biden Is Attacking A Statesman 

Warren Falsely Claims She Doesn't Endorse Billionaires; She Has Received Donations From Six

Harris: Trump Unpatriotic And Has Committed Crimes "In Plain Sight"



Hong Kong Demonstrators Burn Lebron James' Jerseys

James' Communist China Financial Ties Run Deep

Fans, Politicians Slam Lebron James After He Defends China, Rips Protestors

Actor: James Actions Show He Is "Fakest" Member Of The NBA

China Defends Pro Communist NBA Players


Tennessee Ranks Last In Average Salaries Across USA According To Report


Queen Elizabeth: BREXIT A Top Priority For Her, Boris Johnson


Dolly Parton Celebrates 50 Years At The Grand Ole Opry


Taco Bell Pulls Beef From Shelves In Recall


Arizona Official Charged With Trafficking Tied To Several Never-Trumpers


Glenn Simpson: I Was Hired To Investigate Trump In Fall 2015; Memos Made Way Directly To Obama

Project Veritas Slams CNN In Undercover Sting Showing Zucker's Personal Animosity Towards President Trump  

Epstein's Handler Maxwell, Lane Believed To Be In Brazil


LOCAL Updated: 10/19/2019 12:11:58 PM
Newport Couple Charged With Arson Trying To Set Fire To Own Restaurant
Missing Army Vet Thought To Be In Smokies Found Dead In Wyoming Mountains
TN Man Charged With Murder After Shooting Unarmed Burglar
Father Dies Of Heart Attack One Day After Son's Murder
Top 34 Fruit Drinks Deemed Unhealthy For Kids  
20 Days To Go Before Knoxville Elections  
Greeneville Man Charged With Several Counts Of Arson  
Missing Sevier County Teen Found Safe  
Publix Issues Public Recall On Certain Deli Cheese Products  
KPD Searches For Robbery Suspect
Police Pursuit Ends With Crash in Monroe County
Gatlinburg Breaks World Record For Scarecrows As Fall Begins in Earnest In The Mountains  
Morristown Woman Killed In Apartment Fire  
Tennessee Man Drowns In Ormond Beach, Florida  
Dangerous Criminal, Accomplice On TBI's Most Wanted List Taken Into Custody In Knoxville Thursday
More Local Stories HERE

STATE/REGION Updated: 10/19/2019 12:11:58 PM

TN Hemp Regulation Waiting On Washington DC Officials
Alabama FBI Photographer Found Dead In North Carolina Creek  
Census Bureau Seeking State Data Among Info On New Forms  
Federal Judge Blocks Georgia Heartbeat Law
Health Officials Confirm Whooping Cough in Kentucky Schools
Police Search For Missing Boy With Autism  
Woman Stabbed 15-30 Times By Husband in Woodford County  
Gas Leaks Lead To Evacuations In Nashville At Coca-Cola Plant
TDH: 49 Vaping Cases Of Serious Lung Injuries In State Reported Last Month
Tennessee Incarceration Rate Rises Above National Average  
TBI Investigating Officer Involved Shooting in Bradley County
AMBER ALERT For Three Year Old Missing Birmingham Girl
Amber Alert Issued For Missing 3-Year Old NC Girl  
More State Stories HERE
NATION Updated: 10/19/2019 12:11:58 PM
Newsom Signs Bill For California Universities To Dispense Abortion Drugs
"Tarzan" Actor Ron Ely's Wife Killed, Son Shot By Deputies
Hunter Biden To ABC Interviewer: Ask Me Nicer Or Don't Ask At All
California Passes Most Radical Gun Seizure Yet - Even ACLU Worried
Trump Hating Open Border Advocate Killed By Illegal Alien
Hunter Biden Likely Has Millions In Chinese Banking Fund Despite Resignation From Board
Rand Paul Rips View Hosts Over Syria, Turkey Engagement By United States
Police Officer Shot in Washington DC Suburb
Hunter Biden Set For ABC Interview Tuesday
Dave Chappelle Wrongly Blamed For Trans-Comic's Suicide
Noonan: Hunter Biden The Swamp in No Uncertain Terms  
Ted Cruz: It Was Not Appropriate For Trump To Ask China To Investigate The Bidens
Trump Tells Schiff Let Whistleblower Testify In Public Or Not At All  
Bad Computer Code Jeopardizing Millions Of Studies, Grades  
Schiff: Whistleblower May Not Testify In Public  
Wallace Fell For Schiff's Made Up Version of Trump Phone Call
Report: Trump Former Russia Aide Set For Impeachment Inquiry
New York Post: Fox News Misrepresented Trump Impeachment Poll
Fake Pocahontas Celebrates 'National Indigenous Peoples' Day"  
Max Rose Says Trump Must Prove His Innocence Not The Other Way Around In Impeachment Inquiry
Clapper Associate Charles McCullough Aided Whistleblower Testimony
California Man Dies 12 Minutes After PGE Cuts Power To Home
More National Stories HERE

WORLD/ISRAEL Updated: 10/19/2019 12:11:58 PM

President Trump: Let Syria And Turkey Play With Sand In The Middle East

25 Year Old Korean Singer Commits Suicide In Latest Human Rights Crisis Abuse Fallout in Korea

President Trump Announces Plans To Withdraw U.S. Troops From Northern Syria
President Trump Veteos Bill Stripping Him of Emergency Powers To Use DOD Money to Build Wall  
Italy Crime Rate Down - Except In Left - Controlled Municipalities  
NBC: "We Have Nothing To Hide"
Kurdish Demonstrators Riot in Middle East Amid Turkish Aggression  
Trump To Bankrupt UN: Find Your Own Money
Typhoon Kills Dozen in Japan
US Pulling Out Of Northern Syria As Turkey Moves In
China Warns Protesters Efforts To Divide Country Will Result In Injury And Death
Five Things You Need To Know About The Kurds  
More World Stories HERE
NEWS FROM ISRAEL Updated: 10/19/2019 12:11:58 PM
Chinese App Gives Nation Back Door Entrance Into Millions Of Devices  
NATO Struggling As Turkey Launches New Offensives In Syria  

Benjamin Netanyahu Cleared To Form New Government In Israel

Israel Weighs Deporting Palestinian BDS Founder  
More Israel News Stories HERE
Devotion: "The Spirit Of Lawlessness" By David Wilkerson  
Christian Burned By ISIS In Iraq Survives: "Jesus Spoke To Me"  
Life Leader: President Trump Keeping Promises To Pro Life Movement  
Judge Rules Obama Care Ruling About Transgender Abortion Protections Violate Religious Freedom  
Chris Cuomo Under Fire For Remarks at LGBTQ Town Hall  
More Faith HERE
Virginia Teacher Arrested At Border on Sex Charges  
Justice Department Lawyers Support Obama's Push For Citizenship For DACA
Nearly Two Thirds Of House Back Censuring Adam Schiff
PA Police Warn Residents Of Candy Laced With THC
Cuba Gooding Jr. Pleads Not Guilty To Sexual Misconduct Claims
Explosive Device Blows Up At Montana Elementary School - No Injuries  
Single Fentanyl Bust Could Have Killed Up To Five Million People Say Feds
Gang Member Accused of Sexual Assault While Out On 6,000 Bond
Pedophile Who Molested 200 Kids Stabbed To Death In Prison  
Whistleblower Attorney Was Informant Who Scuttled Trump's Pick For CIA Watchdog  
Biden Investigation Was Opened MONTHS Before Zelensky Took Office According To Report
Ninth Illegal Alien In Maryland County Accused Of Rape  
Huffman Reports To Prison To Serve 14 Day Sentence In College Bribery Scandal  
Nine Year Old Sets Home On Fire Killing All Five Family Members  

More Criminal Justice Cases HERE

Report: FBI Illegally Spied on 3.1 Million Americans Between 2017 and 2018
FBI Targeting Giuliani As He Gets Closer To Truth About Ukraine
Clinton Criticizes Facebook For Not Being "Anti Trump" Enough
Hunter Biden Admits In Interview Dad Helped Secure $83K Month Job In Ukraine Gas Company
CNN Secretly Caught Admitting Biden Got Sweetheart Deal Despite Anchors Protecting Former VP's Son  
President Trump: Hunter Biden "Really Bad" In ABC Interview  
New York Governor Drops "N" Word In Radio Interview  
More Political News Here


Clinton Has Become Completely Delusional
Hayward: The Case For Kurdish Statehood
Crybaby Hunter Biden Only Upset He Got Caught By Rudy; Directs Anger At Trump  
Nolte: ABC Whiffed On Hunter Biden Interview Refusing To Ask Him About China Ties  
Socialism In Venezuela A Warning To America
Voters Agree With Trump On Ending Needless Wars
Clinton's Madness Leads Her to Criticize Facebook For Not Being Anti-Trump Enough
Nancy Pelosi's Faithless Impeachment Hunt

SPECIAL: Obama's Historic History Or Surveillance Abuse Of Power

We Can Never Trust The FBI, CIA Again: Nolte

U.S. Surpasses Saudi Arabia, Russia To Become World's Top Oil Producer
Purdue Opiods Deal Blasted By Health Professionals  
95% Of Tested Baby Foods Found To Have Toxic Material In Them
Actor Robert Forrester Dies At Age 78 After Nominated For "El Camino"
Queen Publisher Demands Trump Campaign Stop Playing "We Will Rock You"  
Pictures Emerging of Bully Shep Smith After Departure From Fox
Woman Discovers She's Still Married To Ex En Route To Wedding
More Life, Business, Health Stories HERE
Week Six Of NFL Finds More Empty Seats Than Full Ones  
Gregg Popovich Calls President Trump Cowardly  
NBA Boycotts States For Transgender Bathroom Policies But Refuses To Stand Up To China  
2019 College Football Rankings  
Vols Beat Mississippi State 20-10 For First SEC Win  
Atlanta Falcons Report - Falcons 33, Cardinals 34 - Falcons 1-5
Tennessee Titans Report - Titans 0, Denver 16 - Titans 2-4


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