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This Day In History



Campbell County Shaken By Three Earthquakes In As Many Days



Impeachment Trial Day 2 Begins In Senate

Starr, Dershowitz Join Trump Impeachment Team

Impeachment Trial Begins In Senate

OMB Blasts GAO Report On Trump Behavior Regarding Ukraine I.E. Nothing Burger

Kamala Harris Laughs, Smiles, Then Says Impeachment "Solemn" Moment For Country

Digenova: Senate Should Subpoena Michael Atkinson Over Fake Whistleblower Complaint

Pollak: Parnas Undermines Dems Claims Against Trump

Sanders: I'd Rather Be In Iowa Today

Warren Colluded With CNN To Take Out Bernie Say Report

Braun: Dems Orchestrated And Planned Lev Parnas Claims

Digenova: American Embassy In Ukraine Blocked Giuliani And My Wife From Investigating Attempts To Frame Trump

Pelosi Suggests McConnell Under Russian Control

Pelosi Sets Wednesday Vote To Send Articles Of Impeachment To Senate

McConnell: Hunter Biden To Be Subpoenaed To Testify

McConnell: If Dems Case So Weak, Shouldn't Have Impeached In The First Place

GOP Senator Roy Blunt: Not 51 Votes To Dismiss Impeachment Hearings 




LOCAL Updated: 01/22/2020 01:24:30 PM
TBI: Jefferson County Couple Forged Docs To Get Off Sex Offenders List
School Bus Crash In Hall Results In No Injuries
Former Dandridge Cafeteria Manager Indicted For Theft
12 Year Old Blount County Child Dies From Flu At UT Medical Center
Pigeon Forge FD Announces New Wildfire Awareness Campaign
Double Murder Suspect Waives Right To Preliminary Hearing
Manhunt Underway For Robbery Suspect
Shooting Downtown Has Police Investigating Suspects
Middle School Grieves Student's Death Near Onieda
Officer Hurt In Car Crash With Woman Accused Of Drunk Driving
Silver Carp Reported In East Tennessee Lakes
Mammoth-Cave Offers Free Tours On MLK Jr. Birthday
Puppy Thrown Off Alcoa Overpass, KPD Investigating
Knoxville Child Molester Accused Of Raping 7 Year Old Girl Sentenced To 42 Years  
Local Cops Looking For Powell Bank Robbery Suspect
Former Oak Ridge Football Coach Settles Wrongful Termination Suit With County
Infant Left In Middle Of 35-Degree Roadway As Parents Fail Under The Influence
One Million Dollar Bond Set For Suspect In Murder, Stabbing At Pigeon Forge Restaurant  
Woman Found Dead Along Sevier County Road  
Three Charged With Child Neglect
More Local Stories HERE

STATE/REGION Updated: 01/22/2020 01:24:30 PM

Deaf Man Dues Porn Hub Because "It Lacked Adult Subtitles"  
UT Announces New Policies For Organ Donors
Two  New TN Counties Test Positive For Deer Disease
Police Search For Man Who Assaulted Bus Driver
TN Gov. Bill Lee Defends Position on Refugee Settlement
TDEC To Women: Avoid Eating Fish Out Of Reservoirs Until Source Of Contamination Determined
Alabama Law Seeks To Ban Transgendered Men From Competing In Women's Sporting Events
I-40 Construction Begins At North Carolina-Tennessee State Line
Million Dollar Lottery Ticket Sold In Tellico Plains
Orange UT Shirt Saves Coaches Whose Ship Crashed In Costa Rica
I-40 Tourism Helping Rural Hartford, TN Township  
Nashville Police Arrest Girlfriend Of One Of 4 Teen Escapees
More State Stories HERE
NATION Updated: 01/22/2020 01:24:30 PM
President Trump Transfers $7.2B To Construct Border Wall
AG Barr: Strike On Iranian Terrorist Justified: "He Was Head of A Terrorist Organization"
Alcohol Related Deaths Double In US In 2019; Women At Greater Risk
Intel Alert: Possible Suicide Bomber En Route From Southern Border Into U.S.
FBI Investigating Maxwell In Epstein Probe
Huber Probe Over Into Clinton Foundation; No Witnesses, NOTHING, As Session's Appointee FAILS Miserably In Effort
More National Stories HERE

WORLD/ISRAEL Updated: 01/22/2020 01:24:30 PM
Boris Johnson: Trump Deal Should Replace Obama Deal With Iran
Trudeau Hints Trump Reason Iran Took Down Canadian Airliner, Has Few Words Of Rebuke For Iran Itself
Lebanese Hezbollah Chief Calls For Revenge In Soleimani Strike, Killing
Iran To Try Donald Trump Under Islamic Penal Code For Soleimani Strike
Second Strong Earthquake In Three Days Rocks Puerto Rico - 5.9 Magnitude
Iranian Armed With Knife Arrested Near Flager Beach, CA Bridge  
Aussie Fires Have Killed 25, Damaged 2000 Homes  
As Many As One Billion Animals Lost in Ongoing Aussie Bushfires  
More World Stories HERE
NEWS FROM ISRAEL Updated: 01/22/2020 01:24:30 PM
Jewish Rabbis Sign Letter Thanking President Trump For Fulfilling Bible Prophecy
Rock Where The Ark Of The Covenant May Have Rested May Have Been Discovered In Israel  
More Israel News Stories HERE
Devotion: "The Spirit Of Lawlessness" By David Wilkerson  
China Targets Youth In Its War On Christianity
New England Students: Kim Jung Un Better Leader, More Trust Worthy Than Trump
Broadcaster Apologizes For Profane Song About Christ Being A F#$#$ In LGBTQ Song
Woman Falsely Accuses 13 Year Old Of Rape, Distributes Child Porn, Gets No Jail Time
Radical Feminists Torch Pro-Life Church, Car
Pro-Amnesty Southern Baptist In Damage Control After Soros Ties Exposed
Same Sex Marriage Officially Legal in Northern Ireland
Woman En Route To Her Wedding, 10 Others Killed In Northern Nigeria  
Only 28% Republicans Deem Abortion A Election Issue In 2020
Fuller Theological Seminary Sued Again For Expelling LGBTQ Student
Brazilian Judge: Netflix Must Remove Show That Depicts Jesus As Gay
Facebook Shuts Down Mom For Sharing Messages Of Bible During Holidays
Socialists Who Threaten Unborn On House Floor Call Trump Evil At Same Time
Pope Francis Apologizes For Slapping Woman's Hand During Appearance
More Faith HERE

10 Years Later More Elicit Hillary Emails Emerge

Rand Paul: Bidens Corrupt As Day Is Long
Illegal Alien From Canada Was Planning Gun Attack At VA Rally On January 20
Illegal Alien Convicted Of Sexual Assault On 92-Year Old Woman
Bill De Blasio Defends Freeing Illegal Alien
Kamala Harris Laughs, Then Says Impeachment "Solemn" Moment in Front Of Camera

Kerry: NO Whiff Of Scandal During Obama Years

Democrats, Especially Bidens, Nervous As Book On Corruption To Be Released In Ten Days

FISA Court Hires Obama-Era Justice Official To Review FBI Reforms

Huber Tanks Investigation Into Clinton Foundation
Huber Winds Down Clinton Foundation Investigation With NO Witnesses, No Charges

DOJ Refuses To Charge Saudi Classmates With Pensacola Terrorist Hit That Killed 3

FX Delays Clinton Impeachment Series Until After 2020 Election Claims Scheduling Crisis
Veteran Hit By Car In Florida, Crime Under Investigation
92 Year Old Woman Sexually Assaulted By Illegal Alien Who Authorities Refused To Turn Over To ICE
Iranian Nationalist Arrested Near Trump Home In Florida Brought To USA In Obama Refugee Program
Man Convicted Of 136 Rapes Part Of Those Nabbed In Indonesia Raids In UK

CNN Admits In Nick Sandman Lawsuit It Cannot Prove Anyone Is A Racist; Settles Case With Northern Kentucky Teen Who Sued For Libel

At Least Six Stabbed During Hanukkah Event In NY
Synagogue Terrorist Had Previous Police Record

More Criminal Justice Cases HERE

Latest Veritas Release Catches Bernie Supporter Saying Nasty Things About Dems, Trump And Other Candidates
Deep State Snake Mary McCord Working Now For Adam Schiff
Booker Drops Out Of 2020 Presidential Race
Judge: Hunter Biden Is Biological Father Of Stripper's Love Child
MSNBC Admits It Spread Iranian Propaganda Material During Missile Attacks Tuesday Night 

Feinstein Rips Pelosi For Impeachment Delay

More Political News Here
The 2019 Fake News Awards Goes To....


Lincoln Would Have Been Impeached By These Modern Dems
Socialism Seduces Americans Says Cal Thomas

SPECIAL: Obama's Historic History Or Surveillance Abuse Of Power

We Can Never Trust The FBI, CIA Again: Nolte

Latest CPI Data: Tariffs Not Hurting American Businesses
Private Payroll Numbers Not As Expected In November
One In Five Business Owners Who Are Left Leaning Refuse To Hire Trump Supporters
New York Mayor Rips Dominos Over Pizza Prices Over Holidays
Betty White Celebrates 98th Birthday
104-Year Old Vet Collects Valentine's Day Cards  
Gervais Mocks Hollywood, Journalists During Golden Globe Awards
Hollywood Mocks Trump, Nation For Attack On Terrorist And Fighting Back Attackers On Iraq Embassy
More Life, Business, Health Stories HERE
Tennessee Titans Report - Titans Vs. Chiefs In AFC Championship Game Sunday
Astros Receive Harsh Punishment Over Sign Stealing Incident
Cheating Scandals In Sports
LSU's Joe Burrows Happy To Be Likely A Cincy Bengal In Upcoming NFL Draft









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Interview With Military Child Abuse Survivor  

De-Occulting The Epstein Guards Arrest And Cover Up  

Cult Leader And Insane You Tuber Daniel Lee Exposed  

Jeffrey Epstein Didn't Kill Himself  

CIA's Instagram Page Problem And Illuminati Ties To 9-11

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