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Scattered Storms Thursday Late Through Saturday With Possible Strong Storms, Flooding Friday-Saturday

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Deadliest Flu Pandemic In History Killed 50 Million

This Day In History



Out Of 4,625 Cases, Only 10 Deaths In Knox County Yet Health Department Doubles Down On Masks




Nashville Lawmaker: Try Non-Mask Wearers For Attempted Murder 


National, International Stores

Historic Peace Deal Between Israel, UAE Brokered By Trump Administration





Harris Refused To Prosecute Child Abuse Cases Because Vatican's Lawyers Donated TO

Her Campaign



Biden Picks Harris As VP Choice, Bernie Base Angry

Bennett: Harris "Rough, Vicious" Against Kavanaugh 

Harris Believed Women Who Accused Biden

Harris Tapped But Dem Party May Be Fractured Over It

Harris Compared ICE To KKK In Senate Hearings



Trump Right: Obama Gate Began In 2015

Report: Durham To Drop Bombs Before Labor Day

Susan Rice Admits She Emailed Clinton On Illegal Server Yet Claimed 18 Times She Couldn't Recall Information Under Oath

Johnson Subpoenas Wray Over Operation Hurricane Docs

China Propaganda Behind False Info In Operation Hurricane 



The Dismantling Of American Justice


Seattle All In On Defunding Police

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best To Resign Tuesday After Vote To Defund Police

BLM Militants Walk Through Neighborhood Late Screaming "Wake Your Ass Up"

NYC Pelted With Rocks Trying To Rescue 11 Year Old Girl Downtown

Nashville Lawmaker: Charge Those Not Wearing Masks With Attempted Murder

Seven Year Old Who Wanted To Be Police Becomes Victim Of Street Violence

Chicago Police: No National Guard Allowed After Looters Ransack Downtown

Lightfoot: No Feds, Just Gun Control Needed

Hackers Target Police Departments Across America

GOP Senators To DOJ: Investigate Planned Parenthood

LA Councilman Who Voted To Defund Police Calls Police 8 Times For Protection

Maryland Inmate Freed Due To Coronavirus Stabs 63 Year Old Man

AG Barr On Portland Protests: Media Is Lying To You

Pelosi, Trump Trade Barbs On Payroll Tax, Stimulus Executive Orders,

Dems Cry Uncle Seek Negotiations

Trump: Dems Nothing But Obstructionists

ACLU: Abolish DHS As They Use False Narrative



Biden Under Pressure To Pick Black VP Or Risk Losing Says Black Caucus

59% Voters Believe Joe Biden Won't Finish First Term As President

Democrats War Games: West Coast Secession, Civil War Anarchy, Lawsuits, Riots

Trump Vows Legal Action In Nevada Mail-In Voting Push

 Battleground States, National Poll: Trump Taking Lead Over Biden

Communist Party Leader Endorses Joe Biden

Clinton Aide To Biden: Don't Debate Donald Trump

Seven In 10 Hispanics Support President Trump's Exclusion Of Illegals In Census Reapportionment




Cuomo: No Need For Investigation Into Nursing Home Deaths

NY Governor Blames Fox News, Mother Nature For Deaths, Not Himself; FNC's Dean Removed From Witness List  

Report: Over 97K Children Test Positive For CCP Virus

Delta Bans 100 Passengers For Not Wearing Masks

Azar: Taiwan Important To United States; China Lying Still About CCP Virus Orgins

Coronavirus Archived Stories/Headlines Here


Updated: 08/13/2020 02:02:18 PM
LOCAL, STATE Updated: 08/13/2020 02:02:18 PM
Nashville Lawmaker: Try Non-Mask Wearers For Attempted Murder
KCSO Searching For Answers In North Knoxville Shooting

Union County Crash Kills Teen, Injures Deputy Along Maynardville Highway

Dollywood Named Top 10 Theme Park By Trip Advisor

SEC Announces 10-Game Conference Only Season

New York Woman Arrested For 2018 Crossville Killing

Pigeon Forge Authorities: Scammers Targeting Lodge Dwellers

Hamblen Graduations To Take Place Before School Starts Back
THP Reports Injury Crash On Highway 33 That Closed Road For Hours
More Local Stories HERE/More State Stories HERE

NATION/WORLD Updated: 08/13/2020 02:02:18 PM

$1200 Stimulus Checks Coming In August According To Treasury
Florida Boy Hid Bathroom While Robbers Beat Family To Death
Meghan Boswell Appears In Court As Grand Jury Weighs New Material
Pompeo: China, Russia and Iran Meddling In U.S. Affairs, Elections
UK Schools Report: Very Little Spread Of Virus Found
FNCs Dean Removed From List Of Witnesses Testifying Against NY Policies On Deadly Nursing Home Deaths
Job Openings Jump 9.6 In Junes As Hirings Hit Second Highest Level Ever Recorded
Report: NFL To Ditch On Field National Anthem Singers
Major Explosions Rock Baltimore, Children Trapped
Gates Thrashes America In Rant Against Trump Policy On Testing
Astros Angels In Brawl Over Hit By Pitch
Swarm Of 200 Communist Police Raid Anti-Communist Newspaper In China
Trump Rips RHINO Sasses For Foolishness Over Stimulus Check
Trump: Me On Rushmore Not A Bad Idea
National/World Archives

Full Weather HERE

Report: Fox Dropped 25, 183 Felony Cases In Chicago
Chicago Looting Started By FALSE Report Over Shooting Of 15-Year Old Boy
Trump: Portland Needs To Call Up National Guard
Catholic League BLM One Of Greatest Threats To Americans
Cuomo Obstructing Justice In Nursing Home Probes
Six French Nationals Shot Dead In National Park As Anti-Terror Prosecutors Opened Investigation
Two College Divisions Cancel Fall Football Season
Ex-Angels Employee Charged In Overdose Death Of Tyler Skaggs
Jurnee Smollett Defends Brother Jessie From Scam Hate Crime Report Churning Out More Lies
TikTok To Sue Trump Administration Over Proposed Ban  
Maxwell Asks To Join General Prison Population  
Manhattan DA Continues To Harass President Trump Over Tax Returns
Halper: Flynn Won't Be Around Long
June Gun Sales Soar 134$ Amidst Pandemic


Court Dismisses Satanists Challenge To Abortion Law
Nurses, Doctors and Theme Park Workers Arrested In Major Child Porn Bust
Erie Man Facing Child Porn Charges
Oregon Man Gets 3300 Years For Raping Six Year Old Over 100 Times
Documentary Says Clinton Visited Epstein's Orgy Island
Two Time Deported Illegal Alien Wanted For Rape
Clinton Appointed Judge Agrees To Arrest Illegals At NY Courthouse
Maxwell Wants Jeffrey Epstein's Accuser Trial Moved Fearing She May Actually Have To Testify

More Criminal Justice Cases HERE

Devotion: "The Spirit Of Lawlessness" By David Wilkerson

More Faith HERE

Obama Disgraces Himself, Nation, At John Lewis Funeral  

Google Purges Breitbart, Other Conservative Websites From Election Results As Big Tech Censorship Rages

More Political News Here


Merkel's Agenda Finances $1M Support For Antifa
Ann Coulter Turns On Trump Over Minor Non-Essential Issues
Violent Crime Is Ripping Democrat Lead Cities  
Pollack: Dems Want A Second American Revolution Of Socialism
Fake Conservative SCOTUS Judges Finding Their End
MSNBC Divides Nation, For Ratings - Nothing New

SPECIAL: Obama's Historic History Or Surveillance Abuse Of Power

We Can Never Trust The FBI, CIA Again: Nolte

Weekly Jobless Claims Fall But Economy Still A Mess
Ten Most Livable Cities In USA

See More Coronavirus News In Health Section

Remembering Little Richard, Dead At 77 On May 17, 2020
NASA All In For Tom Cruise To Film On Space Station
More Life, Business, Health Stories HERE


Thanksgiving Established Fundamental Values Of America Long Before 1776 Occurred
Carney: Meet The Mother Of Thanksgiving
Roman Catholics In Bavaria Once Founded A Secret Society In 1740 Called The Order Of The Pug
The Tornado That Stopped The Burning Down Of Washington
Political Cartoons - See More HERE











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