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Historic Flooding Rocking

Houston Texas After

Tropical Depression Hovers Off Coast

Latest From The National Hurricane Center




Few Showers Wednesday Then Big Cool Down

Across East Tennessee On Thursday, Friday

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This Day In History

West Town Mall Evacuated After Reported Fire


Morristown Police Search For Missing Dog, Teenager


Civil Lawsuit Dropped In Pierce Corcoran Case By Parents


Sevier County Burn Ban In Effect Till "Significant" Rainfall



Comey, McCabe Will Face Criminal Charges Related To FISA Abuse

Says Top Republican


Abortions Drop To All Time Low IN America Since Roe V. Wade During 2018


Kavanaugh Smeared Again By Left Congressional Leaders,

Media, Hollywood

Kava Nuts Blame Everyone Else But Themselves For False Info On Allegations

Kavanaugh Book Authors Confirm They Removed Info About Alleged Victim Not Remembering Assault From Tweets

Scarborough Slams Kamala Harris For Repeating False Smears About Kavanaugh

Dark Money Groups Behind Kavanaugh Impeachment Movement

NYT Falsely Claims 7 People Backed Ramirez Claims Against Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh Book Co-Author Admits She Wrote Tweet NYT Had To Delete

Squad Racist Aryanna Pressley Launches Impeachment Inquiry Against Brett Kavanaugh

Unmasked Secretive News Divisions Didn't Want To Own Kavanaugh Smears

Ford's Friend Said She Was Blackmailed Into Going Along With Kavanaugh Smears

Omar Deletes Father's Day Message From 2013

Napolitano: Kavanaugh May Be Able To Sue NYT

CNN Offers Advice On Impeaching Judge

CNN Proposes: "Keep Your Thoughts And Prayers" To Yourself




Journalist Cokie Roberts Dead At Age 75



Exit Polls Show No Clear Winner In Israeli Election

Reports: Arab Turnout High In Israeli Election Seeking To Oust Netanyahu

Pakistani Hindu Arrested For Destroying Temple Over Blasphemy Remarks

PA Encouraging Arabs to Vote in Israeli Elections

Iran To USA: Repent And Stop Supporting Saudis

Taliban Peace Talks Cancelled

Maduros: Venezuela In "World War" With United States




Three Thousand Migrants Rescued From Human Trafficking So Far In 2019

Ben Jerry's Tout Low Wages Due To Illegal Immigration

Three Time Deportee Arrested For Texas Alleged Murder



Report: U.S. Attorney Recommends Charges Against

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

Top FBI Agents Take Aim At Christopher Wray

Carter Page FISA Warrants Illegally Obtained According To Coming IG Report

Feds: Epstein Did No Die In Prison Cell

Michael Flynn Exonerated During Hearing On DOJ Memo



Pelosi, Nadler Push For Trump Impeachment


LOCAL Updated: 09/20/2019 12:49:31 PM
Morristown Restaurant Leaves Frog Legs in Banana Pudding  
Lane Closures Planned On Spur Next Week
FBI Issues Warrant For Knoxville Man  
West Nile Virus Reported In Knoxville
TBI Charges Correction Officers With Tampering With Evidence In Inmate's Death  
Green Beret From Tennessee Killed In Afghanistan  
Knox Gives Seeking 2500 Volunteers For New Service Projects
Wounded Solders To Embark On 101 Mile Bike Ride
Sevier County Burn Ban In Effect Until Significant Rainfall  
Norris Freeway Closed After Serious Accident  
KCSO Finds Missing Woman Who Had Serious Medical Condition  
KPD Investigating Overnight Shooting That Sends One To Hospital  
80-90% Drug Related Crime Tied To Big Pharma According To Report  
More Local Stories HERE

STATE/REGION Updated: 09/20/2019 12:49:31 PM

Perfectly Healthy Man Dies 9 Days After Mosquito Bite  
Knoxville Motorcycle Wreck Claims Two Lives  
Middle TN High School Student Kidnapped By Ms-13 Gang Member  
Laurel KY Officials Arrest Couple, Rescue Four Children Living In Horrible Conditions According To Officials  
Tennessee Plans Service Hike Days  
THP Dispatch System Filled With Issues According To Inspection Report  
Tennessee Receiving 109 Million In Grants For Floods, Other Disasters  
Multiple People Hurt in Stabbing In Tallahassee, Florida  
4 Crew Members Rescued From Georgia Boat Accident  
TBI Issues Warrant For West TN Murder Suspect  
More State Stories HERE
NATION Updated: 09/20/2019 12:49:31 PM
FBI Boss Paid Cash For Sex According To IG Report  
US Navy Admits UFO Tapes Real and Should Not Have Been Revealed  
Epstein Estate Sued Over Sex Abuse Claims  
Trump Shows Off New Border Wall At San Diego Border  
Zuckerberg Meets President Trump In White House  
DC Climate Change Strike Kicks Off  
Dem Policies Led to Parkland Shooting Says Report  
Trump: NYC Is Devastated De Blasio Ending Presidential Campaign Run  
Louisiana Parents Outraged Over Sexually Explicit Questions On Survey To Students  
Delta Flight Plummets 30,000 Feet Near Tampa  
California Judge Temporarily Blocks Request for Trump's Tax Returns  
Gaetz Nails Sharpton During Hearing For Homophobic, Racist Remarks  
Giuliani: Of Course I Asked Ukraine To Look Into Biden  
Border Agent Shot And Killed Near Texas Border  
More National Stories HERE

WORLD/ISRAEL Updated: 09/20/2019 12:49:31 PM

Trudeau Shamed By Blackface Photo     
Hong Kong Protesters: China Police Raping Women During Crackdowns  
Trump Ambassador Pledges $1M Of Own Money To Help Bahamas  
Saudis Cut Oil Output After Drone Attack
More World Stories HERE
NEWS FROM ISRAEL Updated: 09/20/2019 12:49:31 PM
More Israel News Stories HERE
Devotion: "The Spirit Of Lawlessness" By David Wilkerson  
Arizona Supreme Court Says Couple Does NOT Have to Make LGBTQ Cake  
Students Protest John Carroll After Drag Queen Event Cancelled  
More Faith HERE
Kevin Spacey Accuser Dies Days Before Being Set To Testify Against Actor  
Chinese National Pleads Guilty To Terrorism Plot  
Trump Celebrates 150th Judge Being Confirmed During Administration
61 Retired Judges Back Colleague Who Helped Illegal Aliens Escape ICE Capture  
Cartel Gunman Finish Off Mexican Rival In Hospital   
Nadler Holds First Impeachment Hearing Despite Pelosi Concerns  
Man Arrested At Pro Life Event In Minnesota  
Massie: Gun Control A Democratic Fundraiser  
Witness: Epstein Took Girls As Young As 8 To Virgin Islands 

More Criminal Justice Cases HERE

Clintons Hired 1000's Of Operatives Posing As Real People For Talk Radio Programs
Warren Hires Planned Parenthood Head To Lead Iowa Campaign  
Buttigieg Worried Probe Into Fetal Remains Will Target Him (WHICH IT SHOULD)
Castro: Opposition To Illegal Immigration is Racism  
Mike Lee Benefiting From Big Tech
Gabbard Fundraising Off Calling Saudi Arabia President Trump's "Bitch"  
Warren Takes Commanding Lead Over Joe Biden in New National Poll  
Booker Showing 4th In Home State Among Dems  
CNN Map Misrepresents Alabama For Mississippi In Hurricane Dorian Map Coverage  
More Political News Here


Those Striking In DC Over Climate Change Probably Couldn't Pass Elementary Quiz
Racists Do Not Fight Against Abortion  

SPECIAL: Obama's Historic History Or Surveillance Abuse Of Power

We Can Never Trust The FBI, CIA Again: Nolte

U.S. Surpasses Saudi Arabia, Russia To Become World's Top Oil Producer
Low Calorie Soft Drinks Lead To Higher Rate Early Death
U.S. Judge Orders Big Companies To Stand Trial In Opiods Deaths  
Cancer Overtakes Heart Disease As World's Top Killer  
China: U.S. Only Giving Limited Cooperation In Fentanyl Crisis
Tuberculosis Rates Down In Most Children In U.S.
U.S. Records 19 New Cases of Measles As Of Last Week
More Life, Business, Health Stories HERE
2019 College Football Rankings  

Vols Shut Out Chattanooga 45-0 For First Win Of The Year

THIS WEEK: Vols At Florida - Gainesville 3:30 PM CBS
Atlanta Falcons Report - Philadelphia 20, Atlanta 24 - Falcons 1-1, Eagles 1-1, Week 3 - @ Indianapolis Colts
Tennessee Titans Report - Indianapolis 19, Tennessee 17 - Titans 1-1, Indy 1-1, Week 3
Atlanta Braves Report
Major League Baseball Scores
Braves Magic Number At 4 For Back To Back Division Crowns Going Into Philly Series In Atlanta Tuesday
Soccer Team Bans Betsy Ross Flag
George Washington Sacks Mascot After Some Students Offended At Historical "Meaning"  
College Football Poll, Predictions After Week 2 
Power Rankings After Week 3
Woman Soccer Player Offered NFL Kicking Job


Tennessee Smokies Baseball Report

Scores, Schedule, MORE

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