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This Day In History


America Creates 266,000 Jobs In November!


Mass Shooting At Pensacola Naval Air Base, 2 Dead, Several Injured; Gunman Among Dead



Rats Flee Sinking Ship - Three Dems Signal NO On Impeachment Vote - 14 Votes To Go To

Sink Dems "Christmas" Plans

Dems Freak When GOP Seeks Seek “Staff-Led Transcribed Interviews” With DNC Operative Alexandra Chalupa, Ukrainian Officials to Aid Hillary in 2016 Election

Deep State NSA and ATT Helped Schiff In Unprecedented Surveillance Of Guiliani, Nunes And John Solomon's Phone Records

Trump Hating Impeachment Witness Feldman Behind Facebook Oversight Board Idea

Pelosi Tears Into Reporter For "Hate" Question

CBS: Dems Not Exhibiting Even Minimum Degree Of Fairness

Pelosi Tells Chairman To "Proceed With Articles Of Impeachment" In Sham Investigation

Melania Trump Rips Trump Hating Professor Who Attacked 13-Year Old Baron Trump During Wednesday Hearing

Nadler Dozes Off At Impeachment Hearing

Turley: Dems The One Abusing Power, Not President Trump

Karlan: Trump Has Sexually Assaulted More Women Than 99.99% Of Illegal Aliens

Karlan Was Too Far Left For Obama's Choice For Supreme Court

Angry Dem Witness Takes Cheap Shot At Baron Trump

Matt Gaetz Rips Into Karlan At Hearing Over Baron Trump Attacks

Gaetz: Not One Of You Has Any Knowledge Of Schiff Report: Answer: NO

Ingraham: Dems Applauded and Laughed When Karlan Attacked Baron Trump

Dems Expected To Plow Ahead With Impeachment Vote - Expected Now Before Christmas

Dems "Star" Witness On Wednesday Seen In Racist, Man-Hating Video From Past

Ukraine Fires Prosecutor Looking Into Biden's Involvement In Burisma

Trump Hating Professor Takes Classless Shot At 13-Year Old Baron Trump At Hearing

Second Phase Of Schiff Show Begins With Nadler-Led Judiciary Committee Hearing On Impeachment - No Fact Witnesses

Schiff Report: No Bribery, Only Tweets

Former Obama Official To Lead Impeachment Hearing With Nadler

Dem Intel Committee Releases Impeachment Report

Starr: Holding Impeachment Hearings During NATO Conference "Scandulous"

House Dems Release Report Full Of Lies, Assumptions, Half Truths

Dems Accuse Trump Of Abuse Of Power, Witness Tampering, Threatening Witnesses, Obstruction Of Justice

Kamala Harris Out Of Race, Dem Race Baiting Group Says Field Now "All White"

Harris Blames Fundraising, Media On Campaign Collapse

Video: Yang Pours Whipped Cream Down Supporters Throat

U.S. House Passes Bill Sanctioning China


83-Year Old Iowa Man Draws Biden Fire At Event

When Questioning Hunter's Role In Ukraine

Tells Fellow Dem "Stick It Up Your A$#$"



White House Tightens Food Stamp Requirement


Michael Bloomberg And Affiliate Groups

 Gave Planned Parenthood $13M In Donations


No One Crosses Rio Grande River Border Without Paying Cartels


Sailor Shoots Two Civilians, Then Turns Gun On Himself At Pearl Harbor


Fake Nurse Enters Federal Plea Over Using Fake Names, Practicing Medicine With Out License


Winning Trump Tells Delinquent NATO Nations

They Need To Pay Up - Including Trudeau, Germany

Piers Morgan: European Leaders Acting Like Little "Mean Girls" B$#$#$ In A Ladies Room

Trudeau Mocks President Trump At NATO, Gets Slapped Back By American Leader -"He's Two-Faced"

Trump Slamps Back At "Black Face" Trudeau After Canadian PM Mocks Him In Off Camera Hot-Mic Moment

President Trump Says WaPo Misquoted AG Barr On Comments Regarding IG Report




Adam Schiff Associate Arrested On Pedophilia Charges


New Connections Emerge Between Epstein And Clinton



Survey: 1/5 Left Leaning Bosses

Won't Hire Trump Supporters



Nunes Sues CNN For Libel Over Vienna Story That Was False


Gun Buyers On Brink Of Breaking Criminal Background Check Record



Convicted Pedophile Used In Mueller Investigation Indicted For Illegally Funneling Thousands Into Clinton Campaign

Epstein's Private Banker "Suicided" Before FBI Could Question Him

George Nader Indicted On Child Pedophile Charges


Kanye West To Bring Sunday Service

To Pigeon Forge In January


As Page Plays Victim, Trump Blasts Former FBI Lover Asking "Where Are The Scrubbed Texts?"


Several Area High School Teams Advance To State Championships

Alcoa, Maryville, Knox Central, Greenback All Vying For Rings Next Weekend In Cookeville


Vols End Season On High Note With 28-10 Win Over Vandy; Bowl Eligible

In Pruitt's Second Year


Tennessee Ranks Second Nicest State In America


No Sign Of Halls Man 12 Days Later After Family Reported Him Missing


Sevier County Banker Pleads Guilty To Stealing

Nearly 600K From Employer



LOCAL Updated: 12/06/2019 06:22:29 PM
Two Sentenced To Life For Knoxville Drug Robbery
Knox County Drug Related Deaths Up 3%, But Improvement From Year Before
Knoxville Christmas Parade Today
Convicted Shooters In Dobson Murder Due In Court Today
Kanye West To Bring Sunday Service To Pigeon Forge January 2020
Jauan Jennings Suspended For First Half Of Bowl Game
Mother Of 5-Year Old Shot And Killed To Face Jury; Claims 2 Year Old Did It
Country Music Festival Coming To Louisville, TN
Family Of Trees Raises $4K For Charity Over Weekend
Farragut Man Accused Of Dismembering Parents To Appear In Court
Sevier County Banker Pleads Guilty To Stealing Nearly 600K From Employer
Passenger Shoots Driver In Claiborne County Shooting, Crash  
More Local Stories HERE

STATE/REGION Updated: 12/06/2019 06:22:29 PM

Nashville Police Arrest Girlfriend Of One Of 4 Teen Escapees
Thieves Got 80K Worth Of Drones And Accessories When They Ransacked Toys for Tots Box
Meteor Ball Caught On Camera By Birmingham NWS
Inmate Executed For 1991 Killing Of Knox Woman
10 Animals Die In Ohio Wildlife Park Fire Over Thanksgiving  
Juvenile Charged In Murder Of Kentucky Man  
Tennessee Man Finds Meth Induced Half Naked Man Under Crawl Space
Country Star Sam Hunt Arrested For DUI In East Nashville
More State Stories HERE
NATION Updated: 12/06/2019 06:22:29 PM
Trump Lights National Christmas Tree As Part Of Washington DC Tradition
Biden Calls Voter "Damn Liar" After Tense Exchange In Iowa Campaign Rally
Report: NSA, ATT Assisted Adam Schiff In Spying On Rudy's Phone Records; Nunes Too
Trump: Schiff Is A Maniac Who Grew Up With A Complex
Dems Were Primed To Vote On Impeachment Before Schiff Report Was Released  
Trans Activist Angry After Gynecologist Refuses To Treat Him Because He Is A Biological Male
Former Obama Official To Lead Impeachment Hearing With Nadler
Dershowitz: Dems Abusing Power In Impeachment; This Is Horrible For America
Transgender Student's Hearing On Use Of Bathroom To Be Heard By Appeals Court
Clinton: I Am Not A Lesbian, I Like Men
Republicans Laugh As Nadler Can't Confirm House Rules On Impeachment Hearing
Bank Must Turn Over Trump Overseas Financial Records To Dems Says Appeal Court
Oldest Living American Dies At 114
Strzok Page Texts Were Found By Scored Wife Who Turned Them To FBI
More National Stories HERE

WORLD/ISRAEL Updated: 12/06/2019 06:22:29 PM

Hong Kong Protesters Hold Thanksgiving Rally Celebrate U.S. Support Pro-Democracy Movement
Australian Woman Arrested For Falsifying Fake Government Job Resume
CNN Anchor Twists Story To Blame President Trump For Unrest In Iran, Not The Mullahs
English School Prohibits Kids Giving Christmas Cards Because They Are Not Eco-Friendly
Deutsche Bank Must Turn Over Trump Financial Records To Democrats
Blackout Leaves 65 Venezuela's States In The Dark
Light Sentences For French Kids Who Tried To Set A French Police Officer On Fire
Merkel Visits Auschwitz Death Camp Among Rising Tide Of Anti-Semitism in Germany
Iraqi Prime Minister Resigns After Two Months Of Protests
Korean Pop Starts Convicted Of Gang Rape
Illegal Returns After Conviction For Killing Four Kids
More World Stories HERE
NEWS FROM ISRAEL Updated: 12/06/2019 06:22:29 PM

Israeli Deep State Strikes - Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Indicted On Bribery, Fraud and Abuse of Power Charges

Jewish Rabbis Sign Letter Thanking President Trump For Fulfilling Bible Prophecy
Israel Shoots Down Rocket Gaza Attack Rattling Cease Fire
Corbyn Refuses To Apologize For Racist Comments Of Himself and His Party
Jewish Newspaper Rips "Racist" Jeremy Corbyn
More Israel News Stories HERE
Devotion: "The Spirit Of Lawlessness" By David Wilkerson  
Pro-Life NJ Senator First To Vote Against Funding Planned Parenthood
Hallmark Channel Open To Having Movies With Same Sex Couples  
Five Abortion Workers Quit, 738 Unborn Babies Saved During 40 Days For Life Event
Former Red Sox Manny Ramirez Finds Christ, Enrolls In Seminary  
Folau Reaches Settlement After Being Fired For Christian Instagram Post  
Kirk, Falwell Jr. Launch Christian Think-Tank Group
Atheist Group Protests Another Football Coach Praying Before Game
Bloomberg Gave $13M To Planned Parenthood
Christians Poisoned In Eastern Uganda According To Reports
Hong Kong Christian Protesters Receive Threatening Messages: "Your Families Will Die"  
Peeing Dog Celebration Costs Ole Miss Football Game  
More Faith HERE
Rudy Drops Ukraine Bomb On Obama, Biden With Tweet About Billions Of Missing U.S. Dollars Related To Aid  
George Nader Indicted On Child Sex Charges Now Reportedly Involved In Funneling Millions Illegally To Hillary Campaign In 2016
New Connections Between Epstein, Clinton In New Report  
Bill, Hillary, Chelsea Frequent Guests At Epstein's New Mexico's Ranch  
ICE Arrests Rapist With Multiple Offenses Released Twice By Local Police Despite ICE Detainer  
Maxwell Met Prince Andrew After Child Sex Trafficking Investigation Launched
Schiff Wanted Whistleblower To Testify - But Felt Trump Would Put Him In Danger
Obama Holdover Leading Russia Probe Under Investigation For Illegally Leaked Classified Document
117 Acts Of Violence Against Conservatives On College Campuses
Carter Page Sues DOJ Over False Accusations And Actions Against Him In FISA Report
Chase With Stolen UPS Truck Ends With 4 Shootout Fatalities  
Prince Andrew's EX Threatens To Expose Pedophile Network Among Royals
Pedo Ring Busted In Afghanistan, 500 Boys Rescued After Abuse
471 Politicians In EU Condemn Polish Bill That Would Protect Minors From Sexual Abuse
Clinton Foundation Was Mentioned In Sex Trafficking Investigation In China In 2018
UPS Workers Arrested Running Alleged Drug Trafficking Ring  
Mozambique Urges End To Black Magic Murder, Rape and Dismemberment Of Albinos In Nation
Teacher Of Year Arrested For Sex With Student  
OKC Officer Given Cup At Starbucks Labeled "Pig"
Chicago Dem Resigns Amid Federal Corruption Probe

More Criminal Justice Cases HERE


Nadler Dozes Off At Impeachment Hearing

Rats Flee Sinking Ship - Three Dems Signal NO On Impeachment Vote - 14 Votes To Go To Sink Dems "Christmas" Plans
Deep State NSA and ATT Helped Schiff In Unprecedented Surveillance Of Giuliani, Nunes And John Solomon's Phone Records 
Pelosi Tells Chairman To "Proceed With Articles Of Impeachment" In Sham Investigation
Dems Use Rogue Tactics To Obtain Rudy's Phone Records, Possibly Devin Nunes  
Two Possible Paths Pelosi May Take On Impeachment Sham  
Four Lectures By Three Dems, One Republican Professors During Judiciary Hearing  
Libs Decry "Rudolph" Children's Series For "Bullying" Scenes
Yang Seen Pouring Whipped Cream Down Supporter's Throat  
Pelosi Travels To Spain For UN Climate Change: Declares U.S. "Still In" Paris Accord Despite Trump Taking US Out Last Year  
Pelosi Says Impeachment Not Likely Before Christmas  
Schiff Declines To Say How He Got Rudy's Phone Records  
Schiff Hired Former NSC Crony And Colleague Of Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella One Day After Trump-Ukraine Call
Schiff Was Investigating Nunes, Aides And Contacts According To Latest Report  
Bloomberg Promises To Release 316K Violent Criminals If Elected  
Schiff Obtained Nunes Phone Records Along With Rudy's
Melania Trump Rips Trump Hating Professor Who Attacked 13-Year Old Baron Trump During Wednesday Hearing
Omar Challenger Banned From Twitter For Saying Omar Should Be Hanged For Treason If She Passed Info To Iran  
Vulnerable Democrats Feeling Left Out In Impeachment Hearings  
Sarah Sanders: Ive Been Called To Run For Office
Perry: Trump Is One Chosen By God For This Time In History  
Schiff: Dems Wanted Whistleblower To Testify Before Trump Threatened His Life  
Pence Office Denies Sondland Claim Over Ukraine  
Eric Ciaramella Ties Increase In Scope and Exposure To Soros Operatives
Wife Of ICIG's Atkinson Who Is Tied To Altering Whistleblower Docs Has Ties Herself To Fusion GPS
Report: Sondland Was Threatened By Dems To Dump On Trump, When He Didn't - Three Women Came Forward To Scream Sexual Harrassment  
Impeachment Inquiry Fizzles Out As Zero Americans Care About Future Hearings
More Political News Here


Pollack: Harris Ran The Worse Campaign In History
Tucker: Where Is Ben Sasse On Vulture Capitalism That Is Destroying Nebraska?
Harris' Top 9 Fails And They Were Huge Fails
Hurt: Impeachment Inquiry Setting A Horrible Precedent  

SPECIAL: Obama's Historic History Or Surveillance Abuse Of Power

We Can Never Trust The FBI, CIA Again: Nolte

Private Payroll Numbers Not As Expected In November
One In Five Business Owners Who Are Left Leaning Refuse To Hire Trump Supporters
Companies Testing Out Four Day Work Weeks
New York City Company Gifting Criminals With Baseball Tickets  

Black Friday Shopping Gets A Trump Economy Boost

Black Friday Brawling Begins
Black Friday Becoming Shadow Of Its Former Self In US
Doobie Brothers Reunite With McDonald On 50th Band Anniversary Tour
Fantasy Of Trees Returns To Knoxville
More Life, Business, Health Stories HERE
State Matchups Set For Area Prep Schools
Men's Basketball Vols Ranked 17th In College AP Poll
Ohio State New #1 In College Top 25
Stephen F. Austin Stuns #1 Duke 85-83 In OT
2019 College Football Rankings  
Atlanta Falcons Report
Tennessee Titans Report








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De-Occulting The Epstein Guards Arrest And Cover Up  

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Jeffrey Epstein Didn't Kill Himself  

CIA's Instagram Page Problem And Illuminati Ties To 9-11

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