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Deadliest Flu Pandemic In History Killed 50 Million

This Day In History






World, National News



President Trump Announces USA To Cancel Relationship With World Health Organization


Cuomo's Nursing Home Policies Have

Cost 10K Lives So Far

Italy: 96% Of All COVID Cases Had Pre-Existing Conditions




Minnesota Police Officer Chauvin Arrested For Death Of George Floyd As Protests Ramp Up Across Nation

Protests Hit Washington DC Over Floyd Death 

Amy Klobuchar Failed To Charge Derek Chauvin In Death Of Native Americans In 2006; Chauvin Now Charged With Third Degree Murder In Death Of George Floyd

Minneapolis Mayor Gives Masks To Rioters, Tells Church Goers Opening Churches "Would Be A Disaster"

Second Night Of Violent Protests In Minneapolis Leads To Death, Destruction

Police Station Goes Up In Flames In Minneapolis, Mayor Blames Trump

Obama Fans Flames Of Racism, Says America Is A Racist Nation

Black Small Business Owner Cries After Business Burned To Ground By Looters In Minnesota

Carrell, Rogan, Hollywood Elites Send Funds - To Bail Out Looters Destroying Property In Minnesota

Jones: White Liberals Supporting Hillary Clinton More Threat To Blacks Than KKK

George Floyd, Officer Who Is Charged With Murder Did Security At Same Gym Last Year

No Mass Riots When Muslim Cop Shot American Woman Last Year In Minnesota

U.S. Postal Service Vehicles Torched During Rioting In Minneapolis

Twitter Censors President Trump - Again - This Time On Sending National Guard 

Ohio Riots Break Out In State Capital Of Columbus Over Floyd Death

Trump: Not Going To Allow Another Ferguson In Minneapolis

Protests Erupt In St. Louis

Four Minneapolis Officers Fired In Death Of Man Investigation Underway

Los Angeles, Memphis Protests Erupt Of George Floyd Case

Kaepernick Threatens Civil Violence In Wake of George Floyd Murder In Minnesota


U.S. Revokes Hong Kong Status Lambasting Chinese Regime For Stiffening Freedom


President Trump Signs Executive Order Against Social Media Bias

Trump Curbs Big Tech's Power In Order

Key Points In Trumps Order

Twitter Never Fact Checked Smallwell, Schiff Or Lieu In Russia Lies About POTUS

President: What's Happened Is Tantamount To Social Bias Monopoly

Twitter Attaches "Fact Check Claim" Link To President's Tweet

Twitter's "Fact Check" Links "Fake News" - Wrong Info From CNN

Adviser: Twitter Action's Attack On President, Election 2020

Twitter Offers Different Set of Rules For Trump

8 Lies By Joe Biden And Left Twitter Has Never Fact-Checked

Twitter Fact Checker Claimed Trump Is Actual Nazi, Mocked Fly Over States

Gay Irish PM Denies Breaking Own Shut Down Rule After Pic Of Him And Lover Emerge Online Topless At Beach

11 Dem Lies On Charlottesville Never Fact Checked By Twitter


Deep State Can't Stop Lying, Releases False Info On Flynn Transcripts, Grenell Fact Checks In Real Time

Flynn Transcripts Show No Criminal Behavior

Grassley: Nothing Improper In Flynn Conversations With Russians - More Reason FISA Warrants Criminal And Illegal

Former AG Whitaker: Mueller Laid Perjury Trap For President Trump

FBI Director Wray Has Millions Invested in Russia - Yet Investigating Russian FISA Abuse

GOP Bill Would Block Pay To Members Not Showing Up For Work Amid Virus Panic

Brennan's CIA More Involved In Seth Rich Case Than Originally Claimed

Boston Police Commissioner To Liberal Judges: Let The Criminals You're Releasing Come Stay At Your House, Not The Streets

Wray, Barr Refuse To Investigate Pelosi's $5M Insider Trading Of Amazon Prior To Lockdown



Iranian Man Accused Of Beheading 14-Year Old Daughter In "Honor" Killing


Planned Parenthood Officials Admit Under Oath

They Sold Baby Parts For Profit 




President Trump: Widespread Mail-In Voting Will Destroy This Nation

Oregon Sends Thousands Of Mail In Ballots To Non-Citizens

College Dems Refusing To Vote For Joe Biden Due To Tara Reade Allegations

Witness Requirement Does Not Violate Voter Rights Says DOJ In Alabama Voting Fraud Case

 Biden Blames Charlemagne The God For "You Ain't Black" Comment

White House: Biden Mask A Publicity Stunt

Nolte: Dems Just Legalized Racism And Sexual Assault To Protect Biden

 Philly Judge Admits Taking Bribes To Cheat For Dems


National, International Stores On CCP Virus

Coronavirus Archived Stories/Headlines Here

Cuomo Granted Immunity Over Nursing Home Campaign Donation

New York Health Department Website Quietly Deletes Controversial

Justice Department: Maine's Campground Rules Violate Constitution  

Cuomo Order Linking Nursing Home Fatalities To New York Data

Report: Nearly 10,000 Of New York Victims From CCP Virus Were In Nursing Homes

CNN, MSNBC Preach Masks, Then Seen Not Wearing Them Off Camera 

 Liberal New Mexico Governor Locks State Down Then Gets Busted

For Special Jewelry Store Purchase

State By State Breakdown Of U.S. Cases, Deaths


LOCAL Updated: 05/29/2020 08:54:54 PM
Longest Performing SE Symphony On Hold During Pandemic
Hiker Rescued In Great Smoky Mountains, Recalls Rescue
Anderson County Park Drowning Victim Rescued
Police Searching For Missing Woman At Victor Ashe Park
Bison Shot and Beheaded Near Seymour- Police Investigating
Three Associates At Kroger On Cedar Bluff Test Positive For CCP Virus
Roane County Parents Charged With Abuse After Remains of Kids Found On Property
Latest CCP Virus Figures In TN: 343 Deaths
Some SW Knox County Homes Still Without Power After Outage Hits 30,000 Customers
Sevierville Police Find Missing 11 Year Old
Numerous Injuries In Stillhouse Tavern Shooting In Downtown Knoxville
Loudon County Sheriff's Searching For Missing 67-Year Old Woman
KPD: Serial Rapist Caught, Charged With 9 Felonies
More Local Stories HERE

STATE/REGION Updated: 05/29/2020 08:54:54 PM

Kentucky Child Shot, 1 Injured After Crash  
Tennessee Woman Indicted In Death Of Son With Down Syndrome
Memphis Teacher Arrested For Sexual Assault of Student
Friends Walk 22 Miles In Kentucky For The Fallen Over Memorial Day  
More State Stories HERE
NATION Updated: 05/29/2020 08:54:54 PM
Former President Obama Meeting With World Leaders Even Though He's Not President
Karl Rove Spotted At Trump White House
Facebook Slams Trump Executive Order Against Social Media
National Guard Called Into Minneapolis To Stop Looting
Boston Marathon Cancelled For First Time
Deep State Worried After Nunes Announcement
Twitter Brands Trump Tweet With Fact Check - From CNN
Trump Signs Executive Order Over Social Media
Trump Urges Republicans To Reject FISA Renewal Bill
Dems Launch Investigation Into Firing Of Inspector Generals
Pelosi: Mail In Voting More Democratic Than Voting In Person
CDC Spokesperson: Just Get Rid Of Whites, Solve Virus Issues
Red Cross Reports Cases Of CCP Viruses In Health Clinics
Col. Allen West Injured In Texas Crash  
Media Ignores Report Blasting Cuomo Handling Of Nursing Homes During Friday Presser
CNN Tapper Blasted For Hypocrisy Over Calling Trump's Thoughts On Flynn Conspiracy Theories
More National Stories HERE

WORLD/ISRAEL Updated: 05/29/2020 08:54:54 PM

Experts Sound Warning Over Corona Type Biological Warfare Weapon
China-India Border Dispute Intensifies
2 Russian Fighter Jets Intercept US Navy Plane Over Mediterranean Sea
Trump Renews Vow To Bring Troops Home From Afghanistan
Afghanistan To Free 900 Terrorist Soldiers According To Report
116 Nations Investigating China And Its Role in Pandemic Virus Release
USA-UK Join Forces Against China's Actions In Hong Kong
More World Stories HERE
NEWS FROM ISRAEL Updated: 05/29/2020 08:54:54 PM

Benjamin Netanyahu Celebrates Come From Behind Victory Defeating Obama Linked Gantz; Majority Seen in Parliament

Israel Agrees To New Emergency Coalition Government - Netanyahu Remains Prime Minister
Israel Announces Two Week Quarantine For All New Arrivals
100,000 Israelis In Quarantine Over Coronavirus
More Israel News Stories HERE

Full Weather HERE

Cyclone Kills 82 In Parts Of India, Bangladesh  
Texas Attorneys Arrested, Charged With Capital Murder
Georgia Man Robbed, Assaulted After Meeting Woman On Snapchat
Miami Mom Faked Child's Abduction According To Police
DOJ Warns California Over Orders Barring Churches From Worshipping
Florida Woman Arrested For Kissing Customers At Bar Amid CCP Virus Fears
Clinton Foundation Brutally Targeted Papadopoulos FiancÚ
Gates Pushes Pandemic Porn While Buying Up Stock In Google And Other Tech Companies Pushing It
DOJ Drops Investigation Into Insider Trader For Three Senators, Two GOP, One Dem
Disney, CBS Sued Over Sexual Harassment Issues On Criminal Mind Set
You Tube Blames Error For Censoring Anti-China Phrases
Cartel Violence Increasing In Mexico Despite Pandemic
Illegal Alien Charged With Sexually Assaulting Three Underage Girls
DOJ Sides With State Of Alabama Over Voting Right Integrity Law
Chicago Has Deadliest Memorial Day In Five Years l
Florida Sheriff's Office Worker Caught Spying On Roommate
Sheriffs Shoot NC Man After Disrupting Church Service
Loughlin, Husband, Likely To Serve Jail Time In College Admission Scandal
Trump Hammers Jeff Sessions, Support Tubberville
Fox Forecaster Slams Cuomo Over Handling Of Nursing Home Deaths In NYC
West Virginia Mail Carrier Found Guilty Of Voter Fraud Over Mail-In Ballots


Documentary Says Clinton Visited Epstein's Orgy Island
Maxwell Wants Jeffrey Epstein's Accuser Trial Moved Fearing She May Actually Have To Testify

More Criminal Justice Cases HERE

Devotion: "The Spirit Of Lawlessness" By David Wilkerson  
Chicago Mayor Launches Police Raid To Shut Down Black Churches
Children At Home More At Risk For Online Sexual Predators
Planned Parenthood Demands CCP Virus Funding For Abortions
British School Apologizes For Having 11 Years Old Define Transgender Porn
Republican Lawmakers Demand Refund Of $80M Check US Government Sent To Planned Parenthood
China Conducts Violent Raids Of Christian Churches

More Faith HERE

Never Trumper Condemns Omar, Then Outs Himself In Strange Tirade
MSNBC Host: Make Masks Mandatory
Experts Sound Warning Over Coronavirus Biological Weapon In Making
DOJ Says Witness Signature In Absentee Ballot Issue In Alabama Not Violation Of One's Voting Rights
Ann Coulter Rips President Trump In Bitter Tirade
Kathy Griffith Tells Jim Acosta How To Kill President Trump
Hagel Says He's Backing Joe Biden
Housley: Spygate About To Reveal Many Names Including McMaster
WI Man Busts MSNBC Crew Slaming People For Not Wearing Masks - Outs Cameraman Not Wearing One
Roger Stone Files Appeal In DC Court Over Judge's Handling Of His Case/
House To Hold First Proxy Vote Since 1789, GOP Sues To Stop It  
Texas Supreme Court Puts Halt To Mail In Voting Scheme
More Political News Here
The 2019 Fake News Awards Goes To....
Stars We Lost In 2020


Deep State Needs To Be Worried Over Nunes Announcement
Pinkerton: Time To Stand With The Chinese People
Nolte: Dems Just Legitimized Rape And Racism To Stand With Joe Biden
Florida And Texas Head One Direction, California And New York Another, In CCP Virus Run  
Lockdown Measures Are Unconstitutional Says Sheriffs
This Election Is Republicans Vs. Chinese - i.e. The Democrats
Same People Praising Mitt For Trashing Trump In Scarborough Matter Were Same Ones Saying Mitt Romney Killed Woman In 2012
Twitter Wrong, Trump Right In Mail In Ballot Debate
Special: China Has Infiltrated Canada's Highest Intelligence Agencies And Beyond - Brad Johnson
Media Backing China In Trump-Chinese Brushup  
Seven Bombshells In Michael Flynn Case

SPECIAL: Obama's Historic History Or Surveillance Abuse Of Power

We Can Never Trust The FBI, CIA Again: Nolte

Weekly Jobless Claims Fall But Economy Still A Mess
Oil Prices Surge On Firmer Demand, Reduced Supply  
Trump Orders Federal Money Tied Up In China To Be Brought Back Home
Food Prices Soar To Highest Levels Since 1974
Kudlow Predicts Record 3Q After Storm Passes
Trump Cuts More Federal Regulations To Help Spur Growth  
Workers Who Reject Back to Work Order Do Not Get Stimulus  
Pier 1 Imports To Close All 540 Stores Amid Pandemic  
Ten Most Livable Cities In USA

See More Coronavirus News In Health Section

Remembering Little Richard, Dead At 77 On May 17, 2020
NASA All In For Tom Cruise To Film On Space Station
More Life, Business, Health Stories HERE


Vols Highest Ranked SEC Team In Preseason Basketball Poll
Dan Marino On Death Of Legend Coach Don Shula
Georgetown Coach Patrick Ewing Has COVID Virus  


Thanksgiving Established Fundamental Values Of America Long Before 1776 Occurred
Carney: Meet The Mother Of Thanksgiving
Roman Catholics In Bavaria Once Founded A Secret Society In 1740 Called The Order Of The Pug
The Tornado That Stopped The Burning Down Of Washington
Political Cartoons - See More HERE



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