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Updated: 09/21/2020 04:03:48 PM

Socialist Venezuela: Holocaust Not Real
U.S. Vows To Reduce Iraq Presence
Boko Haram Kills 81 In Barbaric Overnight Attack In Village
CCP Fueling Child Rape In Uganda According To Report
Burundi's President Dies of CCP Virus Related Heart Attack
Experts Sound Warning Over Corona Type Biological Warfare Weapon
China-India Border Dispute Intensifies
2 Russian Fighter Jets Intercept US Navy Plane Over Mediterranean Sea
Trump Renews Vow To Bring Troops Home From Afghanistan
Afghanistan To Free 900 Terrorist Soldiers According To Report
116 Nations Investigating China And Its Role in Pandemic Virus Release
USA-UK Join Forces Against China's Actions In Hong Kong
ISIS Regional Leaders Killed During Raids In Syria  
British Government Forced To Publish Report Over Vicious Gang Rapes By 19 After Pressure From Civil Right Groups
Strongest Cyclone In Over Decade Threatens India, Bangladesh - Nearly Two Million Evacuated
Trump Administration Warns Iranian Regime Over Natural Gas Shipments To Maduro
Mexico's Death Toll From CCP Virus Tops 5100
China Asked WHO To Delay Pandemic Warning
Report: No Slow Down Of Nukes In North Korea
China Media Blames Trump For Hatred Against Asians
21 Million Locked Cell Phones In China May Mean Death
Trump Administration Stops Funding To World Health Organization
China Knew Of Wuhan Virus In February If Not Sooner
American Naval Force Sent To Caribbean After Madurro Kidnaps Five Opposition Members
India Mob Of 100 Throws Stones At Doctors Treating Coronavirus In Nation
Wuhan: 10% Of Virus Carriers Testing Positive A Second Time For Chinese Virus  
Iran Imprisoning Coronavirus Whistleblowers According To U.S. State Department  
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NEWS FROM ISRAEL Updated: 09/21/2020 04:03:48 PM
Israel Sends 60M Dollars Worth of Vaccines To America  
Netanyahu Warns Against Fake Coronavirus News As Election Interference
Sanders Calls Pro-Israel Group Bigots
Iranian Cleric Blames Donald Trump For Coronavirus
Iran: We're Looking For Any Reason To Burn Tel Aviv To Ground

Thousands Of Palestinians March Against Trump Peace Plan

Abbas Rages Against Trump Peace Plan In UN Speech
Israel's Economy Surpasses Expectation
Hezbollah's Head Demands Boycott Of U.S. Goods
Netanyahu Warns Of Crushing Action If Gaza Attacks Continue On Southern Israel
U.S. Ambassador Warns Israel Against Full Annexation Of West Bank
Jon Voight Says Peace Plan President Trump, Netanyahu Ironed Out "Reasonable And Realistic"
Advisor To Bibi Opponent In Israeli Election Called Trump "Adolph" Trump, Psychopath In Unearthed Tweets
Jewish Rabbis Sign Letter Thanking President Trump For Fulfilling Bible Prophecy
Rock Where The Ark Of The Covenant May Have Rested May Have Been Discovered In Israel  
Jon Voight Says Peace Plan President Trump, Netanyahu Ironed Out "Reasonable And Realistic"
Advisor To Bibi Opponent In Israeli Election Called Trump "Adolf" Trump, Psychopath In Unearthed Tweets
Jewish Rabbis Sign Letter Thanking President Trump For Fulfilling Bible Prophecy
Rock Where The Ark Of The Covenant May Have Rested May Have Been Discovered In Israel  

Israeli Deep State Strikes - Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Indicted On Bribery, Fraud and Abuse of Power Charges

High Holidays In Israel To Be

Celebrated In Lockdown


An explosion caused by Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City, early Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018. Israel struck targets in the Gaza Strip after dozens of rockets were launched Wednesday from the coastal territory ruled by the Islamic militant Hamas group, the Israeli military said. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

Israel, Bahrain, UAE Sign Historic Peace Deal Tuesday At White House Ahead Of Rosh Hashanah On Friday The 18th

Gaza Rockets Rain Down On Southern Israel From Hamas

Media Hacks Call President Trump Criminal After Refusing To

Acknowledge Middle East Peace Deal

Trump: Middle East Peace Coming Without War And Without Losing

Boko Haram Increasing Recruitment Of Children Into Terror

Campaigns Across Northwest Africa


Arab League Refuses Palestinian Demand To Denounce Israeli-UAE Peace Deal

S.F. State Invites Palestinian Hijacker To Speak At School


U.S. Warns China About Missile Tests

In South China Sea

Surrendering Weapons By Hezbollah Pre-Requisite For Peace In Lebanon Says U.S., Others

Jets Intercept Russian Planes Near Alaska Coast According To NORAD


Israel Makes First Historic Flight To UAE

After Historic Signing


Report: Trump To Declare Israeli Sovereignty

Over West Bank Before Election


Trump Meets With Iraqi Leader On

U.S.'s Role In Nation

Russian Operation Leader Hospitalized With Suspected Poisoning

Trump: Iran Will Never Have A Nuclear Weapon  





Historic Peace Deal Between Israel, UAE Brokered By Trump Administration


Joe Biden Lies, Takes Credit For UAE Deal, Then Can't Remember Details




WORLD: Lebanese Government Resigns In Disgrace Over Recent Bombing

Activists Hang Nooses In City Square For Corrupt Politicians


A man looks at a J-31 gyrfalcon stealth fighter plane model designed by Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) at the Beijing International Aviation Expo in Beijing on Sept. 17, 2015. (WANG ZHAO/AFP via Getty Images)

Chinese Owned Companies Received Multi-Millions From The PPP Program

Ministries And Churches Who Received More Than $1M From PPP Program



World COVID 19 Cases Top 17 Million


Photo of Dr. Li-Meng Yan at her wedding. (Yan)

Chinese Virologist Exposes Cover Up Of Chinese Over CCP Virus As True Whistleblower

China Demands WHO Investigate USA


China Infiltrates Canada's Highest

Security Agency

Air Force Sends F-35s To Middle East To Deter Iran

Border Wall Construction Agents Take Fire From Mexico

Mexican Marines Fight Off Cartels In Startling Video

Twitter Takes Down CCP Virus Disinformation Tweets From China

AG Barr: High Tech Companies Certainly Practicing Censorship

Accuser Of CNN's Lemon Over Sexual Assault Hopes Justice Served Soon

Farage Compares Black Lives Matter To Taliban, Has To Leave Radio Job

Vernon Jones Introduces Bill To Make Attacks On Trump Supporters Hate Crime


Pompeo Rips China's New Laws, Says Hong Kong

Is No Longer Autonomous

U.S. Revokes Hong Kong Status Lambasting Chinese Regime For Stiffening Freedom

From China: "We Stand With The People Of Hong Kong"

Hong Kong Protests Increase Against National Anthem: USA Backs People's Play

Navarro: CCP Trying To Put Hong Kong Protesters In Concentration Camps


U.S. Withdraws From Open Skies Treaty With USSR

Trump Blames Russia


Mexican President Demands US Reopen Fast And Furious

Former Lawmaker: Holder Incompetent Or Lying About Gun Running


Trump White House Shelves CDC Model

In Seeking To Reopen US Economy

Pompeo: World To Soon Wake Up To China Threat


Kim Jung Un Makes First Appearance In Weeks According To North Korea Media


South Korea Detects Additional North Korea Artillery Operations


President Trump Orders Navy To Destroy Any Iranian Ship

That Shoots On American Vessels


Pope Calls For Easing Of Iranian Restrictions In Easter Sermon


Key Players In China's Propaganda

War Against The USA

Mexican Drug Cartels Cut Off Due To China's Slow Supply Lines Due To Virus


Missing FBI Agent And Captive Levinson Confirmed Dead In Iran

Who Denies Any Knowledge Of How Levinson Died

Joe Biden Rape Story From 1993 Reemerges But Media Ignores It


Benjamin Netanyahu Celebrates

Come From Behind Victory

More From Fox News


U.S.-Taliban Reach Historic Cease Fire Agreement  


The Coronavirus - The Latest

Nearly Three Dozen Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In U.S.A.

Report: Couples Flown Home Off Ship Despite Requests To Contrary By CDC

Iran Reports Three More Fatalities From Virus

Amazon Being Bullied By China To Remove

"Coronavirus Made In China" T-Shirt Off Website

Pentagon's Esper: Wake Up World To China Threat

China Punishes Local Officials After Coronavirus Patient Hangs Himself

China Banks Destroy Quarantine Records

First Africa Patient Of Coronavirus Identified In Egypt

China Debut For New Bond Film Postponed Due To Coronavirus Fears

Jews And Chinese Meet At Western Wall To Pray Against Deadly Disease

France Confirms First Death Outside Asia From Disease

Hand Sanitizers And Tissue Hot Items For Valentine Day In China

China Deaths Top 1000 For First Time In Coronavirus

Chinese Medical Workers Detained Sharing Coronavirus Videos

Chinese Begin Seizing Personal Property To Stop Coronavirus Spread

China's Actions Over Coronavirus Escalate Fears Of Disease That's Killed Over 1000

Coronavirus Reveals China's Monopoly On U.S. Drug Medical Supplies

WHO: Coronavirus More Dangerous Than Bio-Terrorism

Cuba Accuses U.S. Of Starting Coronavirus, Says It's "Bioterrorism"

Death Toll Reaches 1000 In China From Coronavirus

Chinese Funeral Homes Burning Bodies Infected With Coronavirus

UN Agency Asks For 675M To Fight Coronavirus

Wuhan Suggested Putting Infected In Quarantine Camps In China; Doctor Found Dead


Snow Falls In Baghdad For

First Time Since 2008


Thousands Of Palestinians March Against Trump Peace Plan


Nigel Farage Meets With President Trump At White House:

"Great Things Are Ahead For Our Two Great Countries"


It's Official: BREXIT Officially Done, Britain Out Of EU


Two Chinese Nationalists Arrested For Lying About China Ties Smuggling Biological Material Into Nation: Coronavirus Connection Unclear

U.S. Issues Highest Travel Warning For China Due

To Coronavirus; Death Toll At 134

Reports: Communist Nation Falsifying Reports Of Deaths, Cases in Virus Outbreak

- Chinese authorities reported 132 deaths and almost 6,000 confirmed cases
- The virus has spread to at least 13 other countries and regions
- Strict biosecurity measures have been put in place in parts of the world
- WHO director says an emergency committee will reconvene to debate whether Coronavirus is a public health emergency of international concern President

Trump Considering Suspending China-USA Flights As Coronavirus Death Toll Rises

CDC: Don't Travel To China Unless Absolutely Necessary 

Hong Kong Quarantine Building Firebombed

China Closes Schools Till March Over Virus Outbreak

China Death Toll Reaches 106 As Nation Closes Border With Koreas 

CDC: 110 USA Cases Of Virus Suspected And Under Investigation

China Closes Johnson and Johnson, Other Businesses Amidst Outbreak Fears



Iranian Protests Continue Across Islamic Nation;

Dems Turn Backs On Freedom, Support Mullahs


Iranian National Arrested Near Mar-A-Largo

With Machete Came To U.S.A. As A Refugee

Nancy Pelosi Defends Murderous Regime Over Protestors; #NancyPelosiFakeNews Goes Viral


Iran Sent Messages Through Three Witnesses To U.S.

To Say "We Are Done"

Syrian Professor: We Should Kill U.S. Troops To Interfere In U.S. Elections

President Trump: New Attacks Were Imminent


Iran Bulldozes Plane Crash Site Before Outside Investigators Arrive

Dems Blame Trump, Not Iran For Plane Crash

No Senate Dems Sponsor Resolution Praising Military For Killing Soleimani; All GOP

Senators Supported Same Resolution Under Obama Regarding Killing Bin Laden

Minnesota County Bans Refugees; Omar Cries Racism In Backlash


Iran Finally Admits It "Unintentionally"

Shot Down Ukraine Plane In Crash

That Killed 176

Media Blame Trump For Downed Plane In Ukraine, Not Iran

Iran May Send Ukraine Flight Boxes To Russia


President Trump: Soleimani Was A Terrorist

Not A Poet

Dems Implicate Trump, Not Iran, In Ukrainian Plane Crash

Trump: Four Embassies Were Targeted By Slain Terrorist

Trump: Iran Fired Missiles Paid For By The Obama Administration

POTUS: Iran Went On A Terror Spree With Money From "Foolish" Deal

President Trump Announces More Sanctions Against Iranian Regime

Iran Refuses To Hand Over Black Box From Ukrainian Jet Crash In Region 

176 Dead In Plane Crash In Iran Including Mainly Brits, Canadians

Hear President Trump Speak

Benghazi Vet: Susan Rice Has No Credibility

Iran's Retaliation A "WIN" For President Trump Says Military Experts

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Near Iranian Nuclear Plant

MSNBC Admits It Spread Iranian Propaganda Material During Missile Attacks Tuesday Night 

Pelosi Looking To Halt Trump Moves In Iran With War Resolution Powers Vote

CNN Forgets To Tell Audience Guest On Iran Was Involved In 1979 Hostage

Takeover As Iranian "Spokesman"

Rice, Clapper Triggered By Trump Remarks

Omar, Sanders: Iran Hit Is "Class Warfare" (WHAT?)

Iran Does Victory Lap On Local TV After Attack That Did Nothing To America

Republicans Praise President Trump For Iran Speech, Rand Paul Especially

British PM Boris Johnson: Jeremy Corbyn Took Cash From Terrorist Nation

Yet Decries Killing Of Same Terrorist

Trump Says Iran, USA Standing Down After Night Of Missile Attacks

On American Forces In Iraq

President Trump: Soleimani Was Planning

A Very Big Attack And We Got Him

Tlaib Strikes Out Against President Trump After Targeted Drone Strike Against World's Number One Terrorist

Iranians Thank President Trump For Drone Strike That Killed Top Terrorist Soleimani

Attackers Of The U.S. Embassy In Iraq Withdraw

After Trump Responds

Report: Up To 4000 Troops Could Be Deployed To Iraq Over Unrest

Rep. For Iraq: Embassy Attack Orchestrated By Iranian Regime

Iranian Military Leader Who Led Raid on Embassy Visited Obama White House  

President Trump: Iran Will Pay "Very High Price" For Role In Attack  

Iran's President: "We Never Bow To Superpowers"

Trump: Iran Will Be Held Fully Responsible For Attacks On U.S. Embassy In Iraq


Giuliani Says Ukraine Corruption Came From The

Highest Levels Of The Obama Administration


Trump: Iran Will Be Held Fully Responsible

For Attacks On U.S. Embassy In Iraq


Christian Persecution Rages In India As Christmas Approaches

Indonesia To Deploy 200,000 Police

To Assist Christians Against Islamic Attacks

Children In Scotland Can Now Change Their Gender After First Six Months 

Vatican Laments Lack Of Conviction Over Climate Change At UN


Jewish Israelis Indicted For Praying On Temple Mount 




Winning Trump Tells Delinquent NATO Nations

They Need To Pay Up - Including Trudeau, Germany

Piers Morgan: European Leaders Acting Like Little "Mean Girls" B$#$#$ In A Ladies Room

Trudeau Mocks President Trump At NATO, Gets Slapped Back By American Leader -"He's Two-Faced"

Trump Slamps Back At "Black Face" Trudeau After Canadian PM Mocks Him In Off Camera Hot-Mic Moment

President Trump Says WaPo Misquoted AG Barr On Comments Regarding IG Report


No One Crosses Rio Grande River Border Without Paying Cartels


Suspect Shot To Death By Police In London Bridge Attack;

Was Wearing Fake Suicide "Hoax" Vest; Several Injured


Mexico Will Reject U.S. Designations Of Cartels As Terrorists


Hong Kong Protesters Hold Thanksgiving Rally

After President Signs Bill Protecting Protesters

Hong Kong Democracy Protesters Honor President Trump By

Carrying Photos Of The President Shirtless


Israeli Deep State Strikes - Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Indicted On

Bribery, Fraud and Abuse of Power Charges


UN Falsely Blames Trump For Obama Practice Of

Detaining 100K Immigrants In 2015


Stunning Report: German Official Suggests Obama Protected Christmas Market

Terrorist Months Before His Bloody Attack In December 2016


10 Dead After Cartel Attack In Juarez Mexico



Tariff Rollback With China Facing Extreme Opposition





President Trump: Another President Should Have

Gotten Him But To Me It Was Important

President Trump: "He Died Like A Whimpering Dog"- "He Was Screaming All The Way"

President Trump: Washington Leaks Would Have Jeopardized Raid, Thus Reason Pelosi, Schiff Not Notified

Biden Disrespects President In Remarks About Death Of Terrorist

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis Praises Dead Terrorist, Rips Trump In Bizarre Rant

ISIS Chief Kept American As Personal Slave

President Trump Pays Tribute To K9 Injured During Raid That Killed Baghdadi

Four Americans Killed During Baghdadi's Reign As ISIS Leader

Netanyahu Congratulates President Trump On Death Of ISIS Leader

Pelosi Takes Veiled Shot At President Trump In Remarks

Trump Knows The Truth About Former Rogue CIA Director John Brennan



The Deep State Is Assassinating Julian Assange


Pelosi, Schiff Fly To Jordan To Undermine Trump Foreign Policy As Pelosi's Syrian Angels

Pelt U.S. Troops With Tomatoes As They Leave NE Syria


Mike Pence Announces Cease

Fire Between Turkey And Syria

Congress Abandons Kurds With Cowardly Vote To Condemn Trump

"Tough Love Diplomacy With Turkey Saved Lives" Say President Trump

Romney: Kurds Blood Will Stain U.S. Hands of History

Romney: Cease Fire Not Victory

President Trump Issues Sanctions Against Turkey For Attacking Kurds

Erdogan: Armenian Genocide Never Happened

ABC News Airs False Story - Twice - Using KY Armory Range Pics To Claim Fake Syria Bombing

President Trump: ABC A "Real Disgrace"

Russia Says It Will Not Allow Turkey Syria Clash In Middle East

China Warns Turkey To Halt Invasion Of Syria Against Kurds

President Trump Threatens To Destroy Turkey's Economy Over Kurdish Action


Queen Elizabeth: BREXIT A Top Priority For Her, Boris Johnson


Trump Threatens To Destroy Turkey's Economy

If They Do Anything Harmful

Comments Come Day After Sunday Announcement U.S. Pulling Out Of Northern Syria;

Kurds Upset With "Betrayal" Of Trump

Report: Syria Fuss Over Nothing - Fewer Than 25 Troops Involved

Kurds: Trump Decision "Stab In The Back"


60 Dead In Iraq; Witnesses: Shots Fired By Iranians Speaking In Farsi

Iran Arrests Russian Ex-Journalist on Charges of Espionage for Israel

Ukraine Reports 41 Attacks By Russian Proxies In 24 Hours

Ghandi's Photo Defaced On Tomb On 150th Birthday


President Jacques Chirac Dead At

Age 86 After Lung Illness


Benjamin Netanyahu Cleared To Form

New Government In Israel


Two Rockets Explode Near U.S. Embassy In Baghdad Amidst Iran Tensions

Report: Iran Helping Build Islamic Terror Rocket Arsenal In West Bank


500 Scientists To U.N.: There Is No Climate Change Emergency


Exit Polls Show No Clear Winner In Israeli Election

Reports: Arab Turnout High In Israeli Election Seeking To Oust Netanyahu

Pakistani Hindu Arrested For Destroying Temple Over Blasphemy Remarks

PA Encouraging Arabs to Vote in Israeli Elections

Iran To USA: Repent And Stop Supporting Saudis

Taliban Peace Talks Cancelled

Maduros: Venezuela In "World War" With United States


Trump Confirms U.S. Killed Osama Bin Laden's Son


Death Toll Rises To 44 In Bahamas From Hurricane Dorian As Rescue Teams Arrive

200 Dogs, 50 Cats Killed In Hurricane Dorian In Bahamas


American Airlines Mechanic Accused of Sabotaging Aircraft

Came to U.S. From Iraq


Mexican President To Cartels: Think Of Your Mommies

Mexico: Trump Strategy Working - Border Reductions Down 56% Last Three Months

Cartel Attacks Against Mexican Media Reach 249

24 Migrants From Seven Nations Arrested At NH Checkpoint

Key Cartel Operatives Murdered At Arizona Border Raise Fears Of Escalated Violence


Hong Kong Police Storm Playground And Attack Teen Protesters

Eight Chinese Children Killed In Knife Attack on First Day Of School


San Juan Mayor: 3000 Dead Because Of "Racist" President Trump

The Truth: Puerto Rico Corruption The Cause Of The Deaths, Not Trump

President Trump: Puerto Rico One Of The Most Corrupt Places On The Earth

Governor Remains Despite Corruption Probe, Charges


Boris Johnson Suspends Parliament Five Weeks

As Anti-BREXIT Rebels Rage

BREXIT Haters On BOJO: "Tin Pint Dictator"

Queen Elizabeth Approves Actions By British PM


Italian PM Resigns Amidst Populist Rising In Italy;

Bashes Populist Movement As Government Collapses


1.7 Million March in Hong Kong For Democracy As China Efforts

To Suppress Movement Increase


Poll: 54% Of Brits Want BREXIT No Matter The Way It's Done


Hong Kong Protesters Return To Streets Wanting Democracy In China  

Police Violently Repress Protests With Bloody Tactics, Tear Gas  


Johnson: Brexit In 99 Days, "No If's Ands or Buts"

Boris Johnson Becomes Britain's New Prime Minister

President Trump Tweets Out Congratulations Says

 "We Will Work Great Together"




President Trump Visits Buckingham

Palace And Visits The Queen


Trump Blasts London Mayor Khan

As He Begins UK Official Visit  

UK Foreign Secretary Backs Trump

Over "Divisive" London Mayor Khan


President Trump Begins UK Official Visit




Iran Denies U.S. Destroyed Drone In Strait Of Hormuuz


President Trump Meets Kim Jung Un - First President

Ever To Step Onto North Korean Soul


President Trump Hits Mexico With Tariffs,

Say More Coming Until "Illegal Immigration" Stops!

Poll: Trump's Approval Rating Highest It's Been In Two Years

U.S. Seeks Migration Halt With Mexico With Second Third Country Deal  

Tucker Carlson: U.S. Must Strike Back Against Foreign Hostile Power Mexico Over Illegal Immigration


Farage: European Elites Destroying British Democracy and Freedom

BREXIT Party Wins Huge During British Elections As Referendum To Exit Europe


Al Jazeera Suspends Two Journalists Over Holocaust Report

That Claims Jews Manipulated Media And Pushed "Gas Chamber" Hoax


Trump Warns Iran: Attack The U.S.

And It Will Be The End Of Iran


U.S. Non-Essential Personnel Ordered Out Of Iraq


Iran Backed Islamic Jihad Warns Against Major Attacks Against Israel


Ebola Deaths Total 1000 In Congo Nation Of Africa

Making It Second Worse Outbreak In World History


President Trump: Nicolas Maduro Losing Control


Mother Blows Herself, Children Up As SRI Lanka

Officials Close In On Militants

ISIS Claims Responsibility Behind Slaughter Of 349 Christians

Including Four Americans In Easter Bombing; Death Toll Probably To Rise

ISIS Mastermind Revealed Behind Brutal Easter Attacks On Christians

Death Toll Rises to 321 In Christians Slaughtered In Sri Lanka Terrorism Suicide Attacks

Obama, Clinton: Described Victims As "Easter Worshippers" Not Christians

Nearly 105 Churches Attacked Every Month In Hate Attacks

French Church Burns On Easter - Probably Arson  


Paris-Notre Dame Cathedral Burned With "Unquenchable" Fire As 2/3 Of Structure Damaged; Cross, Altar Remain Intact  

UK Authorities Arrest Julian Assange

U.S. Extradition Request Filed For Computer Hacking Charge Connected To Chelsea ManningClinton: Only Foreigner Trump Welcomes Assange


Cartel Hitman Behind Mexican Beheadings Revealed

44 Pounds Of Fentanyl Found In San Diego City

1000 Pounds Of Meth Found Near Mexican Border Town


President Trump Designates Iran's Revolutionary Guard As Terrorists

Secretary Of State Pompeo Speaks Out About Designation


Immigration Expert: Kirstjen Nielsen Was Actively

Working Against President Trump At Border


Benjamin Netanyahu Wins Fifth Term As Israeli Prime Minister

As New York Times Calls Historic Election A "Setback"

President Trump Calls Bibi To Congratulate Prime Minister On Victory


Russia-China Merging Partnerships in Middle East As America Takes Step Back


British PM Teresa May To Resign After BREXIT Vote Goes Through According To Reports


Over 60 Rockets Fried From Gaza Into Israel Overnight Despite Cease Fire

As Netanyahu Visits President Trump In America, Omar Slams

Israeli PM As "Man Accused Of Bribery"

Chuck Schumer Lies To AIPAC Listerners About Trump, Neo-Nazis, Kevin McCarthy



American Journalist Arrested During Maduro Protest


49 Killed, 20 Injured In Worst Mass Shooting In New Zealand As Gunman

Targets Muslim Mosque

New Zealand Gun Owners Voluntarily Surrendering Weapons To Authorities In Wake Of Christ Church Massacre

Largest Gun Show In New Zealand Cancels Event In Wake of Shooting  

John Legend Joins Chorus Of Actors Blaming Trump For Massacres Like Christ Church


Gunman Kills 3 On Dutch Tram - Terrorism Likely Source Of Shooting


North Korea, President Trump End Second Summitt Abruptly

In Hanoi As Two Sides Differ On Reasons Why

South Korea Regrets Failure Of Second Summitt But Applauds

"Progress" With North


Report: Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu To Be Indicted On

Criminal Bribery, Corruption Charges


Study: Assad Used Chemical Weapons Nearly 300 Times Since Obama's Red Line Speech  


Israel Pulls $138M From Palestinian Authority Over Terror Funding


Israel: Terrorists Work For European Funded Groups Promoting BDS Against Israel  

Netanyahu Seeing To Form New Network "To Take The Fake Out Of The News"


20 Killed, 111 Wounded In ISIS Bombing Of Catholic Cathedral In Philippines


Four Americans Killed In Suicide Bombing Near ISIS


May Survives No Confidence Vote - Barely 325-306

BREXIT Takes Massive Hit In British Parliament As May's Version Goes Down In Smoke


U.S. Airstrikes In Yemen Reportedly Kill

Mastermind Of U.S. Cole Bombing


UK Calls New Years Eve Stabbing Attack "Terrorism"

After Attacker Cries "Allah-Akbar"


President Trump To Pull Troops Out Of Syria Declaring That ISIS Has Been Defeated

President Also Signals Pull Out From Afghanistan Bringing Troops Home For Christmas


Cruz-Cotton Push For Israel To Have Complete Control of Golan Heights


Terror Suspect Yelled "Allah-Akbar" Had 27 Prior Criminal Convictions

Four Dead, 12 Injured In Strasbourg Christmas Market In French Terrorist Attack


Hezbollah Tunnels Reveals Iran's Inside War With Israel


Britain's PM Theresa May Survives No Confidence Vote


China Concedes On Trade To President Trump, Agrees To Purchase American

Products As Trump Promises To Ease Tariffs Set To Begin In January



CNN Contributor Marc Lamont Hill To UN: End Israel As A State, Palestinians

 Justified In Their Violence Against Jewish State


Trump Cancels Meeting With Putin At G20 Summit Over Ukraine Tensions


President Trump: No Further Action Against Saudis For

Killing Of Journalist James Khashoggi

Trump Praises Saudis For Lower Gas Prices - Says "Let's Go Lower"


Hamas Rockets Raining Down On Israel Since

Monday As Tensions Rise In Middle East


May In Trouble Over BREXIT Proposal, Facing Loss

Of Position As Prime Minister


Louis Farrakhan Chants "Death To America" "Death To Israel" In Iran


Iran Warns Of "War Situation" If Sanctions Resume

Caravan "Migrants" Set Fire To Mexican Immigration

Facility According To Reports



White House Trolls Iran On New Rounds Of Sanctions President

Trump Levies Against Rogue Regime Coming November 5 


Brazilian Intelligence: Assassination Plot In Play Against New President Elect

Brazils Bolsonaro Confirms Plans To Move Embassy To Jerusalem


Department Of Justice Announces Arrests Involving China And Trade Secrets


President Trump: Close To 15K Troops Headed To Border If Necessary To Stop Caravan


Indonesian Plane Crashes After Take Off, 189 Feared Dead


Senators Paul, Graham Want Saudis Held Accountable For Missing Washington Post Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Presumed Dead and Shot By Saudi Assassins At Bequest Of Crown Prince

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on Wednesday said he plans to introduce a bill this week to cut off all military aid to Saudi Arabia until missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is returned alive. Turkish officials believe Khashoggi vanished Oct. 2 after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and was reportedly dismembered.


Merkel Out As German Chancellor After Humiliating Elections


Arrest Made In Rape Murder Of Bulgarian Journalist

Germany Condemns Rape, Brutal Murder Of Bulgarian Journalist

Investigating E.U. Corruption At Time Of Attack


More Than 1300 Dead Including 34 Bible Camp Children In Indonesia Earthquake, Tsunami


China Accuses US Of Trade Bullying As New Tariff's Kick In


Top Mexican Official: Trump Proved Naysayers Wrong On

NAFTA Agreement With New U.S. Mexico Trade Deal



President Trump: Sanctions Reinstated Against Iran For "WORLD PEACE" Says Tougher Sanctions Coming In November


Trump Offers To Meet Iranian President Rhouani Without Any Pre-Conditions

U.S. Navy: No Signs Of Iranian Threats To U.S. Vessels In 2018

Anti-Trump London Mayor Taking Heat For Soaring Crime Rate In City Amidst Continued Hatred For American President


Entire Thai Soccer Team Rescued From

Cave According To Reports


Indonesian Mother Dies After Being Swallowed Whole By 23-Foot Long Python



President Trump, Kim Jung Un Sign Historic

Agreement In Singapore

Trump: North Korea To Start Denuclearization of Country "Immediately"

Scaramucci: Media Being Dishonest About North Korea Summit

Varney: North Korea "Much More Than Just A Handshake"

Trump Meeting Likened To Reagan- Gorbachev In 1987

CNN's Acosta Rudely Interrupts President Trump, Kim Jong Un In Singapore


Nearly 120,000 Political Prisoners Rot In North Korea Jails As

Nation's Leader Claims He Seeks Peace 

"Sad Moment In History"

White House Pulls Out Of June Summit With North Korea As

President Calls It "Sad Moment In History"


Cuban Airline Jet Crashes At Havana Airport


Hawaii Volcano About To Erupt Again Striking West

Coast Eruption Fears


Three Armed Terrorists Among 37 Dead, More Than 900 Wounded In Palestinian Clashes Outside Gates of Jerusalem On Historic Day




Paris Attacker Was On Terror Watch List After Attack Kills 1, Injures Four  


OUR VIEW - Great Smoky Mountain Journal President Trump's Decision To Scrap Iran Deal Just One Of Many Great Decisions Flushing Obama Legacy Down Toilet Where It Belongs


Israel Strikes Iranian Targets In Golan Heights After Iran Sends Rockets Into Northern Israel - Largest Attack By Israel into Syria Since Yom Kippur War In 1973

Israel Well Prepared For Possible War With Iran Should

Mullahs Decide To Push Missile Strikes Further

Israeli Strikes Have Bigger Meaning - Baier


Iraq Captures Top Five ISIS Leaders In Cross Border

Raid According To Reports


President Trump Pulls USA Out Of

Flawed Iran Nuke Deal

Iranian Lawmakers Shout "Death To America," Burn US Flag On Parliament Floor, Vows To Increase Spending On Missile Program After President Trump Pulls Out Of Nuke Deal

Bolton: Iran Deal Being Nixed Sends Important Message To North Korea


Sunday Morning Acid Attack

In London Leaves Three Injured


Man From India Dies After Being Mauled By Bear Attempting To Take Selfie With It


Mueller Asks For Second Delay In Michael Flynn Sentencing


Israeli PM Netanyahu Says Iran Has Lied About Pursuing Nuclear Weapons In Presentation Involving Half A Ton Of Secret Iranian Documents


Nearly 200 Central Americans Traveling In Illegal

Caravan Stopped At Border Crossing




North And South Korea Agree To Framework To Denuclearize

 Peninsula In Historic Meeting


SPECIAL FAITH OUR VIEW: Britain's Embrace Of Death In the Case Of Alfie Evans is Warning To America


Alfie Evans, British Toddler At Heart Of Government Lawsuit Dies Late Friday Night


Danish Inventor Convicted Of Murdering, Dismembering Swedish Reporter Kim Wall On Submarine Trip; Sentenced To Life In Prison


Sources Say North Korea To Suspend All Nuke Tests Prior To Meeting With President Trump In May; President Trump Says This Is Great "Progress"