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Updated: 08/16/2019 05:35:42 PM  

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Serious Violence Up In U.S. Schools In Record Fashion According To Report  
388,000 Slaves Sent To America Between 1525 and 1866 Yet 9.2 Million Slaves Remain In Africa  
London To Repay Street Preacher Monetary Damages After Arrest Following Complaint
Pope Working With Islamic Leaders To Bring In A One World Religion  
Rome, Hitler and Islam All Have Similar Hand Gestures Throughout History  
Chris Matthews Compares Jews To Rats
Ethnic Studies To Tell Kids Capitalism Like Oppression and Racism  
Joshua Harris Attends LGBTQ Gay Pride Event One Week After Renouncing Christianity
Minnesota Church Expelled From Denomination For Allowing Same Sex Marriage  
Near Miss 2019 Asteroid Has Scientists Shaking Their Heads  
Trump Blasts China For Persecution of Christians: "This IS The Stain Of The Century"
Fires Destroy Six Christian Villages in Turkey  
China Forcibly Merging Churches To Curtail Christianity  
The Scourge Of Sex Selection Abortion India's Invisible Girls
Judge Bans Music and Prayer Prior To Graduations Following Atheist Suit  
Volunteers Banned From Library For Singing Christian Songs To Children  
Strip Club Empire Vows To Send Exotic Dancers To Area 51
Serious Violence On Rise In Nation's Schools
Fountain City Youth Group Helping Rebuild Puerto Rico  
Planned Parethood Removes New CEO Over "Philosophical Differences"  
Four Christians Executed For Wearing A Cross Necklace In Burkina Faso
Christian Doctor Fired For Failing To Use Transgender Pronouns  
Ten Christians Dying Per Day In Nigeria For Their Faith  
Egyptian Committee Legalizes 127 Churches Once Deemed Illegal  
President Trump Begins Defunding $60M From Planned Parenthood
California Lawmakers Pass Laws Forcing Pastors To Preach LGBTQ Ideology From Pulpits  
New Jersey Catholic Church Celebrates LGBTQ Mass  
Dalai Lama Lectures Trump, America On Handling Of Migrant Children
Report: More Universities Offering Tampons In Men's Restrooms  
Activist Bishop Escorts Migrant Child Across U.S.-Mexican Border
California Lawmakers Pass Law Forcing Pastors To Embrace LGBTQ Ideology  
City Council Axes Pledge Of Allegiance Because "Patriotism Has Been Weaponized"
Young American Acceptance Of LGBTQ Drops From 63% To 45% In Past Two Years  
Reddit Censors 7500 Member Community Of 'Trump Supporters"   

More Faith News In Archives

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Federal Judge Rules That Transgender Students Can Use Either Bathroom





Gay Dem 2020 Candidate Buttineg's Husband

My Husband Will Support Federal Ban On Gay Conversation Therapy






Black Moon To Appear Over North America Continent For First Time

Since 2016






Generic Opiods Flooding In Across U.S. Border According To Study






Trump Administration Begins To Defund $60M For Planed Parenthood




200 Ex-LGBTQ Men, Women

March To Show How Jesus

Set Them Free From

Lesbianism, Homosexuality




Internet Ordained Ministers Sue Over Marriage Ban Only Allowing

Church-Ordained Ministers To Perform Marriages




Nike Ditches Patriotic Shoe Of Betsy Ross Flag Due To Complaint By

Colin Kaepernick As Backlash Begins




California Lawmakers Pass Law Forcing

Pastors To Embrace LGBTQ Ideology  






Abused Nuns Tell Stories Of Torture, Rape in Explosive Documentary






Female Bible Teachers Question Beth Moore's Stance On Homosexuality Who Constantly Rips Racism and Misogamy But Silent On The Issue OF LGBTQ Community





City Gate From Time Of David

Discovered In Israel


75th Anniversary Of D-Day

June 6, 2019


The Cost Of The Vets On D-Day

The Sacrifice Was Real





Boko Haram Killed 2295 Teachers, Destroyed 1500 Schools In Nine Years





Texas Sends Bill Banning Sanctuary Cities, Banning Planned Parenthood To

Governor Abbot






Judge Blocks Mississippi Abortion Heartbeat Law


Alabama Lt. Governor: We Believe In LIFE In Alabama

As Governor Signs Restrictive Abortion Bill


Media's Seven Latest Hoaxes Concerning Abortion

Georgia Heartbeat Law Will Not Send Women To Prison For Abortion

Facebook Censors Pro-Life Ad Campaign In Ireland





"God Bless America" Banned From Pennsylvania Classroom





Gabbard: Important For Hollywood To Oppose Georgia's Heartbeat Law  

Behar: Heartbeat Law Puts Women Back 75 Years  

President Trump Calls Out Talib Over Holocaust Comments

Florida Radio Stations To Air Trump Speeches Until 2020







Homosexual Democrat Lawmaker Berates Pro-Lifer

in Front Of Planned Parenthood Building In Philly





See Video of Hate From

Philadelphia Muslim Society

For Children:


"We Will Cut Their Heads Off For Allah"




Philadelphia Muslim Society For Children: "We Will Cut Their Heads Off For Allah"






Demon Battlers Descend On Rome

For Course In Exorcism





Openly Gay Rep. Brian Sims Harasses

Pro-Life Teens, Elderly Ladies

 At Planned Parenthood Clinic In Philly







Pakistani Christians Are Being Sold To China For Brides In Trafficking Nightmare  







Pennsylvania School District Stops Principal From

Saying God Bless America After Pledge





First Ever U.S. Delegation At

Auschwitz For Mark Of The Living






Alabama Democrat: Kids Are Unwanted So You Kill Them Now Or Kill Them Later





Campus Lecturer: Christians

Should All Be "Locked Up"








New York Times Finally Apologizes For Anti-Semitic Cartoon After Refusing To Do So At First





50 Percent Of Americans Believe

Christians Face Discrimination

Omar Says Jesus Was Palestinian, Not Jew




School Stops Saying "God Bless America" After Atheists Complain




Church of Satan Given

Tax Exempt Status  





Despite Suspension, Unplanned Twitter Feed Reaches 80K More Followers Than Planned Parenthood Twitter Suspends "Unplanned" Movie's Account, Then Relents After Serious Backlash





Woman Writes "Satan Lives" On Doors Of Two Churches She Burns Down



Secret Jehovah Witness Database Shows Tens of Thousands Of Child Molesters

Never Were Reported To Law Enforcement By Church




Trump Expands Administration's Policies On No Funding Of Overseas Abortions






Oregon Senate Passes Bill To Allow Mentally Ill Patients To Starve To Death







Federal Judge Blocks Kentucky Heartbeat Law That

Prohibits Abortion When Heartbeat Detected





Fire Destroys West Virginia Church, Bibles, Crosses Left Untouched  






California Veterans Home Threatens To Eject 84 Year Old Widow For Bible Study Group







20 Alabama Ministers Charged With Sex Crimes


Senate Fails To Pass Born Alive Bill In Shameless Display By Dems, 3 Republicans

Democratic Led States To Sue President Trump On Efforts To Defund Planned Parenthood




Rhode Island, Vermont Propose Radical Abortion Bills Similar To New York, Virginia




Israeli Scientists, Doctors Believe They May Have A Cure For Cancer Within A Year





Feds Bust College Graduate Labor Trafficking Rings Using "Fake" College



Trump Praises States For Requiring Schools To Offer Bible Literacy Classes

FAITH FACT: President Trump Born June 14, 1946, On A Super Blood Moon,

700 Days Before Israel Became A Nation








Court Orders Planned Parenthood To Answer Questions About Sale Of Fetal Tissue, Organs




Church Removes Pastor For Addressing Homosexuality Issues and Bruce Jenner

January 22 Marks 46th Anniversary

Of Roe V. Wade


Pro Abortion Activists Worried That Roe V. Wade Could Be "Weeks" Away From Destruction





Covington Catholic High School Closes Classes Due To Safety Concerns, Threats





Accidental Opioid Deaths Top Car

Deaths For First Time In History





Locusts Swarms Descend Upon Egypt, Mecca In Biblical Like Plague During Islamic Worship





Church Removes Pastor For Posting Sign Calling Homosexuality A Sin and Declaring Bruce Jenner

A Man


Nearly 100,000 Descend On Washington DC To "March For Life" At 46th Annual Event


You Tube Admits It Meddled With Abortion Search Results To Hid Pro-Life Pages

Former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director: Watching An Abortion Made Me Pro-Life




"Super Wolf Blood Moon" Possible Sign of War In Middle East? Perhaps

Super Blood Moon Eclipse To Put On Stunning Show January 20





Port Authority Removes Saudi Arabia Candy Flag

After Backlash At Ground Zero





Planned Parenthood: Abortion Is Our

Core Mission






Abortion Leading Cause of Death in 2018

As 41 Million Babies Are Killed



Six Year Old Children Forced To Write Gay Love Letters For "Indoctrination" Into Diversity



Ireland Abortions Now Legal As Of January 7





Real World Witches Upset At Trump For

Using Term "Witch Hunt"






Franklin Graham's Facebook Page Deleted; Graham: "It Was A Personal Attack"




Cows Form Sign Of The Cross In

Midwestern Farm Field






U.S. Teams Up With Overseas Group To Help Aid Persecuted Christians






China, Pakistan Lead State Department List Of Religious Persecutors






Brett Kavanaugh, John Roberts Vote With Liberals To Refuse To Hear Cases That Would Exclude Planned Parenthood Funding From Medicaid





President Trump Signs Genocide Relief Act For Syrian/Iraqi Christians In

Middle East




Home Schools Intimidate Christians

Who Express LGBT Concerns





Conservatives Slam Judge For Blocking Female Genital Mutilation  Charges As "Unconstitutional"






Satanic Bay Area Group Warns Christians To Stop Stealing Their Ornaments Off

Official Christmas Trees Around City





Judge Strikes Down Mississippi Abortion Ban After 15 Weeks Saying It Harms Women's Rights




Teacher Banned From School After Complimenting Students Who Stood For Pledge






Conservatives Slam Judge For Blocking Female Genital Mutilation Charges As "Unconstitutional"




Judge Strikes Down Mississippi Abortion Ban After 15 Weeks Saying It Harms Women's Rights




Teacher Banned From School After Complimenting Students Who Stood For Pledge




American Missionary Wrote

"God I Don't Want To Die Here" Hours Before Being Killed

By Tribe On Remote Island While Sharing Gospel




DAY 2018!

Prophetic Day As World Marks 100-Year Anniversary

Of End Of World War 1

What Does Veterans Day Mean For You!




Today Marks 100 Year Celebration Of End Of World War I

Stories From The Battlefield Of World War I

Liberty Truck Put U.S. Military On Wheels  



International Day of Prayer Gives Persecuted Church Platform To Share Their Stories






Planned Parenthood Encourages Abortion For Illegal Aliens





Saudi Crown Prince Hosts Israeli, Christian

Evangelical Leaders







Witches Try To Cast Hexes On Brett Kavanaugh During NYC Rally




Apostate Group Of Ohio Pastors To Hold Blessings

On Abortion Clinics In Ohio



Faith Based Adoption Agencies Attacked By The Democrats






John Proctor Home Where

Salem Witch Trials Held Up For Sale








British Jews Join Global Exodus For Israel






Pastor Andrew Brunson Meets With, Prays For President Trump Over Weekend After Turkish Release From Prison



A Victory For Faith And Truth Free

At Last!

U.S. Strikes Deal With Turkey For Release Of Pastor Held For Years In Turkish Captivity As Witnesses "Recant" Terrorism Claims

"This is The Day We've Been Praying For!"





Planned Parenthood Establishing "Underground Railroad" For Abortion

As Fears Roe V. Wade Repeal Grow With Brett Kavanaugh

Gosnell The Movie That Put Abortion On Trial





U.S. Supreme Court Won't Hear Tennessee Abortion Case






Deep State Official: There Are Dozens And Dozens Of Us





British Protests Franklin Graham Visit With "Rainbow" Jesus






Left Cartoonist Targets 10 Year Old In Sick Cartoon


FAITH: Franklin Graham: Chelsea Clinton's Claims

About Jesus Would Be Pro-Choice Are

Things Hitler Would Say




New Planned Parenthood President Grilled Over Claims

Organization Doesn't Provide Most Abortions




491 Overdose Deaths In Knox County

In Less Than Two Years




Pope Urges Climate Change Conference Amidst Child Sex Abuse Scandal Rocking Catholic Church





Connecticut School Board Member Resigns After  Issues Over Citing Pledge Of Allegiance






Pedophile Priest Who Had HIV And Raped 30 Children

Not Charged Due To Church's Efforts To

"Forgive" Him Of His Sins





Colorado Baker Jack Phillips Back In Cross Hairs

Of LGBT Community Over Refusal To Make

Transgender Cake At Shop






69 Massive Earthquakes Hit Pacific Ring Of Fire In 48 Hours According To Reports, Scientists

A large swath of earthquakes hit the Pacific's so-called Ring of Fire earlier this week, prompting some to wonder if it is a precursor to the oft-discussed massive earthquake, colloquially known as "the Big One." Sixty-nine earthquakes, including 16 tremors registering 4.5 or above on the Richter scale, recently hit the area, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), which recorded the events but did not issue a warning - MORE