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GUEST OPED EDITORIALS - Opinion and Commentary  Updated: 08/31/2020 10:57:27 AM


Merkel's Agenda Finances $1M Support For Antifa
Ann Coulter Turns On Trump Over Minor Non-Essential Issues
Violent Crime Is Ripping Democrat Lead Cities  
Pollack: Dems Want A Second American Revolution Of Socialism
Fake Conservative SCOTUS Judges Finding Their End
MSNBC Divides Nation, For Ratings - Nothing New
Pollak: Societies That Erase Their Histories Doom Their Futures
Blue States Have Succeeded From America With Establishment Of Chaz
Starr Parker: America Is Not Systemically Racist
2020 Not A Good Year To Be A Coward  
Dinesh: The Philosopher Of Antifa
The Warlord Will See You Now
Illinois Sued Over Allowing State Insurance Plans To Cover Abortion  
Nolte: Bolton's Book, Career - Deep State Nothing Burger
Larry Johnson: Black Lives Don't Matter To Black Lives Matters
Thiessen: Dems Behavior Ensuring Trump Will Win In November  
8 Lies Of Joe Biden Twitter Never Fact Checked Like They Did One Tweet Of Trump
Media Legitimized Assault And Racism In Endorsing And Covering Joe Biden
Barrack Obama Meeting With World Leaders - Why?
Obama Stokes Racism In Comments Regarding Floyd
Nolte: You Get What You Vote For And Rioting Is What You Get In Dem Run States and Cities  
The CCP Virus And The Surrender Of Human Decency
Dems Sue In 13 States To Get Mail In Voting Approved
The Lying About Donald Trump Now Completely Out Of Control  
Seven Takeaways From FISA Report  
Election Is Republicans Vs. China, Oops, Democrats
Deep State Needs To Be Worried Over Nunes Announcement
Pinkerton: Time To Stand With The Chinese People
Nolte: Dems Just Legitimized Rape And Racism To Stand With Joe Biden
Florida And Texas Head One Direction, California And New York Another, In CCP Virus Run  
Lockdown Measures Are Unconstitutional Says Sheriffs
This Election Is Republicans Vs. Chinese - i.e. The Democrats
Same People Praising Mitt For Trashing Trump In Scarborough Matter Were Same Ones Saying Mitt Romney Killed Woman In 2012
Twitter Wrong, Trump Right In Mail In Ballot Debate
Special: China Has Infiltrated Canada's Highest Intelligence Agencies And Beyond - Brad Johnson
Media Backing China In Trump-Chinese Brushup  
Seven Bombshells In Michael Flynn Case
If Biden Wins He Could Prosecute Biden Again
Seven Bombshells In Michael Flynn Case
Marlow: Jailings Of Americans A Joke While Letting Criminals Go Free
Wayne Root It's Time For A Revolution
Ari Fleshier: The Press Is Protecting Joe Biden
Nolte: FBI Needs To Investigate Joe Bidens Alleged Sexual Assault On Tara Reade
Planned Parenthood Pushing Psychological Child Abuse  
Epoch Times: Beijing's Cover Up Blatant But Not Being Reporting  
Say No To The CCP!
Wall Street's Partnership With China Needs To Be Broken Up  
America Enjoy The First Test Drive Of Democrat Sponsor Socialism
China Blocked Key Research Documents On Coronavirus Research
Working From Home Has Harmed Mental Health Of Many Americans

OPED: NYT Smeared Brett Kavanaugh, Covered For Joe Biden Democrat Socialists: We're Not Endorsing Joe Biden

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey Reopening State On Her Own Terms  
Dick Morris: Biden Candidacy Suicide Marchd
China Declared Economic War On The World To Save It's Failing Economy
Fire The Jackass Over The CDC- Thomas Paine Commentary
Four Ways The Mainstream Media Is Fanning Flames Of Fear In Coverage  
Obesity Playing Major Role In Coronavirus Deaths  
Four Senators Put Their Greed Before Others In Stock Dump Before Coronavirus Outbreak  
OPED: Forgive Me If I Don't Fall In Line With SF Facism
Huckabee: Dems Using Chinese Virus Bill To Push Abortion Agenda
Trump Approval Rating Surges To Highest Point Of Presidency
Nolte: Media Elite Groveling Back To China With Anti-American Coverage  
President Trump: Warren And Bloomberg Biggest Losers On Tuesday
Charles Hurt: President Trump Keeping Promises In Afghan Pullout
Charlie Hurt: Dems Have Problems No Matter Who Won Super Tuesday  
Carlson: The Establishment Wants Joe - Bernie Will Be Screwed Again  
Meet Comrade Fidel Bernie Sanders
Cotton: Sotomayor's Comments Need Rebuke And Sanction
Nolte: Russia Gate 2.0 Has Already Crashed And  Burned
Root: Why Bloomberg Has Already Crashed And Burn As Has The Entire Democrat Party
The Difference Between Andy McCabe And Roger Stone And It's Impact On The Justice System
Goodwin: Deep State Snakes Slither Back After CIA House Cleaning
Warren Has A Spineless Problem Not A Voter Problem
Bloomberg's Utopia In New York Was Not A Utopia
Former Dem: "Why I Now Support Trump"
Bernie Has Lost Voters Because Of Trump's Economy
Bloomberg's Sexist Comments Far Worse Than Trump
The New Class War Between The Elites and Globalist Oblarchs and The Common People
Devore: Will Illegal Voting Tip Texas Blue In 2020
Nolte: The Facist History Of Mini-Mike Bloomberg


Nation Honors Washington and Lincoln Today

Two Great Presidents Who Shaped America's Past and It's Future


Special Mc Files Interview On Amis In The Morning Special Valentine's Day Program


Special Great Smoky Mountain Journal Interview Celebrating Veterans

Interview With 25-Year Iraq-Veteran Retired USAF Lt. Colonel Todd McDonald

With Special Discussion With Rev. Wayne McDonald, Retired U.S. Navy About How We Need To Honor Those Who Have Given Their Lives Protecting Our Nation

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