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Updated: 10/26/2020 10:19:53 AM

Trump Hating Michigan Attorney General Misprints Overseas Ballots For Trump
India-China Fire At Each Other As Tensions Mount
Rep. Sean Casten Raps About Trump Supporters Being Racist and Looney

More National News In Archives

Updated: 10/26/2020 10:19:53 AM

President Trump Orders FULL Declass With NO Redactions Of Hillary Email Scandal

DNI Declassifies Memo James Comey Claims He Had No Knowledge Of Receiving

John Bash Resigns From Obama Gate Task Force

Brennan Runs To CNN To Cry Like A Baby Over Declassification Of Docs Showing Obama Knew


President Trump, First Lady Melania Tests

Positive For COVID-19

VP Mike Pence, Karen, Test NEGATIVE For COVID 19


House Approves Bill To Avoid Government

Shutdown During Pandemic

Judge Refuses To Reinstate Wolf Mandates In PA


McConnell: Expect Harsh Treatment

By Dems Of Nominee

SCOTUS Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg Dead At Age 87To Lie In State All Week

Ginsberg's Absence Will Affect Key Cases

President Trump: We're Going To Fill The Seat - This Is A Historic Opportunity

Van Hollen: We'll Use Every Procedural Activity To Block RGB Vote

 Ocasio Cortez: Impeachment Of Barr On Table To Stop RGB Replacement Vote


Hurricane Sally Comes Ashore As Category 2 Near Mobile Alabama, Pensacola, Florida


Judge Rules PA COVID 19 Lockdown

Measures Unconstitutional

Top Florida Dem Gilliam Comes Out As A Bi-Sexual

Junk Science Major: Biden Climate Change Speech Full Of One Falsehood After Another


Record Wildfires Not Caused By Heat - But Anarchists

Smoke From West Coast Fires Reaching East Coast


Fox News Cuts Off Newt Interview After He Calls Out

Soros Role In Riots, Protesters

PA Ruling On Green Party Removal From Ballot Intended To Help Joe Biden


Wray: White Supremacy, NOT BLM, Greatest Threat To America While

BLM Burns Buildings TO The Ground


President Trump Adds 20 Names To Potential

Supreme Court Picks When Elected

90 GOP Members Sign Pledge To Fight Defunding The Police

Trump Supporters Rush To See Him In Reno Rally


Several Portland Rioters Released Without Bail

15 New York Agent Drag Wheelchair Bound Vet From Car To Arrest Him

Portland Police Arrest Top DNC Operative At Riots





President Trump Visits Burned Out

Kenosha Wisconsin

Trump: Biden Made Deal With Progressive Devil

Nolte: Don't Forget Harris, Biden Paid Bail For Violent Rioters

Eyewitness Of Portland Shooting: They Gunned Him Down

Washington Committee Recommends Changes To Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln Memorials

LA Rioters Drive Through Window Of Store After Police Involved Shooting

MSNBC Joy Reid: Trump Supporter Have Guns, BLM Has Skateboards

Police Launch Investigation Into Baltimore Man Who Was Struck In Head With Bricks

Michigan Rejects 846 Mail In Ballots - Because Voters Were Dead

Court Blocks Release Of President's Tax Returns

Donald Trump Warns NFL To Not Follow NBA Political Failure

Saban Marches With Black Lives Matter Protesters

Joe Heckled In Pittsburgh: "Hey Joe You Finally Get Out Of Basement"  

President Trump Beats Down CNN Hack Over Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting

Trump: Rittenhouse Was Being Attacked And Likely Would Have Been Killed

Manhattan Judge Cold Cocked In Broad Daylight

Harris Helped Post Bail For Rioters Thrown In Jail

Mcenany: Dems Attacking President Trump Like Arsonist Blaming The Firefighter

BLM Leader Taunts Police Officers With Profanity Laced Rant

Dozen People Show Up For Joe Biden's Speech In Pittsburgh Monday

Stabenow: Trump Wants The Violence

Police Shot At Pro-Trump Rally

Portland Homicide Victim Had Patriot Prayer Hat On

Biden: Trump Won't Condemn KKK While Refusing To Condemn Antifa

NPR Twists Words On Trump Regarding Kyle Rittenhouse

Vernon Jones: BLM Seeking To Destroy Black Families

NFL To Write "End Racism" In End Zones As Season Begins

Biden, Dems Raise $300M For Record Fundraising In August

Antifa Killer Of Trump Supporter Arrested In June For Drag Racing With 11 Year Old Son

Gun Charges Dropped Last Month In Separate Incident

Portland Shooter Of Trump Supporter Identified  

Sexual Assault Criminal Complaint Against Jacob Blake Released

Dems Cheering BLM Protests, Then Blame Trump For Violence

New York Priest: Will You Worship At The Altar Of Social Justice?

46 Shot, 10 Dead In Latest Weekend Violence In Chicago

Leftist Sentenced For Hurling Bombs At Police

Obama Advised James, NBA On Playoff Boycott

BLM Leader: If You Kill One Of Us, We Kill One Of You

CNN's Host: Sneers At Trump Calling Out Riots

Scalise: Mayors Allowing Protesters To Burn Cities Down

Trump Challenges Biden To Condemn Antifa

Sharpton: Athletes "Kicking A" On Social Justice

 Six Minnesota Mayors Endorse Trump

Seahawks Carroll: White People Don't Understand Racism

Rand Paul: Where's The Money Behind Riots


Circuit Court Sends Flynn Case

Back To Sullivan

Sullivan Pushes Back Flynn Decision Until After Election


President Trump Rallies Nation On Final Night Of RNC In Historic Speech Contrasting Him and Commie Joe Not ONE Dem Condemns Attacks On Republican Attendees At Trump RNC Speech Thursday 

Clinton Gave Maxwell's Nephew Job And Special Treatment

Final Senate Intel: FBI Lied About Trump And Use Of Foreign Dossier

Fox and Friends Cuts Away From Brazille Rant

Federal Judge Dismisses Trump's Latest Efforts To Hide Tax Returns From Manhattan DA

DNC Second Night Drops 22% Compared To 2016, Ratings Suffering 

CNN Panel Shuts Down Guest For Questioning Clinton Ties To Epstein

MSNBC Ignores Clinton's Trips To Epstein Island, Ties To Pedophilia  

Brennan Rips Rubio, Committee After Report Clears Trump

Former US Attorney: Weissman Obstructing Justice

New Documentary Outlines Russia Gate Hoax

Report: Kim Fox Abused Her Office In Jessie Smollett Case

Bill Clinton Pictured Giving Neck Massage By Minor On Epstein Island

Limbaugh: Kamala A Hoe, Liberal Media Freaks But Forgets Names They Called Sarah Palin

Netflix Special Sexualizes 11 Year Olds In Latest Sleaze Series

Former CIA Officer Arrested For Spying For China

President Trump Pardons Susan B. Anthony On 100 Year Anniversary Of 19th Amendment

Giving Women Right To Vote

Trump Pardons Alice Johnson Following Her RNC Speech

Kamala Harris Breaks In On Biden Talk, Then Runs From Reporters

BLM Protestors Assault Elderly Man, Threaten Those At President Trump's

Speech Including Rand Paul

Police Arrest 8 In Protests Around White House Thursday Night

74 Facing Federal Charges Following Portland Riots

Trumps: Dems Trying To Steal Electoral Process During RNC Remarks As Republicans

Pelosi Mocks Pompeo, Melania Trump's RNC's Speeches  

Nominate President For Second Term

CNN Cuts Off President Trump's Speech, Calls It Outright Lies After

Allowing Biden Full Speech Without Interruption

20,000 Unverified Absentee Ballots Counted In Detroit Primary

Lincoln Project Falsely Claims Trump Approved Delegate

Shouting "Monkey" About Obama


America Up In Smoke

Kenosha Demonstrations Remain

Peaceful Overnight

Father Of Teen Killed In Seattle Chop Zone Sues For $3B

Jacob Blake's Father Recites Muslim Prayer To Violence In Video

Judge Delays Extradition For Illinois Teen Charged In Kenosha Shootings After He Was Attacked By Protesters

Harris: Officer In Jacob Blake Shooting Should Be Charged

Wisconsin Governor Declares State Of Emergency, Increases National Guard Presence

Man At Heart Of Kenosha Riots Wanted For Sexual Assault

Small Businesses Permanently Closed In Kenosha Due To Damaged

Caused By Thug Terrorist Rioters

Kenosha Eyewitnesses: Police Told Jacob Blake "Drop The Knife"  

Nolte: Kenosha Proves No One Is Safe

CNN Alters Coverage To Hide Violence In Wisconsin Riots

BLM Protesters Heckle Diners Who Refuse To Raise Fist

Kenosha Rioters Harass Charitable Organization Owners


Over 1000 Arrests, 200 Charged With Federal Crimes In Operation Legend By Attorney General Barr

Steve Bannon Arrested For Alleged Fraud Scam


CBS Fake News Avoids Asking Comey About Guilty Plea Of Kevin Clinesmith

Deep State Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith Pleads Guilty In First Plea Over Obamagate In Durham Probe

Appeals Court Rules Hillary Clinton Does Not Have To Testify Over Emails, Benghazi Messages

Federal Investigator Says He Saw Emails Between Seth Rich and Wikileaks

Weissman Reportedly Very Nervous About Clinesmith Plea And Text Regarding

"Resistance" To Obama Cronies               

President Trump: "That's Just The Beginning"

Trump Right: Obama Gate Began In 2015

Report: Durham To Drop Bombs Before Labor Day

Susan Rice Admits She Emailed Clinton On Illegal Server Yet Claimed 18 Times

She Couldn't Recall Information Under Oath

Johnson Subpoenas Wray Over Operation Hurricane Docs

China Propaganda Behind False Info In Operation Hurricane








Officer Injured, Suspect Shot Outside White House During President's Press Conference

Trump On Rushmore: "Good Idea To Me"


















NRA Files Lawsuit Against NY AG Who Tries To Remove NRA From State

Twitter Ban Of Trump Campaign May Backfire

 Gun Sale Surge Causes Ammo Shortage















President Donald Trump holds a COVID-19 and storm preparedness roundtable in Belleair, Fla., on July 31, 2020. (Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images)

President: U.S. Needs To Seek Death Penalty For Boston Bomber After Courts Reverse Penalty


Trump Signs ‘Hiring American’ Executive Order to Prioritize US Workers

Trump Signs American First Hiring Executive Order

To Prioritize U.S. Workers

U.S. Manufacturing Soars To 15 Month High


Podesta: Dems Pondering Civil War, Secession,

Anarchy If Biden Loses To Trump In November


Poll: 9 Out Of 10 Americans Wearing Masks In Public


The Dismantling Of American Justice

Sally Yates: Biden Was With Obama At Oval Office Meeting On General Flynn

Michelle Obama: I'm Suffering Low Grade Depression, Blames President Trump

DeBlasio Assigns 27 Police To Protect BLM Murals As Crime Soars In NYC

Murders Surge In Democrat Run Cities

  Embedded Nails Found In Firework Attacks In Atlanta According To Reports

Video: Teen Boys Carjack 82-Year Old's Car Outside Chicago

Officer Who Fatally Shot Michael Brown Will Not Be Charged After Second Probe

Police: Give In To Criminals In Minnesota

Rioters Set Fire To Buildings With Children Inside,

Block Fire Fighters From Rescuing Them

Oprah Hosts White Guilt Conference To Shame Whites Into Supporting BLM, Other Causes

Man Allegedly Shoots At Mom And Son

For Not Social Distancing

Senate Hearings: Biden Used N-Word Since 1985

Three Friends Massacred During Family Fishing Trip; Reward Up To $30K

St. Louis Couple Charged For Pulling Guns On Protesters

Tucker Carlson Fights Back Against Wicked NYT Effort To Reveal His Family's Address

Fox News Denies Accusations Against Hannity, Tucker

Cuomo Lecturing Georgia Governors On Handling Of COVID 19

 Missouri AG Files Briefs To Dismiss Case Against St. Louis Gun Carrying Couple

President Trump To Send Federal Troops To War Zone Cities Not Stopping Civil Unrest

General Flynn's Attorneys File More Briefs Against Sullivan Who Refuses To Drop Case



President Trump Commutes Roger Stone



The Dismantling Of American Justice

Video Connecting BLM To Clinton Buddy and Terrorist Taken Down By You Tube

Joe Biden's Fundraising Coming Into Serious Questions

FBI: One New China Investigation Opened Every 10 Hours According To Director Wray

White House Investigating Leaks To NYT Over Taliban Story

Black Lives Matter Leader: Whites "Subhuman"

Black Lives Matter Mural Painted Over In Chicago To Say "All Lives Matter"

Justice Ginsburg In Hospital With Infection

Trump Signs Laws To Sanction Chinese Officials, Banks Over Hong Kong Crimes

Weinstein Law Firm Takes Millions In PPP Loans, Grants

Actor Deniro's Restaurant Takes $28M In PPP Grants, Loans

Albrights Consulting Firm Took PPP Grants, Loans

Media Maters Take Millions In PPP Grants Same Day They Trash Trump Over Program

Pelosi's Husband Has Ties To Grants Given To Company From PPP Program

Antifa Posting Videos Over Social Media How To Smash Windshields And Assault Drivers 

Johnson Drops Call For Juneteenth To Replace Columbus Day Celebration

Trump: Obama May Have Committed Treason

Project Veritas Catches Facebook Workers Admitting To Censorship of Conservatives

LA City Council Dismantles Police For "Social" Group

Man Who Supplied Vegas Shooters With Firearms Gets 13 Months

Armed St. Louis Couple Holds Off Terrorists With Automatic Rifles

Ice Cube Rebukes Jake Tapper Over Farrakhan

Powell Inside The Flynn Case

LAPD Defunds Police To Tune Of 150 Million Reducing Number Of Police Officers

Four Dem Toledo Ohio Council Members Arrested Charged With Bribery

Gardner, St. Louis Prosecutor Going After Rifle Toting Couple, Not Terrorist Protesters

Tlaib, AOC Call For Defunding Israel

Soccer League Player Praised For Standing During National Anthem As Whole Team Kneels

Smollett Attorney Foxx Drops Charges Against Chicago Criminals Violating Curfew

Poll: Young Americans Become Less Patriotic Following College

Trump Calls For Schools To Reopen

Crowdstrike Contract Still A Mystery For Five Years

Florida Orders All Its Schools Reopen Campuses In August




FBI Confirms NASCAR'S Bubba Wallace Noose

Rope Story Was A Hoax

Two Brothers Involved In Smollet Hoax Refuse To Cooperate With Prosecution

Trending: #anotherhatehoax

Nikki Haley Backed Wallace Story Before Truth Came Out

Shaun King: Pull Down "White Supremacy Statutes Of Jesus"



Appeals Case Orders Gen. Flynn's Case Dismissed

New Emails Surface Showing Strzok Bragging About Getting Flynn Indicted On Logan Act Crimes



The Dismantling Of American Justice


Black Lives Matter Leader: Our Goal Is To Get Trump Out

Dem State Senator Attacked In Wisconsin

BLM Destroys Statute Of Immigrant Who Fought Against Slavery

South Dakota Gov: Mount Rushmore Safe Under My Watch

Wendy's Parking Lot Where Rayshad Brooks Killed Taken Over By Armed Protesters

Oakland Mayor: Replace, Don't Defund Police

Seattle Mayor Now Wants CHAZ/CHOP Zones Dismantled After Shootings Leave 1 Dead, Many Injured

Tucker: BLM Coming For Your Church

LAPD Officer Finds Tampon In Starbucks Coffee Order

Rioters Push Woman Off 20-Foot Overpass





Tulsa Curfew Lifted After Judge Says

Trump Rally May Proceed

Fox News Poll: Yes To Face Masks, No To Presidential Rallies

President Trump Rallies Planned For Tulsa, June 20 Then Others In North Carolina, Arizona, Florida


RNC Announces Move Of Convention To

Jacksonville, Florida


America Under Siege

The Surge Of Antifa And Black Lives Matter


Cracker Barrel Latest Chain Under Fire And Pressure To Change Name Due To "Racial" Overtones



Michigan Dems Want To Declare Racism A Public Health Crisis

National Guardsmen Find Glass In Their Pizza After Saving Statute 

Trump To Washington Governor: Take Back Seattle Now Or I Will

200 Looters Stole 100K Worth Of Goods From Tampa Walmart

Whitmer: Cops Kill Blacks On Purpose 

Radical Protesters Threaten Cops If They Don't Commit Suicide - Councilwoman Agrees

Philly: One Dead, 10 Injured In Overnight Looting, Shootings   

As Antifa, Black Lives Matter Destroy America, FBI Warns That White Supremacy Is Worst Threat To Nation

President Trump Berates Weak Governors For Pathetic Response In Stopping Looting, Rioting

Dems Radical Black Lives Matter Memo Surfaces From 2015

Lady Antebellum Drops Antebellum Due To Slavery Reference

Floyd's Family Petitions UN To Come Disarm Police In United States

Rove: Biden Just Nuts Over Unwarranted Charge Trump Won't Leave White House 

Chauvin, Floyd Bumped Heads At Gym In Previous Encounter, Killing Personal, Not Racial

Floyd Has Four Funerals: "Time To Clean Out The White House" 

Seattle Protests Erupt As Local Businesses Face Extortion From The Left In Unrest

Left Wing Thugs Yank Christopher Columbus Statutes

till No Justice Or Outcry Over Muslim Cop's Shooting Of Minneapolis White Woman In 2017

Pelosi Calls For Removal Of Confederate Statutes In Congress

Protesters Crush Skull Of Man With Statutes In Seattle

Bush Jr. Waits Till Nation Wide Riots To Trash Trump In Latest Deep State Tirade and Attack On POTUS

Crime Rates Explode In These 14 States During Floyd Protest

Experts: Seattle Has Lost Political Will To Enforce Law

Media Downplays Insanity In Seattle

Leftist Mob Rioters Spray Paint "F#$#" Trump On Federal Buildings, Walls

NYC Detectives Union: We're Going To Sue Protesters Who Hurt Police During Floyd Protests

Trump Rips Political Left And Dems; Urges Seattle To Stand Up To Domestic Terrorists

Dem From Texas: Let Them Loot And Burn Things Down

Washington Gov. To Trump: Stay Out Of Washington State's Business

Seattle Mayor Blasts Trump: Stay In Your Bunker

 Never Trump General Miley Regrets Picture With Trump At Church

Gunman Ambushes California Police Station

Guardian Angels Seen Protecting Businesses From Looters

MN Votes To Defund Police Department

Trudeau Bows To Black Lives Matter Protesters

Twitter Removes Trump Campaigns Salute To George Floyd

Chauvin On "Suicide Watch" After Floyd Murder 

Veritas Video: Antifa Members Want Shooters To Aim For Liver

Guardian Angels Founder Brutally Attacked By Rioters

82-Year Old Man Brutally Assaulted By Left-Wing Protesters

New York Politician Tells Looters To Vandalized Communities With Little Police Presence

National Guard Called To New Cities Tonight Amid Rising Curfews Being Put Into Effect in Cities

Carlson: Leaders Abandoned Their People During Riots

Minnesota Governor's Daughter Tweets Out "Intel" To Assist Violent Looters

Omar: Trump Criminalizing "Peaceful" Protest"  

PBS: No Evidence Riots From Anarchists

Michael Brown Sr. Joins Mob Protesters In MN During Floyd Unrest

President Trump Visits St. John's Church After Destruction: "I Feel Like Im In Alternative Universe"

Trump Vows National Guard And Federal Resources To Stop Rioting

Pittsburgh Police Looking For Man Responsible For Downtown Rioting

Biden Lectures Cops On How To Deal With Protesters

Philly Police Fire Tear Gas On Protesters Blocking Interstate 65

BET Founder: Blacks Need $14.6T In Reparations To Stop Protests

Carlson: Nation Up In Flames Because Of Weak Leadership

Whitmer Eases Stay At Home Order in Michigan - Likely To Assist Protesters

DeBlasio Daughter Arrested For Rioting in NYC

Chinese State Media: Protests A Beautiful Sight

Trump Calls Weak Governors Out Saying Terrorists Need At Least Ten Years In Prison For Rioting

Feds Arrest St. Louis Man For Making Nepalm To Use In Riots

Nancy Pelosi Condemns President, Not Protesters For Rioting

Historic St. John's Church Burned Down, President Holds Bible After To Decry Destruction

Rubio: Right Wing Groups Guilty Too Of Protests

Trump Taken Underground Bunker After Fires Threaten White House

America Patriots Cleaning Up Messes Left By The Left

Reporters Beaten and Robbed By Black Lives Matter

Normal Left Groups Behind Protests - Including The Democratic Party

Raleigh Police Chief: Officers Wont Be Put In Harms Way To Protect Property

Alabama Professor Tweets Out How To Destroy Government Monuments

AG Barr Directs Federal Riot Teams To Miami, DC To Respond To Left Wing Mobs

Richmond Police Chief Betrays His Own Siding With Protesters

Trump Press Secretary Asked If Congressional Ties To Antifa Will Be Investigated

Omaha Bar Owner Shoots Protesters Won't Be Prosecuted

Biden Campaign Blames White Supremacists, Links Them To Trump, For Protests, Riots

Amy Klobuchar Failed To Charge Derek Chauvin In Death Of Native Americans In 2006;

Chauvin Now Charged With Third Degree Murder In Death Of George Floyd

Minneapolis Mayor Gives Masks To Rioters, Tells Church Goers Opening Churches "Would Be A Disaster"

Second Night Of Violent Protests In Minneapolis Leads To Death, Destruction

Police Station Goes Up In Flames In Minneapolis, Mayor Blames Trump

Obama Fans Flames Of Racism, Says America Is A Racist Nation

Black Small Business Owner Cries After Business Burned To Ground By Looters In Minnesota

Carrell, Rogan, Hollywood Elites Send Funds - To Bail Out Looters Destroying Property In Minnesota

Jones: White Liberals Supporting Hillary Clinton More Threat To Blacks Than KKK

George Floyd, Officer Who Is Charged With Murder Did Security At Same Gym Last Year

No Mass Riots When Muslim Cop Shot American Woman Last Year In Minnesota

U.S. Postal Service Vehicles Torched During Rioting In Minneapolis

Twitter Censors President Trump - Again - This Time On Sending National Guard 

Ohio Riots Break Out In State Capital Of Columbus Over Floyd Death

Trump: Not Going To Allow Another Ferguson In Minneapolis

Protests Erupt In St. Louis

Four Minneapolis Officers Fired In Death Of Man Investigation Underway

Los Angeles, Memphis Protests Erupt Of George Floyd Case

Kaepernick Threatens Civil Violence In Wake of George Floyd Murder In Minnesota


Stocks Take 1800 Point Hit On New CCP "Fears" Spread By Main Stream Media, Left

Consumer Sentiment Rebounds In June



Cuomo Granted Immunity Over Nursing Home Campaign Donation

New York Health Department Website Quietly Deletes Controversial

Justice Department: Maine's Campground Rules Violate Constitution  

Cuomo Order Linking Nursing Home Fatalities To New York Data

Report: Nearly 10,000 Of New York Victims From CCP Virus Were In Nursing Homes

CNN, MSNBC Preach Masks, Then Seen Not Wearing Them Off Camera 

 Liberal New Mexico Governor Locks State Down Then Gets Busted

For Special Jewelry Store Purchase

State By State Breakdown Of U.S. Cases, Deaths

Cuomo's Nursing Home Policies Have

Cost 10K Lives So Far

Italy: 96% Of All COVID Cases Had Pre-Existing Conditions


President Trump Announces USA To Cancel Relationship With World Health Organization


Cuomo's Nursing Home Policies Have

Cost 10K Lives So Far

Italy: 96% Of All COVID Cases Had Pre-Existing Conditions



Michigan Man Charged In Nursing Home Attack

That Outraged America, President

Michigan Governor Whitmer Husband's "Boatgate" Scandal Gaining Momentum


List Of Obama Operatives Released Involved In General Flynn Case Including Clapper, Brennan, And BIDEN

Supreme Court Sides With President On Illegal Alien Case


Judges New Order Puts Stall On Michael Flynn Case

Grenell Declassifies Names Of Obama Officials Who Went After General Flynn

Graham: I Will Not Call Obama To Testify In Obamagate


President Trump: Former President Obama "Involved In Crime" In Russiagate, Flynn Debacle

Grenell Seeks To Declassify Docs Showing Obama Officials Involved In Flynn Case Cover-Up

Report: Seth Rich, Not Russians Leaked Wikileaks Emails

White House: We Will Not Forget China Culpulbility In Wuhan Virus

Top Dem Caught Funneling $2.4 Million To Soros Super Pac

John Podesta Admitted He And Hillary Halved The Cost To Purchase Fake Dossier

Forger AG Deep State Hack Sally Yates May Have Been Leaker; Lied Under Oath

German Autopsy Study: All COVID 19 Deaths Linked To Cancer, Obesity  

Brit Hume: More To Learn About Obama In Flynn Case

Tucker Carlson: Obama Used FBI To Target Enemies, Including Trump

Clinton Campaign Lawyer Elias Sent Bill Fusion GPS Dossier To Clinton Manager Mook

18 State Attorney Generals Urge Congress Investigate China Origins Of Virus

Crowdstrike Had NO Evidence of Russia Stealing DNC Emails According To Transcripts

President Trump: NBC Needs To Fire Chuck Todd For Edited Barr Tape

Flynn Attorney: Corruption Goes All Way Up To Barrack Obama

Nunes: 302s Still Missing From Flynn Investigation


Notable Late Night Hosts Rip Biden Hypocrisy over Reade Allegations

Pelosi: Next Stimulus Bill Will Include Cheat By Mail

Nearly 100 Celebrities Who Trashed Kavanaugh Has Now Gone Silent On Biden

Tara Reade Wants A search Of Joe Bidens Delaware Senate Papers

MSNBC Founder: Joe Biden Not Ready For Prime Time



Transcript: Ex-Obama Official's

Statements Behind Scenes Contradicted

Public Testimony Under Oath

James Clapper Found No Direct Evidence Of Russian Collusion In Early 2017, Investigation Continued

Schiff Releases Second Trove Of Interviews After Pressure From DNI And Republicans

New Details Emerge From Doc Drop Of House

Intel Committee On Russian Investigation

Transcripts From Russian Investigation Finally Released

Ex Trump Lawyer: Schiff "Nancy's Liar"  

Seven Bombshells Leveled In Michael Flynn Case

McCabe: DOJ Dropping Flynn Case "Pure Politics" 

Nadler Furious - Says He Wants Meeting With Barr ASAP

FBI Worried Flynn Will Take Flamethrower To Town

Once He's Done After Being Freed

DOJ Had No Choice But To Drop Case After FBI Memos Surfaced

Flynn Prosecutor Quits Case

Trump: Flynn A Warrior, Obama Administration Targeted Him Illegally

 Trump: Flynn Was Innocent From Start

Lead Prosecutor Out And Needing A Lawyer Himself

DOJ Says Ambush Of Flynn Was Criminal In Itself

Trump: I Hope A Lot Of People Pay A Big Price For What They Did To Flynn

McFarland: Flynn Decision A Great Day For America

Sydney Powell: Comey Sprung Trap For Flynn As Insurance Policy Trump Wouldn't Find Truth  

General Flynn's Initial Law Firm Covington Burling Defies Court, Resists Turning Eric Holder Phone Records Over In Case

Rogue Mueller Attorney Brandon Van Grack Under Fire For Actions In Flynn, Mueller Case

Trump Bump Cause Donations Surge After He Endorses Ilhan Omar's Republican Challenger

House Republicans Accuse Schiff Of Blocking Release Of Secret Russia Transcripts And Demand Access

President Trump Unloads On Pelosi, Watters and Dems In Latest Comments

DNI Grenell, Grassley, Barr Looking Over Recently Released Russia Probe Documents



Biden Denies Sexually Assaulting Staffer

Tara Reade Rips Hillary Clinton Over Biden Endorsement

New York Times Blasts Biden Response on Reade

Pelosi: I Don't Need A Lecture On Biden Accustations

Fox News Host: Biden Not Helping Matters In Reade Fiasco

New Jersey Professor: "F___" Every Trump Supporter

Abrams Ripped Kavanaugh, Defends Biden In Latest Comments

Pelosi: No One Has Ever Come Forward With Evidence On Reade's Accusations

Dems Rip MSBNC Chris Hayes For Seeking Truth From Biden on Tara Reade

Rapinoe Wants To Be Joe Biden's Running Mate

Biden Snaps At Morning Joe Lover As Questions Mount Over Tara Reade

During Defense Of Behavior Joe Biden Uses Term "Intercourse" In Defense Video

Pelosi: "I Don't Need Lecture" On Double Standard Between Biden And Kavanaugh

Tara Reade's Former Neighbor Comes Forward To Corroborate Accusation

Against Joe Biden; Says Reade Discussed Assault In Mid-1990s

Pelosi Endorses Biden, Ignores Reade Accusation

Chris Matthews Admits Inappropriate Behavior At MSNBC


Bush Center Slams Trump: We Want More Immigration


Illegal Aliens Suing Government Who Denied Coronavirus Stimulus Checks


Professor Resigns After Breaking Own Rules He Set Forth Only To Meet His Lover


Judge To File Response To

Flynn Request May 4

Sydney Powell: No Doubt Obama Administration

Framed General Flynn

Baritiromo: Flynn Will Be Exonerated, Case Is Total Fraud


Fox News Cuts Ties With Diamond And Silk


JFK's Grand Niece And Her Son, 8, Missing After Boating

Accident Off The Coast Of Maryland


Pentagon: Operations Against Drug Cartels On Up Swing Not Down Swing During Virus Crisis


Dems, Hollywood Pushing For Vote By Mail During Coronavirus Crisis

Hollywood's Milano Joins Call For Mail In Vote

Abrams: Mail In Vote "Only Way To Go"

Bernie To Wisconsin: Delay April 7 Vote Because Of Virus


McConnell: Impeachment Diverted Nation's Attention

Away From Coronavirus In January


IG Finds FBI Ignored His Suggestions To Correct

FISA Abuse in 29 More Related Cases


House Passes Historic $2T Stimulus Relief Package For Americans Affected By Coronavirus

Stocks Soar On News Stimulus Bill May Pass, Almost Out Of Bear Territory

Jobless Claims Soar To 3.3 Million Due To Virus

 20 Days Ago We Had Best Jobs Report Ever


 PGE To Plead Guilty To 84 Counts Of Involuntary

Manslaughter For California Wildfires


Roger Stone Juror Who Corrupted Jury Process Has Ties To Appointed Judge That Threw Out Suit Wanting Questionnaire

Released To Expose Bias


Federal Reserve Cuts Rates To Zero Sunday,

Launches 700 Billion Quantitative Easing


Trump Considering Pardon For Gen. Michael Flynn

Pompous Democrat Lawyer Who Tried And Failed To Impeach Trump Tests Positive For Coronavirus Then Blames Trump

Why Is Crowdstrike Confused About The Source of The DNC Hack On It's Server?


SCOTUS Gives Trump Administration Win In

"Stay In Mexico" Policy Dispute

Clinton Appointed Federal Judge Blasts SCOTUS Chief John Roberts

Black Pastor Group Wants Chuck Schumer Censured

 Schumer Facing Increasing Pressure Over Remarks Regarding SCOTUS Judges


Hunter Biden Skips Court Appearance, Settles With Baby Momma Lunden Roberts On Child Support Settlement Case In Arkansas

Lou Dobbs: Republicans Should Be Ashamed Renewing Corrupt FISA Court 278-106


Pastor Of Phillip Haney:

 "He Was Not Suicidal Before Death"


Federal Prosecutor: Prince Andrew

Shut Door To Epstein Probe


President Trump Sues CNN Over False

Claims Regarding Russia


U.S. Economy Adds Whopping 273,000

In February 2020

December and January Numbers Revised Upward


U.S. Energy Secretary: President Trump Has

Made America Energy Independent


Weinstein Found Guilty Of Two Of Five Charges In Rape Case, Escapes Guilty In Main Charge; Taken To Jail Immediately

Harvey Weinstein: "How Could This Happen In America"

Victims Slam Verdict: "This Falls Short Of True Justice"

Bloomberg Honors Weinstein In Bizarre Video Unsurfaced This Week


President Trump On War Path Against

Never Trumpers In White House

Report: Nunes, Other House Members Filing Criminal Charges Against Mueller Attorneys

President Trump Flips 9th Circuit Court In Record Time, Gets Huge Abortion Victory


Blago Implicates Obama In Fox Interview With Jesse Watters


Agency That Handles President Trump's And White House

Communications Suffer Massive Data Breach


President Trump: Senator Who Met With Iran

Foreign Minister Should Be Prosecuted


Russia Gate 2.0 - Bull Schiff Narrative Reemerges

Brennan Pushes Fake News Narrative Of Russia - Again Against President Trump After NYT False Article  

Brennan: Trump Plays To A Very Debased Group Of People

Bloomberg, Biden, Sanders All Lead In Pivotal States Ahead Of Super Tuesday 3/3

Brennan Pushes False Narrative Of Russia Covert Operation To Win 2020 Election

 Chuck Todd Used To Be Amy Klobuchar's Landlord - Never Mentioned This In Interview With Her 

Zero Evidence To Back Up Latest Media Craze Russia Trying To Hack 2020 Election

President Responds To Latest Hoax Perpetrated By Deep State Media, Dems

Deep State Agencies Protecting Ciarmella's Communications With Strzok, Page, McCabe


Startling Threats, Violence Against GOP, Trump Supporters On Rise


Former Illinois Governor Freed After Trump Pardon

Blagojevich Charged By Mueller And Comey Team As President Trump Decries

"Horrendous" Sentence That Is Now Corrected

11 Years Later Deep State FBI Won't Hand Over 302s Relaated To Blagojevich Trial

"Great Gratitude" From Blago Following Trump Pardon

Friends Of Clinton Stewart Chant "Trump, Trump, Trump"


Barr Denies Reports He's Thinking Of

Quitting Over President Trump's Tweets

President Trump: I Know Who "Anonymous" Is  Report: Top NSC Official To Be Reassigned Amid

Speculation She Is Anonymous

Judicial Watch Sues Feds For Records Of Seth Rich Murder

Trump Deploying Tactical Agents To 10 Sanctuary Cities With Help Of AG Barr

Barr Appoints Prosecutor Audit To Look Into Criminal Case Against Former Trump Adviser Michael Flynn


Bloomberg's Long List Of Vulgar Comments Coming Home To Roost

Sharpton: Bloomberg Not Only Democrat With Racial Baggage

Bloomberg Threatens Sanders; Sanders Hits Back

Saying Bloomberg Buying Election

Bloomberg Considering Hillary Clinton As Running Mate


NASCAR Fans Cheer President, First Lady Loudly At Daytona 500 Sunday

As President Takes Victory Lap Around Course


Deep State FBI, DOJ Have Not Responded To GOP Senate Requests To Prosecute Criminal Behavior By Left During Kavanaugh Hearings

Nancy Pelosi Accuses AG Barr Of Lying To Congress

Flynn Prosecutors Misled AG Barr On Sentencing Just Like Prosecutors Did With Roger Stone

Roger Stone's Legal Team Considering Next Step After Revelation Main

Juror Tweeted Hatred Toward Stone After Arrest

President Trump: Bob Mueller LIED To Congress In Testimony And In Documents

Fitton: Justice Department In Mess Not Because Of President Trump But Rogue Attorneys

Lisa Page Praises Roger Stone Prosecutors

Comey Slams Barr For Lessening Stone Sentence

Grassley: We'd Be Investigating Joe Even If He's Not A Candidate

Ratcliffe Gets Wray To Admit FBI Illegally Spied On President Trump During 2016 Campaign

Some 40 FBI Agents Were Involved In Trying to Take Down President For Past Three Years

President Trump On Roger Stone Sentence: It Was An Insult To Our Country

Rogue Prosecutors in DOJ Gone After Seeking Unfair

President Trump Says AG Barr Did Right Thing Taking Charge Of Rogue Prosecutors In Roger Stone Case

House Republicans Boycott Intel Committee Hearing On FISA Abuse

Obama Planted Moles In White House To Torpedo New President

70 Obama Era Holdovers To Be Purged From NSC

Trump Discussing Firing Corrupt Michael Atkinson

"Resistance" Official Who Wrote NYT Hit Piece On Trump To Be Fired This Week

Disgraceful CNN Has Andy McCabe On To Discuss DOJ Efforts To Lessen Stone Sentence

Pelosi: Trump Is Engaging In Political Interference Over Stone Sentencing

Fox Business's Bartiolomono: Biggest Scandal In History Is Playing Out Before Us Now

Clinton: Trump A Fascist And Threat To Our Democracy

Dems Demand DOJ Investigate Reduction Of Roger Stone's Sentence

National Review Troll: Roger Stone Should Die In Prison

President Trump: Stone Sentencing And Conviction A "Miscarriage Of Justice"

Mueller Team Slapped Down For Seeking Harsh Sentence Against Roger Stone

Mueller Prosecutor Lies To DOJ About Stone Sentencing, Then Resigns

DOJ: Stone Sentencing Guideline Way Too "Excessive"

Federal Judge Indefinitely Postpones Michael Flynn Sentencing

Twitter Takes Away All Of Flynn's Wife's Followers After Tweet Of Support

Officials Who Spied On Trump Through FISA Courts Named To "Fix Process" In Another Travesty Of Justice


Another All-Time High On Wall Street Thursday

Pentagon Moving $3.8 Billion To Finance Building Of

More of Southern Border Wall


President Acquitted In Senate Of Abuse Of Power,

Obstruction Of Justice

President Thanks "Incredible Warriors" Who Helped Him Through Impeachment

President Trump Delivers Remarks Following Acquittal


President Trump Touts Capitalism, Slams Socialist In

Defiant State Of the Union Speech Against The Left

Nancy Pelosi Shames Dems, Herself, Ripping Up State Of The Union Speech Tuesday Night

Nunes Going After DOJ Handling Of Whistleblower Complaint

Trump: "Every Child Is A Miracle Of Life"

Pelosi Refuses To Applaud White House Scholarship To Fourth Grader

Trump Won't Shake Pelosi's Hand At SOTU

President Trump Rips Obama's Failures On Economy

CNN's Bash Snubbed By VP Pence, Senators

President Trump Delivers Historic State Of Union Speech

Ryan, Tlaib Walk Out On Speech: "It's All Fake"

President Trump Honors Parents Of ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller

Trump Delivers Powerful State Of The Union Address To House/Senate Watching,

Dems Showing Utter Disrespect

President Trump To Award Rush Limbaugh Congressional Medal Of Freedom

Booker Calls Americans Racist Bigots Then Calls For Unity

Google Censors Congressional Record


U.S. Economy Created 225,000 Jobs In January

President Trump At Personal Best 49% Approval Rating - On Gallup 


The Latest On Impeachment

Schumer Implodes After Vote, Calls Senate Trial" Sham"

Whistleblower's Identity Still Not Officially Known Yet In Sham Senate Trial

McConnell Blasts Dems After Vote, Says Trial Will Last Till Wednesday

Top Dems Humiliated On Senate Floor

Dems: Without Witnesses, Acquittal Worthless - Sore Losers

Brennan Blasts Lamar Alexander For Voting With Republicans

Schumer Rebukes Harris For Mocking Impeachment

Streisand: Schiff For President

House Dems Ask Senate For One More Week

Senators Ask Questions: Schiff: "I Don't Know Whistleblower"

John Bolton Praised Ukraine Call in August 2019 With Trump

Judge Roberts Blocks Rand Paul's Question On Origins of Impeachment In The House To Schiff

 2015 Photo Emerges Of Whistle Blower Eric Ciaramella In Meeting With Biden Advisor, Ukrainian Official

Roberts Allows Statement From Dem Saying They Will "Take Out Trump"

Graham: We Have 51 Votes To Force Bidens To Testify: Hunter Biden And Dad Used Ukraine As An ATM Machine

White Concludes Defense Airing Dems Attacking Impeachment In 1998

Trump: If I'd Listened To John Bolton We'd Been in World War Six By Now

Dershowitz Blasts Scholars Like Lawrence Tribe Whose Partisan Views On Impeachment Contradict Constitution

Democrat Special Guest Les Parnas Escorted From Senate Gallery: Ankle Bracelets Not Allowed

GOP Now Believes They Have Enough Votes To Block Witnesses

Republican Senators Slam Bolton "Book Leak"

Rand Paul: Trump's Children Should Sue Schumer For Defamation

Trump Doesn't Invite Dems To USMCA Signing Agreement

Romney, Collins: Bolton Book Leads Lends Credence To Impeachment Trial Needing More Witnesses

Rep. Stefanik to Liberal Hack Reporter: Get Your Facts Straight

Sekulow: You Can't Impeach On Unsourced Allegation

Hawley: Bolton For Biden On Witness Stand

Trump Lawyer Likens Schiff To Mob Gangster

Pam Bondi Drops Moab Bombs on Dems Impeachment Story During Defense Of President Trump

Harvard Professor Dershowitz Destroys Dems Over Hopes Bolton Book Will Damage President Trump

President Trump Blasts Fox News For Impeachment Coverage

Schiff Goes After Gateway Pundit After They Tie Him To Ukrainian Arms Dealers

Fred Fleitz: Bolton Should Withdraw Book

Dems Want To Keep Whistleblower Anonymous Until After Impeachment

Hemingway: Schiff Has Lied Repeatedly, Needs To Be Held Accountable

McConnell: Senate Does Not Have Votes To Block Witnesses

Lemon, CNN Panel: Trump Supporters Red Necks Who Can't Read

Feinstein Retracts Statement She Was Leaning To Acquittal of Trump In Impeachment Sham

Hawley: We Need Hunter Biden And Whistleblower On Stand

Fox News Plays Interview With Ex Senator Barbara Boxer Instead Of Airing Defense Of Trump

Sessions: Bolton Was Not Elected To Be President

President Trump Posts Record Number Of Tweet In One Day During Impeachment Sham


Shots Fired At Mar-O-Largo Residence Of President Trump

Late Friday By Unhinged Bernie Supporter


DC Police Arrest 41 Protestors At Capital Protesting For Trump's Removal

Was There in DC Outside SCOTUS And Was Confronted By These Same Protesters In Person

Before They Went Across Street To U.S. Capitol

CNN, MSNBC Air Stories About John Bolton While Trump Signs Historic USMCA Agreement

Trump: If I'd Listened To John Bolton We'd Been in World War Six By Now


Trump On Virginia: Gun Confiscation Not Happening

On My Watch

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster Remembered

34 Years Ago Today


President Trump Signs USMCA Agreement - Invites Minnesota Farmers But NOT Nancy Pelosi

President Trump Recognizes Zero Dems, All Republicans At USMCA Signing


Basketball Great Kobe Bryant Dead In Helicopter Crash At Age 41 Along With

13-Year Old Daughter Survived By Wife, Three Daughters

NBA Postpones Clippers-Lakers Game Following Kobe Death


President Trump Rallies In New Jersey To Huge Crowds in Traditional "Blue" State

Some Wait Two Days In Line To Hear POTUS Speak In Rare Appearance In Garden State

Wildwood New Jersey Going WILD For President Trump, Not Springsteen

Republican Governor Of West Virginia Invites Virginians Tired Of Gun Grab To His State



Dem Crow Blames Trump For Ukraine Deaths

Adam Schiff Refers To Russia Over 30 Times In Opening Statement In Senate Trial

Trump Lead Impeachment Lawyer Tells Nadler "You're Not In Charge Here"  

Adam Schiff Gives Marathon Impeachment Speech Full Of Lies,

Half Truths, False Accusations Against President

CNN Hack Tweets Out Fake Conversation He Claimed He Heard GOP Senators Having Saying

They Are Nervous About Hearing; Later Admits He Made It All Up

Schiff Makes Up Another False Conversation He Says Took Place Between Trump And Zelensky

GOP Senators Unifying As Dems Partisan Attack On Senate Floor Against President Draws Them Together

Schiff Blocks Reporters From Questioning Nadler After His Meltdown on Senate Floor

Schiff Uses Another Fake Russia Conspiracy Theory Against Trump On Senate Floor

Whistleblower Eric Ciarmella Overheard In 2017 Discussing With Sean Misko

How To Remove President Trump From Office

Stefanik: Dems Case Is Unconstitutional and Full of Flat Out Lies

Digenova: Dems Using Nazi "Big Lie" Techniques In Senate Trial

Nadler Goes Nuts On Senate Floor Accusing Republicans Of Treachery Because They Won't Honor Schumer's Demands

Chief Justice Roberts Admonishes Both Sides In Impeachment Hearing After Nadler Rant

President Trump: I'd Like To Sit On Front Row Of This Impeachment Scam By Democrat Sleazebags

Starr, Dershowitz Join Trump Impeachment Team

Impeachment Trial Begins In Senate

OMB Blasts GAO Report On Trump Behavior Regarding Ukraine I.E. Nothing Burger

Kamala Harris Laughs, Smiles, Then Says Impeachment "Solemn" Moment For Country

Digenova: Senate Should Subpoena Michael Atkinson Over Fake Whistleblower Complaint

Pollak: Parnas Undermines Dems Claims Against Trump

Sanders: I'd Rather Be In Iowa Today

Warren Colluded With CNN To Take Out Bernie Say Report

Braun: Dems Orchestrated And Planned Lev Parnas Claims

Digenova: American Embassy In Ukraine Blocked Giuliani And My Wife From Investigating Attempts To Frame Trump

Pelosi Suggests McConnell Under Russian Control

Pelosi Sets Wednesday Vote To Send Articles Of Impeachment To Senate

McConnell: Hunter Biden To Be Subpoenaed To Testify

McConnell: If Dems Case So Weak, Shouldn't Have Impeached In The First Place

GOP Senator Roy Blunt: Not 51 Votes To Dismiss Impeachment Hearings 


President Trump Meets Jon Voight in White House Tuesday Afternoon


7.7 Earthquake Hits Between Jamaica and Cuba; Tsunami Warnings Issued For Florida, Islands As Far North As Miami


President Trump Signs Historic Deal That

Galvanizes American Businesses on Same Day

In Historic Phase One Of China Deal

China Says Economic Growth Fell To Lowest In 30 Years  

Merkel Says Germany Will Not Help USA In China Trade Fight

President Trump Proves Critics Wrong - Again - With Historic Trade Pact

List Of Ignorant Liberals Wrong About Trump's China Trade Policy

National Science Board: USA Losing Technology War With China



FBI, ICE, Department Of Education Investigating

Omar For Student Loan Fraud


Feds Probing James Comey For Unreported Leaks Involving

Wasserman-Schultz, Soros, Open Societies Foundations

Reports: Schultz Told Societies "Lynch Will Make Sure Clinton Not Prosecuted


President Trump: Soleimani Was A Terrorist

Not A Poet

Dems Implicate Trump, Not Iran, In Ukrainian Plane Crash

Trump: Four Embassies Were Targeted By Slain Terrorist

Trump: Iran Fired Missiles Paid For By The Obama Administration

POTUS: Iran Went On A Terror Spree With Money From "Foolish" Deal

President Trump Announces More Sanctions Against Iranian Regime

Iran Refuses To Hand Over Black Box From Ukrainian Jet Crash In Region 

176 Dead In Plane Crash In Iran Including Mainly Brits, Canadians

Hear President Trump Speak

Benghazi Vet: Susan Rice Has No Credibility

Iran's Retaliation A "WIN" For President Trump Says Military Experts

4.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Near Iranian Nuclear Plant

MSNBC Admits It Spread Iranian Propaganda Material During Missile Attacks Tuesday Night 

Pelosi Looking To Halt Trump Moves In Iran With War Resolution Powers Vote

CNN Forgets To Tell Audience Guest On Iran Was Involved In 1979 Hostage Takeover As Iranian "Spokesman"

Rice, Clapper Triggered By Trump Remarks

Omar, Sanders: Iran Hit Is "Class Warfare" (WHAT?)

Iran Does Victory Lap On Local TV After Attack That Did Nothing To America

Republicans Praise President Trump For Iran Speech, Rand Paul Especially

British PM Boris Johnson: Jeremy Corbyn Took Cash From Terrorist Nation Yet Decries Killing Of Same Terrorist

Trump Says Iran, USA Standing Down After Night Of Missile Attacks On American Forces In Iraq


LSU Beats Clemson 42-25

For 2020 NCAA National Championship

Title In Football

President Trump, Melania Cheered As They Enter Stadium To Standing Ovation

Vince Vaughn Ripped By The Left For Speaking To President


FBI Chris Wray Gives Lame Excuse For

Spying On Trump During 2016 Campaign

10 Years Later More Elicit Hillary Emails Emerge

Kerry: NO Whiff Of Scandal During Obama Years

Democrats, Especially Bidens, Nervous As Book On Corruption To Be Released In Ten Days

FISA Court Hires Obama-Era Justice Official To Review FBI Reforms

Huber Tanks Investigation Into Clinton Foundation

Huber Winds Down Clinton Foundation Investigation With NO Witnesses, No Charges

DOJ Refuses To Charge Saudi Classmates With Pensacola Terrorist Hit That Killed 3


CNN Admits In Nick Sandman Lawsuit It Cannot Prove Anyone Is A Racist;

Settles Case With Northern Kentucky Teen Who Sued For Libel


Flu Kills 4800 People In USA So Far

This Season Says CDC Report


President Trump Raises $46.4M In Fourth Quarter After Impeachment Backfires On Dems, Fires Up Base; $100M War Chest Going Into 2020 Election Year


Former Illinois Gov.: Lincoln Would Have

Been Impeached By Today's Democrats


Dow Hits 22nd Record Close In 2019 As File Workers Get Biggest

Pay Raises In More Than A Decade


Federal Appeals Court Says Individual Obama Care

Mandate Unconstitutional


Stock Markets Mock Impeachment, Set Record Highs


Winter Storm Heads East From Southern California To Bring Snow

To Midwest, Storms To South; Tennessee To Feel Effects Over Weekend


The Deep State Illegally Spied On Four Citizens Of The USA But Horowitz, Wray Say "No Bias" Involved


Seven Main Takeaways From The IG REPORT

IG REPORT: FBI Abused FISA Handling Of Russian Hoax

Swamp Monster Chris Wray Defends FBI After IG Report

Trump Slams Wray's Response TO IG Report: "He'll Never Fix The FBI"


Rats Flee Sinking Ship - Three Dems Signal NO On Impeachment Vote - 14 Votes To Go To

Sink Dems "Christmas" Plans

Dems Freak When GOP Seeks Seek “Staff-Led Transcribed Interviews” With DNC Operative Alexandra Chalupa, Ukrainian Officials to Aid Hillary in 2016 Election

Deep State NSA and ATT Helped Schiff In Unprecedented Surveillance Of Guiliani, Nunes And John Solomon's Phone Records

Trump Hating Impeachment Witness Feldman Behind Facebook Oversight Board Idea

Pelosi Tears Into Reporter For "Hate" Question

CBS: Dems Not Exhibiting Even Minimum Degree Of Fairness

Pelosi Tells Chairman To "Proceed With Articles Of Impeachment" In Sham Investigation

Melania Trump Rips Trump Hating Professor Who Attacked 13-Year Old Baron Trump During Wednesday Hearing

Nadler Dozes Off At Impeachment Hearing

Turley: Dems The One Abusing Power, Not President Trump

Karlan: Trump Has Sexually Assaulted More Women Than 99.99% Of Illegal Aliens

Karlan Was Too Far Left For Obama's Choice For Supreme Court

Angry Dem Witness Takes Cheap Shot At Baron Trump

Matt Gaetz Rips Into Karlan At Hearing Over Baron Trump Attacks

Gaetz: Not One Of You Has Any Knowledge Of Schiff Report: Answer: NO

Ingraham: Dems Applauded and Laughed When Karlan Attacked Baron Trump

Dems Expected To Plow Ahead With Impeachment Vote - Expected Now Before Christmas

Dems "Star" Witness On Wednesday Seen In Racist, Man-Hating Video From Past

Ukraine Fires Prosecutor Looking Into Biden's Involvement In Burisma

Trump Hating Professor Takes Classless Shot At 13-Year Old Baron Trump At Hearing

Second Phase Of Schiff Show Begins With Nadler-Led Judiciary Committee

Hearing On Impeachment - No Fact Witnesses

Schiff Report: No Bribery, Only Tweets

Former Obama Official To Lead Impeachment Hearing With Nadler

Dem Intel Committee Releases Impeachment Report

Starr: Holding Impeachment Hearings During NATO Conference "Scandulous"

House Dems Release Report Full Of Lies, Assumptions, Half Truths

Dems Accuse Trump Of Abuse Of Power, Witness Tampering, Threatening Witnesses, Obstruction Of Justice

Kamala Harris Out Of Race, Dem Race Baiting Group Says Field Now "All White"

Harris Blames Fundraising, Media On Campaign Collapse

Video: Yang Pours Whipped Cream Down Supporters Throat

U.S. House Passes Bill Sanctioning China


Sailor Shoots Two Civilians, Then Turns Gun On Himself At Pearl Harbor


White House Tightens Food Stamp Requirement


Mass Shooting At Pensacola Naval Air Base, 2 Dead, Several Injured; Gunman Among Dead


Early Season Snow Storm To Bring 20 Inches Of Snow To Northeast

Holiday Traffic Snarled As Thanksgiving Fliers Struggle To Return Home



Trump: IG Report To Reveal Biggest Scandal

In U.S. History "Will Be Historic"

Biden: Graham Will Regret Investigating Me The Rest Of His Life

FBI Interviews Boy Who Says Bill Clinton Raped Him On Yacht

Special Report From True Pundit On The Great Smoky Mountain Journal

Epstein Accuser Says She Once Took Bill Clinton's Seat On Jet


Black Friday Shopping Gets A Trump Economy Boost

Cyber Security Officials Gearing Up For Cyber Monday

Black Friday Brawling Begins

Black Friday Becoming Shadow Of Its Former Self In US


Education Deep State On Steroids

Teachers Strive To Ensure Students "Unlearn" Thanksgiving Myths

Triggered Leftists On College Campuses: Thanksgiving "Capitalist Bull$$#$"


President Trump Warmly Received In Afghanistan

In Surprise Thanksgiving Visit

"Unity And Gratitude" Two Themes Of President

Trumps 2020 Thanksgiving Proclamation

Fake Newsweek Article Mocked President Saying Falsely He Was Golfing, Tweeting

Evidence Grows Ciaramella Tied To Soros Operatives


Trump Pardons White House Thanksgiving Turkey, Takes Shot At Impeachment Probe And Schiff

First Lady Melania Trump Booed At Classless Baltimore School During Anti-Drug Event


Navy Secretary Fired For "Dishonesty" And

Undermining Military Justice System, Lack Of Candor


Ukraine Was Already Investigating Bidens Before Trump Phone Call To Zelensky

Hillary: Trump Committed Impeachable Crimes

Democrats Throw Impeachment Party At Bar Following Thursday Hearing

Hill Worked With Fake Dossier Peddler Christopher Steele

31 Democrats At Stake If They Vote For Impeachment Sham Produced By Schiff

Nunes On Offense In Day 5 Against Hill, Holmes As Dems Continue Circus And Do So Without Conscience

Lindsey Graham Demands Full Transcripts Of Calls Between Bidens

And Former Ukrainian President Poroshenko

Sessions: I Support Barr's Efforts To Investigate Origins Of Russian Probe

Ratings For Impeachment Inquiry Embarrassingly Low For Networks

Hill: Obama Denied Weapons To Ukraine For Political Reasons

Support For Impeachment Falling Badly

Holmes: I Did Not Take Notes Of Trump Conversation With Sondland

Trump Campaign Releases Bull-Schiff T-Shirts To Mock Impeachment Inquiry

Hill Has Ties To Soros Groups, Christopher Steele, Other Left Wing Groups, Yet Claims She's a Non-Partisan

Hill Says She Got Steele Dossier Days Before It Was Published

David Holmes Misrepresents Facts During Impeachment Testimony

Schiff Connected To Both Russian and Ukraine Scams To Tune Of $74B

Sondland Key Witness In Day 4 Of Impeachment Sham

"The Gordon Problem" To Take Stand  

Nunes Rips "Conspiracy" Laced Kool-Aid Of Dems In Opening Statement

More On Eric Ciaramella The Trump CIA Spy Behind The Latest Deep State Attack On President Trump

Trump: Impeachment A Bogus Circus Act

Volker, Morrison Destroy Dem Narrative In Impeachment

MSNBC Lies About Vindman Testimony Claiming Vindman

Saw Bribery When In Fact He Said Nothing Close

Morrison: Nothing In Phone Call Was Illegal

White House Officials Sue Politico Over Schiff Leaks To Publication

Trump: Schiff's Circus Has Come To Town

Sondland's Testimony Already Under Question Before Hearing

White House Releases Transcript Of FIRST Call Between Trump And Ukrainian Ambassador

House Ethics Committee Says Tlaib Requested Funds From Own Campaign Breaking Federal Law


Ex-Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh Indicted On Charges

Related To Children's Books


Feds Indict Prison Guards In Epstein Death


Kanye: Kids Being Indoctrinated By Hollywood and Democrat


Horowitz To Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee December 11

As Lindsey Graham Says Of Coming Justice: "Take It To The Bank"


Hunter Biden Company Received $130M In Special Federal Loans

While Joe Was VP; Routed Profits Through Cayman Islands

Lindsay Graham Launches Burisma Probe Into Bidens Actions In Ukraine


White House Releases Transcript Of FIRST

Call Between Trump And Ukrainian Ambassador

House Ethics Committee Says Tlaib Requested Funds

From Own Campaign Breaking Federal Law


MORE On Impeachment Madness

Ambassador Already Lied In Previous Hearing To Dems Under Oath

Bidens and Kerry's Law Firm Tied To Missing 1.8B IN Funds Connected To Whistleblower Ciaramella

Deep State PR Teams Complain To  Liberal Media Horowitz Blocking

Them From Submitting Written Rebuttals To Charges

President Trump Rallies Nation, Rips Impeachment Inquiry At Louisiana Rally

Fired Ambassador Compares Herself To Iranian Hostages and Benghazi Four

Rep. Stanfanik Gets Dems Top Witness To Admit Obama Administration Knew Of Bidens Corruption In Ukraine

Schiff Reads Trump's Tweet During Live Impeachment Inquiry

Trump: Drunk Nancy's District Is A Disgusting Slum

Nunes Slams Schiff In Opening Testimony Friday

Trump Torches Ambassador During Live Testimony

Schiff Refuses Female Republican To Speak, Lets Male Staffer Speak

Brennan To Trump: "May Your Downfall Be Swift"

Report: Millions Of Ukrainian Money Funneled To Biden, Kerry Families

Ukrainian Minister Blows Up Schiff Impeachment Inquiry: Pentagon Never Withheld Aid

McCarthy: Schiff Lied When He Said He Does Not Know Whistleblower

Company Founded By Pelosi's Son Charged With Securities Fraud

Conway Blasts CNN Over Questions Of Her Husband's Appearance On MSNBC

Limbaugh: This Is A Political Campaign Disguised As A Hearing

GOP Lawmaker Pulls Off Epstein Didn't Kill Himself MEME During Hearing

AOC Slips Up: Dems Admit Impeachment Inquiry Effort To Defeat Trump In 2020, Not About Facts

Star Witnesses Give Blank Stare At Question Of What Here Is Impeachable

Dem: Hearsay Much Better Than Direct Evidence

Feds Probe Adam Schiff Bizarre Sacrifice Parties At Ed Buck's Meth Mansion

Dem Hearing Accidentally Makes Case For Hunter Biden Investigation


Federal Judge: New Jersey Woman Who Joined ISIS Is Not An American Citizen


Emboldened Northam And Virginia Dems Seeking

Gun Confiscation Now As Dems Take Full Control


Oakland California Removes 250 Tons of

Trash From Streets Amid Homeless Outbreak

Philly Clean Up Removes 34K Of Trash In Two Blocks Of City


Heads Roll At ABC News, Including Ex-CBS Whistleblower Over Robach Tapes Regarding Network's Handling Of Epstein Ties To Clintons, Others  

Brother: Epstein's Shoulders, Neck Showed Signs Of Injuries That Could Not Have Been Self-Inflicted

Nolte: Media Protected Weinstein, Epstein

 White House Mocks ABC, Fallout Over Robach Tapes, Epstein Cover Up


Judge Reverses Course On Covington High School

Lawsuit Against Washington Post


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Son Neck Deep In Ukraine Too


AG BARR: Progress Being Made In Durham Probe Into Russia Hoax Investigation

Schiff, Dems Already Declaring Durham Probe "llegitmate"


Former CIA Director On Impeachment:

"Thank God For The Deep State"

Dems Shame Nation With 232-196 Vote To Continue Sham

Impeachment Inquiry Against President Trump

President Trump Proposes Fireside Chat To Read Ukrainian Phone Transcript

Schiff Coaches Witness Found To Be Telling Falsehoods During Testimony

Rush: Whistleblower Is "Pajama Boy" In Obama Ad

Lawyers For Whistleblower Will Neither Confirm Or Deny His Identity

Last Time Dems Tried This Type of Coup They Were Hanged For Sedition

Gaetz Files Ethics Complaint Against Adam Schiff

Dem Prances Around In Batman Costume During Impeachment Hearings

Democrat Hastings Who Was Impeached Is Writing Impeachment Rules For Hearing

Scalise: Impeachment Is Only Effort To Remove Sitting President

GOP Leaders: Only Bipartisan Vote During Impeachment Was AGAINST It



Trump May Release Al-Baghdadi Raid Video

Images Released In Raid That Killed ISIS #1 Man  

Trump Declassifies Picture Of Dog Injured In Al-Baghdadi Raid

WAPO: Baghdadi Not A Coward Because "He Blew Himself Up With Three Small Children"

Trump Mocks Dems: "They Will Try And Impeach Me For Not Telling Schiff About Raid"

Pelosi: Vote Thursday Is Not Impeachment Resolution


Freshman Dem Katie Hill To Resign Over Sex Scandal

Nude Photos, Rumors Of Multiple Affairs Engulf Freshman Dem That Is Pushing Impeachment Against President Trump

New Questions Emerge In Hill Sexual Misconduct Scandal

Omar, Consultant Boyfriend Exchange Nights At DC Apartment


President Trump Slams Head Of Chicago Police Who Boycotted President's Speech in Chicago To Cops Monday, Then Dumps On Smollett


FBI Love Triangle Between Stryok, Page and McCabe Revealed In Recent Docs


Schiff, Whistleblower Likely Guilty Of Treason,

Espionage For Spying On President Trump

Schiff Seeking Ethics Complaints Against Republicans

Mo Brooks Slams "Sham" Impeachment Hearings

President Trump: Where's The Whistleblower?

GOP Diplomats: Taylor Testimony Destroyed and Shown to Be Liar Minutes Into Testimony

McCarthy: Ratcliffe Destroyed Taylor's Testimony First 90 Seconds

Memo: Impeachment Push Backfiring On Democrats

Gallup: Poll Showing 52% Approving Impeachment Included Illegal Aliens

Poll: Trump Beats ALL 2020 Democrats In Matchup Poll

Clinton Yet To Rule Out 2020 Presidential Bid 


AG BARR: Progress Being Made In Durham Probe Into Russia Hoax Investigation

House Republicans Storm Dem Impeachment Proceedings, Schiff Leaves

Report: Trump Stops Cash From Illegal Trafficking From Syria

Deep State Trying To Run Out Clock on IG Report

Where Is FISA? Delay Causing Concern

Michelle Malkin Endorses Laura Loomer For Congress

New Evidence Emerges Of FBI Misconduct in Durham Probe

Grassley: IG Report Rigged, Fixed To Cover For FISA Abuses

Durham: "Something Significant" Found In Russian Hoax Scandal, Broadens Investigation

Into Deep State; Barr Also Expanding Probe Into Russia, Ukraine

Reports: DOJ Confirms Russia Hoax Search Now A Criminal Investigation

Schiff Announces Public Impeachment Hearings In Wake Of Fire Storm

McCarthy Rips Pelosi on Thursday Vote: "Process Botched From The Start"

  Pelosi Sets Thursday Vote On Impeachment Procedures

Michael Flynn Lawyers Accuse FBI Of Laying

Trap Without Evidence

Clapper: I Could Be One Of Those Under Investigation

Dems: Whistleblower Testimony No Longer Needed, Hide Transcripts From Republicans

Nadler, Schiff Accuse Trump Of Politicizing DOJ With Criminal Probe

Soros: Warren Most Qualified To Be President

Hillary Takes Biblical Shot At Trump, Melania During Elijah Cummings Funeral

Social Media Reacts Hillary Clinton "Holy S#$t"

Judge Orders DOJ To Give Mueller Grand Jury Info To House

Donald Trump Asks For Never Trumpers in Administration  

Elijah Cummings Pallbearers Refuse To Shake Mitch McConnell's Hand At Funeral


Judge Cancels Mike Flynn Hearing Next Week After Powell Revelations This Past Week On 302 Malfeasance By FBI Agents Page, McCabe


Impeachment Clown Show Mania Continues

Mulvaney Clarifies Statements On Ukraine Aid

"Read The Transcript"

CNN Leads Hysteria With False Claim

Dems Seize On Mulvaney Comments To Scream Proof Of Wrong Doing

Schiff Pressured Witness To Back "Whistleblower" Narrative

Schiff Met With Impeachment Witness in Ukraine Before Testimony

Ex-Ukraine Enjoy "I Was Never Asked To Do Anything Wrong"

Dems Impeachment Probe Shown To Be The Scam It Is With Pelosi Meltdown

Pelosi Strategy Questioned After Refusing Authorization Vote On Impeachment Inquiry

Pence, Giuliani, OMB Director Snub Dem Subpoenas To Testify

Former Ambassador Had Hit List on Conservative Journalists; Asked To Participate In Dem Sham Impeachment Inquiry

Pelosi: No Impeachment Vote On Inquiry At This Time

President Trump: Nancy Pelosi Among Most Corrupt In U.S. Congress

Schiff: House May Not Vote On Impeachment Inquiry

Schiff: Secret Impeachment Inquiry Is "Like Grand Jury" Investigation; Problem: NO CRIME

Gaetz Barred From Impeachment Hearing That Has Turned Into Clownshow

President Trump: Pelosi Hates The United States Of America

Edwards In Run Off In Lousiana After President Trump Rallys There Friday Night

Pence Refuses To Hand Over Documents Related To Ukraine

President Could Be Impeached Based On Whistleblowers That Won't Testify In Person

Schiff: Testimony Held In Secret To Keep Trump "In The Dark"  

Schiff: Doesn't Need To Be Quid Pro Quo For President To Be Impeached

Schiffs Whistleblower May Not Testify At All In Impeachment Inquiry

Turkish Bank Charged In Fraud Scheme, With Ties To Rudy G

New York Post: Fox News Polls Misrepresented Impeachment Approval

Tlaib: Dems Considering Jailing Presidents Allies If They Don't Comply With Witch Hunt

In Sham Clown Show Impeachment Inquiry

Pelosi Informs Dems No Formal Impeachment Vote On Inquiry

Dems Change Rules Again To Allow Closed Door Interviews

And Limit Questions To Whistleblowers By Attorneys

Elizabeth Warren Questioner At LGBTQ Convention Was One Of Her Top Donors

Chelsea Covers For Hillary: Yes Someone With Beard and Penis Can Be A Woman in America 

Hunter Biden Disgraces Himself In ABC Interview, Claims He Did Nothing Wrong, Slams And Blames Trump, Giuliani

Biden: I Was Raised To Respect The Office Of President  

Biden: I Don't Have To Justify My 50,000 Monthly Salary

Biden Boasts: I'm The Reason Donald Trump Under Impeachment Inquiry

Trump: Media Will Protect Biden With Greasy, Protective Arms

Unclear If Biden Will Actually Step Down From Chinese Firm

Moodys: Trump Will Crush Dem Rivals In 2020

Dems Impeachment Witness Fiona Hill Was Not Even Working In Trump White House At Time

She Claims President Made Call To Ukraine But Was "Upset" At The Call - HUH?


President Trump In Dallas: The Bidens Got Rich, While America Got Robbed

IRS Admits Targeting The Poor Because It's Easier Than Auditing The Wealthy

Armed Man Arrested Outside Dallas Arena Prior To President Trump's Rally

POTUS: Left Wants Judges Who Want To Shred Constitution

Trump Rips Democrats and "Crazy" Nancy Pelosi

Texas Crowd Chants "Bring Them Home" Regarding Foreign Policy Statements

Trump: "Pray For Pelosi" After White House Meeting Melts Down, Dems Storm Out

More CNN Biased Revealed In Latest Veritas Video


Elijah Cummings Signed Subpoenas From His Death Bed, Two Signatures Don't Match On Final Two Raising Questions As Who Forged Them


Clinton Supporting Ex Rear Admiral General Promotes

Military Coup Against President Trump: "The Sooner the Better"


Top Never Trumpers Tied To Politician Indicted For

Human Smuggling And Selling Children


Fans Erupt Over NBA Caving To China Over Hong Kong Protests

CNN Reporter Shut Down Asking NBA Stars About China's Human Rights Abuses

Kerr Silent On China But Rips US Policy On AR-15s

ESPN Uses Chinese Propaganda Logo

ESPN Quick To Criticize American Policy But Remains Silent On China Abuse Of Human Rights  

FS1's Whitlock: NBA Is Beholden To Communist Chinese Markets

Steph Curry Silent on China Brush Up With NBA; Cuban Also Silent


NBC Found To Ignore Sexual Misconduct Issues, Rape Of Its Stars For Years

NBC - The Good Old Boys Club

NBC Knew About Lauer's Behavior Long Before 2017 Firing According To Reports

Ex Wife Of Lauer Responds To New Rape Allegations

NBC President Mocked Meeting Rape Claim Victim

CNN Boss Distancing Himself From "Close" Friend Matt Lauer


Clinton Whistleblower: FEDS Investigating Adam Schiff's Behavior

At Felon And Dem Donor Ed Buck's Meth House

Ukraine Donated The MOST Cash To Clinton Foundation

Than Any Other Nation

Ukraine's Top Prosecutor Looking Into Biden-Linked Burisma Case, Corruption

Schiff Gets Four Pinocchio's From Washington Post For Statements Regarding Whistleblower Complaint

Burchett Looking For Full Transcript Of Volker, Atkinson Testimonies  

Rudy Considering Suing Dems For Rogue Impeachment Proceedings

Group Aiding Lawyers For Whistleblower From Far Left Leaning Dem Groups

Dems "Fantasizing" About Pelosi Becoming President Amid Impeachment Furor

Linda Tripp: Impeachment Madness Lessens Whistleblower Meaning

President Trump Sending Pelosi Letter Demanding An Impeachment Vote

Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett: Dems Efforts On Impeachment A "Three Ring Circus"

Volker: At No Time Did I Take Part In Effort To Probe Biden

Pelosi: "Worried About Health Of Whistleblower"

House Oversight Committee Fights Elijah Cummings Efforts To Get Officials To Testify

Trump: Campaign Has Raised More Money In Three Days Than Most Dems Raised In Quarter

Pelosi's Daughter, Nephew Help Joe Biden Fundraise Despite Impeachment Questions

61 House Republicans Move To Condemn Schiff

Nolte: Media In Def Con 1 As Ukraine Hoax Unravels

Scaramucci: Trump A "Traitor" To The United States of America

Flashback: Hillary Asked China To Get Trump Tax Returns

House Dems Demand Pence Turn Over Ukraine Documents

Joe Biden: Hunter Will Join Me On Campaign Trail At Some Point

Trump Supporters Chant In Sc During House Speaker Visit: "Impeach Pelosi"

Warren: "Enough" Evidence To Convict Trump in Senate

AOC: Trump In "Targeted Anti-Semitism" Against Adam Schiff

Hollywood Getting On Impeach Trump Impeachment Furor

Joe Biden Explodes At Reporter Who Asks Him About Son's Involvement in Ukraine

NPR Regrets Interview With Republican Rep, Distorts Facts, Lies In Commentary At End

Pompeo: We Will Not Bow To Dem Intimidation

Dingell: Pelosi Putting Pressure On Anti-Impeachment Voices

Trump Brandishes 2016 Map: Impeach This

Waters: Trump Deserves Solitary Confinement

Media Covering For Hunter Biden, Father Joe


Nunes: IG Intentionally Changed Whistleblower Report To Air It Publicly

Attorneys For Whistleblower Was Actively Looking For Anti-Trump Hoaxers For Months

Miller Exposes The Deep State's Goal in Ukraine Hoax and Impeachment Show

Tabbi: Ukraine Complaint Whistleblower "Not A Patriot OR A Whistleblower"

First Term Dem Booed At Town Hall Over Impeachment 

Trump Campaign: Dem Impeachment Furor Driving Historic Support

Pompeo: Impeachment Inquiry By Dems "Silly" Game

Media Pushed Impeachment Of Trump Seven Months Before Latest Hoax


Domestic ISIS Arrests On Rise In U.S.A.


Leftists On Colleges Want To Ban MAGA Hats


Northern California Suffers Sweeping Black Outs


Top Diplomats To Testify Before Congress Despite White House Opposition

Whistleblower Lawyer Confirms Client Had Contact With "Several"

2020 Candidates, Worked With Biden, Obama

House Dems Demand Rick Perry Turn Over Ukraine Documents  

Report: Joe Biden Worked With Whistleblower

Burisma Paid Joe Biden $900,000 For China Deal

Update: Criminal Referrals On Those Who Wrongfully Accused Brett Kavanaugh

Ukraine President: We're Ready To Investigate Meddling In 2016 US Election By Corrupt Players

President Trump: What Ukraine President Just Said Should End This Dem Scam

White House Advisor: We Have Info That Shows $1.5 B Payment From Bank of China To Bidens

Joe Biden Fundraises In Hollywood

Indictments Of Giuliani Associates Had Nothing To Do With Ukraine Call  

Cramer: Impeachment Allegations Tearing Nation Apart

FBI Use Of Tools Violated Privacy Rights Of Citizens In FISA Court


The Latest On Dems Impeachment Frenzy

Against The President


Maher Blasts Hunter Biden's Ukraine Ties

Former CIA Agent: Trump Impeachment Will Destroy Country

Cuomo: Pelosi Caved To Left Crazies Over Impeachment

Republicans Rake In $15 Million Since Trump Impeachment

Whistleblower Complaints Relies on George Soros Funded Buzz Feed Memo To Accuse President of Extortion

Trump Allies Come To Defense Of President As Dems Push Gas On Impeachment

Report: Hundreds Of Docs Discredit Joe Biden Account Of Ukraine Events Concerning Son Hunter

House Committee Subpoenas Pompeo Over Ukraine Docs

Dems Embarrass Themselves During Intel Hearing On Whistleblower At Heart of Trump Impeachment Fever

Read the Whistleblower Complaint

Read the Transcript

Trump More Popular Than Pelosi 44-39% In Impeachment Poll

Judge Blocks President Trump Migrant Rules For Children

FNC Chris Wallace: Trump Defenders Not Telling The Truth

Andy Biggs Introduces Censure Measure Against Adam Schiff

Paul Ryan Pushing Fox News To Break With Trump

Graham: I Want To Know Who in The White House Spoke To Whistleblower

Solomon Produce Documents That Prove Joe Biden Exhorted Ukrainian Officials Indicting His Son Hunter Biden

Whistleblower Is CIA Officer Who Resigned August 15, 2019 After Filing Complaint, Obama Holdover

Timeline Backs Up Trump's Version Of Ukraine Call

Federal Worker Who Made Complaint Is CIA Officer

Rep. Van Drew: All We Are Going To Have Is Another Failed Impeachment

Rudy: Obama Administration In On Whole Corruption of Joe Biden: China Bought Joe

Schiff Blasted For "Parody" Of Conversation

Ex Romney Adviser Sits on Burmese Board

Trump: Leakers Are Nothing But A Spy

CNN Anchors Look Grim After Transcript Vindicates Trump

Once Honored Michigan Dem Official Facing Fraud Charges

All 231 Democrats In The House Vote In Conference Call To Back Trump Impeachment

Trump: Impeachment The Biggest SCAM In Political History - In CAPS

Transcript "Truthers" Fabricate Conversation, Trash Trump

ABC Forced To Correct 100% False Report Over Ukraine, Only Corrects HALF Of It

Flietz: Another Democrat Hit Job On President, Intel Community Embarrassed

President Trump Releases Transcript Of Conversation With Ukraine President Amid Impeachment Fever In DC

Justice Department Admits "We May Have To Investigate Biden" As Campaign Dives Into Chaos

President Trump Taunts Dems, Left, And RHINOS After Release Of Transcipt

Republicans Rally Behind President Trump: "ZERO GROUNDS FOR IMPEACHMENT"

House Minority Leader: Why Are We Not Investigating Joe and Hunter Biden?

Pelosi: Transcript Confirms Need For Impeachment Inquiry

Democrats Wrote To Ukraine in 2018 To Investigate Trump, Not Biden

Bitter Hillary: Trump "Betrayed" Our Country, Clear and Present Danger

Biden Trouble Spelling Great News For: Elizabeth Warren

Romney: Trump Call "Troubling"

George Conway: GOP Will Impeach Trump

Dems in Complete Disarray

The Bigger Question: Why Did Hunter Biden Get $83K Monthly From Ukrainian Firm?

Ukrainian President: Nobody Pushed Me To Do Anything

Fox News "Judge" Gets It Wrong Again On Whether Trump Committed A Crime

Report: Pelosi To Announce Impeachment Inquiry Against President Trump

NPR: Trump's Base Too Dumb To Not Support Impeachment

White House Mistakenly Emails Talking Points To Dems

2020 Dems Call For President Trump To Be Impeached

Mark Levin: This Is An Attack on The Constitution

President Trump: Ask Biden About Ukraine Corruption

President Trump: Dems Have No Way To Stop Me, So They Spin False Impeachment Claim

Trump Authorizes Release Of Ukraine Phone Transcript

Gabbard Only 2020 Dem Against Impeachment Of Trump

Seven Dem Freshmen In Dem Districts Now Support Impeachment

CNN Guest: Hunter Biden Clearly Selling Influence; Hard To Image Joe Biden Wasn't Aware

Levin To Graham: Why The Hell Aren't You Issuing Supeonas To Nadler, Cummings?

AOC: Trump Involvement In Biden Scandal "An Emergency"

Hunstman On ABC: Trump Call To Ukraine Over Biden "Extortion"



Five Year Old Autism Tennessee Branded Sex Offender

For Hugging, Kissing Classmates



Senate Passes Dem Resolution Nulling President Trump's National Emergency

Declaration Regarding Wall Stalling DOD Funding Of Wall For Moment

11 Republican Senators Join In Against President

Eight Central Mexican Policemen Kidnapped In Six Days

Central Mexican Policeman Kidnapped During University Lecture

12 Migrants Arrested in Stolen Truck Say Feds


600K Mexicans March Against Abortion, LGBTQ Agenda


Angel Moms To Congress: "You Are Co-Conspirators"

 In The Deaths Of Our Children


President Trump Becomes First President Ever To Speak At Religious Freedom Event

 At United Nations On Monday


Trump Addresses U.N. General Assembly And Slams Globalists, Elites

During Passionate Speech Amid Turmoil In Washington DC

Trump: The Future Does Not Belong To The Globaists

Trump: Open Border Lobbyists "Cruel and Evil"

Trump: Abortion is NOT An International Right

Trump: Globalists Were Wrong About Trade Deals With China




Three Thousand Migrants Rescued From Human Trafficking So Far In 2019

Ben Jerry's Tout Low Wages Due To Illegal Immigration

Three Time Deportee Arrested For Texas Alleged Murder


Climate Change Advocates Block DC Over Weekend Spewing

Al Gore Garbage Talking Points


First Day Of Fall On Autumn Equinox


Kavanaugh Smeared Again By Left Congressional Leaders,

Media, Hollywood

Kava Nuts Blame Everyone Else But Themselves For False Info On Allegations

Kavanaugh Book Authors Confirm They Removed Info About Alleged Victim Not Remembering Assault From Tweets

Scarborough Slams Kamala Harris For Repeating False Smears About Kavanaugh

Dark Money Groups Behind Kavanaugh Impeachment Movement

NYT Falsely Claims 7 People Backed Ramirez Claims Against Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh Book Co-Author Admits She Wrote Tweet NYT Had To Delete

Squad Racist Aryanna Pressley Launches Impeachment Inquiry Against Brett Kavanaugh

Unmasked Secretive News Divisions Didn't Want To Own Kavanaugh Smears

Ford's Friend Said She Was Blackmailed Into Going Along With Kavanaugh Smears

Omar Deletes Father's Day Message From 2013

Napolitano: Kavanaugh May Be Able To Sue NYT

CNN Offers Advice On Impeaching Judge

CNN Proposes: "Keep Your Thoughts And Prayers" To Yourself


Journalist Cokie Roberts Dead At Age 75


Historic Flooding Rocking

Houston Texas After

Tropical Depression Hovers Off Coast


President Trump: We Are Battling Two Enemies

The Media And Democrats

Trump: Country Going To Hell If These People Win As Dems Shame Themselves During Latest Debate

Black Poverty Hits Record Low Under President Trump

Two Australian Bloggers Sentenced To 10 Weeks In Jail in Iranian Prison

DNC Official May Have Violated Laws To Help Joe Biden

95% Of Americans Troubled By State Of Media in 2019

Report: Baisley Ford's Dad Supported Brett Kavanaugh

83% Americans Blame Mental Illness For Reason For Most Mass Shootings

Clinton Sifts Through Emails For Italian Art Pose Edition

Trump Increased Funding For Colleges By 17%

Trump: Pelosi Will Do Right Thing On Impeachment


HUD Inspector General Clears Ben Carson Of Any Wrong Doing In Scandal

Expert: 20% Of All Colleges Will Close Doors In Next 25 Years

Actor Admits Left Exaggerates Climate Change

Texans File Lawsuit Against San Antonio Airport For Chick-Fil-A Ban


Illegal Alien Sentenced To Six Years For Having Enough Fentanyl To Kill Half Million Americans

10 Chinese Illegal Migrants Arrested In West Texas

Human Smugglers, 26 Migrants Arrested  

Cartel Connected Human Rights Group Allege Police Brutality  




Black Unemployment Hits Record Low

Black-White Unemployment Gap Shrinks To Smallest Ever


At Least 20 Dead In Bahamas In Dorian's Wake As Storm

Strengthens To Category 3 Again Headed To North Carolina

Where Dorian Is Headed - TRACK

Bahamas Devastated By Hurricane Dorian, As Storm

Carolinas, Georgia In Hairs Of Dorian, Storm Could Hit Jacksonville By Midnight

Three More Storms Behind Dorian As Hurricane Season Revs Up Across Atlantic, Gulf

Two Florida Men Accused Of Stealing Sand Bags

Jacksonville Humane Society Empties Cages Ahead Of Hurricane Dorian

President Trump To London Mayor: Mind Your Own Business, Let Us Do Our Job, You Do Yours



34 Presumed Dead After California Boat Fire During Scuba Lessons


Feds Bust Drug Ring That Could Have Killed 14 Million In Fentanyl Roundup



President Trump Goes To  War Against Fake News Including Fox News

Fox News Rips President Trump After POTUS

Goes On Offensive Over Network's Push To The Left

President Trump Rips Fox News For Turn To Left

Kilmeade Confronts Trump Over Tweets About Network

MSNBC Issues No Apology Or Punishment To O'Donnell For Hit Job On POTUS

 Over False Allegation He Reported Concerning Russia-Back Loans

NYT Editor Keeps His Job After Racist Tweets, Articles Exposed  



IG Report Slams Former FBI Director James Comey's

Mishandling of Classified Documents

Comey Passed Private Conversations With Trump To Team Investigating Russian Collusion

DOJ Declines To Prosecute Former FBI Over Leaked Documents

O'Donnell Deletes Tweet Pushing Unverified Report on Trump-Loan Docs

Jordan: His Actions Led To Hiring Of Bob Mueller

Trump: Comey Disgraced Himself And Should Be Ashamed

Report: Comey Never Used Secure Locations To Pen Memos


G7 Madness, China As President Trump

Stands Strong

Donald Trump: China Taking Hard Hit In Trade Battle

U.S., Japan Sign Huge Trade Deal At G7 Summit

Donald Trump Skips G7 Climate Change Meeting

Trump Insulted By Iran Invite To G7 By Macron

German Economy Crashes During Recession

Graham: America Must Accept Short Term Pain To Win China Trade War


Never Trumpers Go More Insane

Joe Walsh To Pursue GOP Challenge To President Trump in Primary

GOP Sean Duffy Quitting Congress For Family Reasons

WH: Trump Looking To End "Insane" Anchor Baby Policy

CNN "Guest" - Trump Responsible For Deaths Of Millions More Than Mao, Stalin, Hitler

New York Times Editor: Comments Were Racist And Anti-Semitic


Woody Allen, Paltrow, Couric, Handler, Stephanopoulos

Busted Partying At Epstein Mansion Before He Dies

Victim's Lawyer: Epstein Was Murdered According To Prison Source

Bill Gates Fly On Epstein's Lolita Express After Pedophiles Prison Stint

Agency Was Spotted Scouting Fresh Flesh In Brazil Before Epstein Arrest


Trump: Jewish Voters Show Disloyalty To Heritage

By Supporting Anti-Semites Like Omar, Tlaib

House Democrats Weighing Actions Against Israel After Ban On Omar, Tlaib

Miftah Group That Paid For Omar, Tlaib Trip: Suicide Bombings Were "Sacrifice For The Cause"

Trump: Omar, Tlaib Hate Israel, New Faces Of The Democrat Party; On Tlaib: "Fake Tears"

Omar Presser With Tlaib FULL of Lies, Misstated Facts

Omar, Tlaib Fail To Denounce Palestinian Terrorism At Anti-Israel Presser

Omar: Israel Not An Ally, Nor A Democracy Like America

White House: Omar, Tlaib Against Existence Of Israel

Omar: Trump Wants To Pit Jews, Muslims Against Each Other

Omar: Trump, Netanyahu Wants To Hide Occupation From U.S.

World Jewish Congress Slams Tlaib For Suggesting Boycott From Bill Maher

Netanyahu: We Respect U.S. Congress But Cannot Tolerate BDS Groups


Don Lemon's Accuser Has Witness in Sexual Assault Case

CNN Lunacy: Black Commentator: White Men Greater Threat Than Terrorism In America


Federal Prisons Chief Removed By Bill Barr in Wake of Epstein Suicide

28 Shot, 5 Fatally In Bloody Weekend In Chicago


Examiner: Epstein Death Suicide By Hanging

Epstein Day With Mystery Woman One Day Before Taken Off Suicide Watch

Reports: Epstein Owned Creepy Portrait Of Bill Clinton In Blue Dress At Island

Everything We Need To Know About The Warden Overseeing Epstein At Jail Night He Died

FBI Finds Human Bones Off Epstein's Island According To Reports

Reports: Epstein Autopsy Showed Broken Neck Bone, Sign of Strangulation

Epstein Accuser Sues Ghislaine Maxwell, Estate

And Three Other Recruiters Of Epstein

Report: Epstein's Guards Fell Asleep Night Of Death, Falsified Records

FBI Agents Raid Epstein's Caribbean Island

4chan Post Announced Epstein's Death 38 Minutes Before Authorities

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's Alleged Recruited Now Under Fire And Scope

OPED: Epstein Case Turning Point In Justice "People's Willingness To Accept Bulls$#$"

Jeffrey Epstein Dead In Apparent Suicide  

Autopsy Unclear Of Epstein Death

Cernovich: No Press Conference, No Explanation, Nothing

Three Big Questions Regarding Epstein's Wealth

Epstein Investigation Expands To France

FBI Investigating Death In Manhattan Cell

Alec Baldwin: Epstein Killed By Russians

Alleged Trafficking Victim Names Two Democrats In Epstein Case

Former Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak Visited Epstein Building, Island

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis Had Ordered Criminal Probe Into Epstein On 8/6/2019


Israeli FM: Tlaib's Hatred Of Israel Greater Than

Her Love For Her Grandmother

Tlaib: Israel Can "Drop Dead"

Antifa Terrorist Spronsens Attack on ICE Facility Videographed  

Bernie: Cut Israeli Aid For Not Allowing Jew Haters Omar and Tlaib In

Lee Zeldin: Omar, Tlaib Had "Bad Intentions" On Israeli Trip, Government Right For Not Allowing Them In

Jew Haters Omar and Tlaib Denied Entry Into Israel By Government Authorities

Tulsi Gabbard Backed Anti-Israel Bill By Omar

McCarthy: We Haven't Seen Anti-Semitism Like This Since The 1930s

Abbas: We Are The Canaanites Who Were Here 5,000 Years Ago

Omar, Tlaib's Trip Financed By Anti-Israel BDS Movement, Other Radical Groups

President Trump: Omar, Tlaib "Hate All Jewish People"

Israel Denies Entrance To Jew Haters Omar, Tlaib


At Least Six Philly Police Officers Shot In Standoff

With Gunman On Wednesday


CNN's Chris Cuomo Threatens Violence After Man Calls Him "Fredo"

You Tube Takes Down Cuomo Meltdown Video

CNN: Anchor Victim Of "Racism"

President Trump To Cuomo: "The Truth Hurts"

President Trump: Good Thing Cuomo Wasn't Armed During Tirade

MSNBC Guest: Don't Support Or Embrace Trump Supporters: "You Destroy Them"

Scaramucci - "Very Proud Of Chris Cuomo," Term "Quite Racist"

Don Jr: "Fredo" Means You're The Dumb Brother

Cuomo Referred To Himself As "Fredo" In 2010 Interview

Cuomo: "I Should Be Better Than Hecklers"

"Fredo" Ethnic Slur Term Was Used By Many On Left, Chris Matthews, Navarro

Other CNN Anchors Have Used Same Term



FBI Investigating Death In Manhattan Cell

Alleged Trafficking Victim Names Two Democrats In Epstein Case

Former Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak Visited Epstein Building, Island

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis Had Ordered Criminal Probe Into Epstein On 8/6/2019



President Trump Visits First Responders,

Injured Victims In El Paso, Dayton

Dayton Shooter Conner Betts - Antifa's First Mass Serial Killer

Nine Themes In Shooter's Manifesto Media Ignored In Order To Blame Trump

Sister Of El Paso Shooting Victims Blast Dems Evil Political Agenda

Nashville Mayor Calls For Red Flag Laws In Tennessee

NPR Baits Interviewee To Destroy Trump, Backfires As Host Shocked At Response

DHS Warns Of Potential Donation Scams Relating To El Paso, Dayton Shootings

Shooter's Mom Called Police Weeks Before Attack Warning Them of Son's Behavior

MSNBC: Trump Rhetoric Inspires Terrorism 

Hollywood Boycotts Equinox Over Trump Fundraiser/Arquette: I'm White And It Disgusts Me  

Fox Business Anchor Promotes Gun Control

Elizabeth Warren Repeats Charlottesville Fine People Hoax


ICE Arrests 680 Illegal Aliens,

Biggest Raid in U.S. History

Number of Illegal Aliens Waiting At U.S. Border Tops 40,000

MAGA Supporters Clean 12 TONS Of Trash Off Baltimore Streets

President Trump: Dems Use Racism Claims Everytime They Are Down  


Dayton Mayor Encouraged Trump Protests As President Visited Dayton,

El Paso Shooting Victims, Scene Of Two Mass Shootings

Joe Biden Accuses President Trump Of Inspiring Shootings

O'Rourke To Protests During Trump's Visit To El Paso Victims

Donald Trump Trolls NYT For Changing Headlines To Appease Left

Dem Ohio Senator Uses Trump Protest To Promote - Obamacare

Elizabeth Warren: People Who Support Trump Are Hateful People

O'Rourke: Trump's Racism Has Inspired Terrorism

Netflix Portrays Trump Supporters As KKK Members

Julian Castro: Trump's Denunciation Of White Supremacy Not Sincere


Mitch McConnell's Campaign Twitter Feed Reinstated After Being Suspended

 For Highlighting Violent Protests Outside Senate Majority Leader's Home


Lib Lawyer Gloria Allred Says She Has New Evidence From

New Accusers Against Jeffrey Epstein, Powerful Pals


Baltimore Reels Under Weight Of Crime As President Trump Calls

Out Elijah Cummings Over Weekend - Left Erupts

Baltimore Spent $66M In Federal Grants This Year

Trump: "Black Voters Calling White House To Thank Me" For Calling Cummings, Baltimore Leaders Out For Corruption, Greed

Joe Biden Defends Al Sharpton From Trump's "Racist" Attacks

Trump Blasts Cummings On "Stolen Money" From Baltimore

Elijah Cummings Blames Baltimore's Problems on Trump And Racism

Carson: Trump Tweets About Baltimore Are About The Suffering

Johnson: Those Who Criticize Cummings Are "Racists" So What?

Live Rats Run Through Video As Trump Tweets About Baltimore  

Chris Matthews Compares Jews To Rats

Tlaib Refuses To Answer Questions About Baltimore


Three Killed, Dozens Injured In Garlic

Festival Shooting In California

Newsom Blames Trump In Profanity Laced Rant Regarding Shooting

Rosanna Arquette: All Shooters in America Have Been "White Terrorists, The End"


"This Was Treason!"- President Trump OnMind-Boggling Disastrous Mueller Testimony Before House As Fallout Continues

Mueller Never Discussed Russian Dossier

Andrew Weissmann Begged Ukrainian Oligarch For Dirt on Trump

Anti-Trump Musicians Planning 46 Concerts In 2020 Swing States According To Reports

Pelosi: Next Step To Impeachment Is Investigating Trump's Finances

Biggs: Mueller Knew There Was No Collusion Before Mid Terms

Trump Slams ABC Reporter Asking What He Thinks Of Being Indicted If He Leaves The White House

Mueller Can't Say If He Ever Read Russian Dossier; Contradicts Own Report, Indicates He Didn't Even Write Key Parts  

View Host: Who Cares About Trump Supporters



"It's Beyond My Purview" Uttered By Mueller Often Dodging Questions On Steele Dossier

Don Jr.: Does Anyone Believe Robert Muller Didn't Know About Fusion GPS?

President Trump: Republicans, Country Had "Very Good Day"

President Trump Thanks Democrats For Mueller Testimony 

Muller Slammed For Stacking Team With Clinton Allies; Problem Is He Didn't Do Any Hiring, Weismann Did

Mueller Can't Remember Who First Hired Him To U.S. Attorney Post

Joseph Misfud's Name Comes Up A Lot During Mueller Hearing As Source Of Original Dossier, Leaks, Claims



Pressley Introduces Bill Banning Federal Death Penalty

Ilhan Omar Trashes America Once Again In New York Times Op-Ed

Omar Committed More Than Just Immigration Fraud!

Rashida Tlaib's History Of Anti-Semitism


CNN Jew Hating Hosts Revealed, Fired

Second CNN Personality Accused Of Anti- Semitic Remarks, Praising Hitler

CNN Editor Resigns After History of Anti-Semitism Resurfaces


President Trump Rips Fox News Poll Showing Him Down Ten To Biden

Biden Camp Taunts Trump Over Same Poll


House Dems Launch Impeachment Inquiry After Mueller Testimony

Cohen: Impeachment Must Proceed, Americans Will Be in Favor

Spier: Either Impeach By September 1 or Shut Whole Government Down

Gateway Pundit: Rosenstein Needs To Be Charged With Fraud Over Entire Investigation





President Trump's Approval Ratings Hit 50% During Independence Day Season


Report: ICE About To Deport 1 Million Illegal Aliens







President Trump Signs Executive Order Asking For Citizenship Question On Census


Donald Trump: Iran CIA Claim: Totally False



El Chapo Gets Life In Prison Sentenced For Drug Crimes;

To Serve In Maximum Detention Facility In Colorado


Sexual Assault, Criminal Case Against Kevin Spacey Dropped

Cohen Hush Money Case Closed With No Additional Charges To Be Filed


Protesters Rip Down USA Flag, Put Up Mexican Flag At ICE Detention Center


Talib's Father: She Lied About Where She Lived To Get Elected

President Trump: "Rock Star Welcome" For Omar "Staged"

In Minnesota To Get Votes in 2020


90% Of GOP Voters Behind Trump Message To Dems To "Go Back And Fix Countries"

Dems Own Poll: Omar Has 9% Favorability Rating, AOC 22% Among Party

Nation Behind President Trump On Blasting "Squad" Of Hate As House Passes

Resolution Condemning "Racist" Tweets 240-195

House Erupts Over Pelosi Behavior Against President Trump

President Trump Thanks "Young Socialist" Cortez For Approval Bump

AOC: I Didn't Play Race Card Against Speaker Pelosi

Cortez Offering "Hateful" View Of America According To Many In Own Party

Omar To Visit Israel To Learn More About The "Occupation"

NYT's Shaun King Praises Antifa Member Who Died While Attacking ICE Agents, Detention Facility

"The Squad" Of Hate Called Out By President Trump See Summary of Their Most Hateful Comments Regarding America  

Democrats Find Nancy Pelosi Broke House Rules By Calling President Trump "Racist" On House Floor  

Protesters Replace American Flag With Mexican Flag At ICE Detention Facility  


Address Records Show Omar Lived With First Husband

During Apparent "Marriage" To Brother


Trump Rallies In Greeneville, North Carolina: Six Million

New Jobs Since Election Day

Survey: Top 14 Most Popular Governors - All Republicans

Buttineg: House "Squad" Healthy For Democrats

Mayor Homo Pete: Trump's Supporters Are "Committed Racists"

Al Green's Impeachment Article Falls In House 332-95 


Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Charged With Sex Trafficking Involving Minors, Conspiracy; Pleads Not Guilty To Two Counts




Trump Was Only One To Help Prosecutor In 2009 Epstein Case

Clinton: I Know Nothing At All About Epstein's Hideous Crimes

Expect More Charges In Epstein Case Say FBI Officials

Lanny Davis Defends Clinton As Epstein Case Heats Up

Pelosi's Daughter: "Our Faves" Going Down In Epstein Case

Right Wing Group Files Formal Complaint Calling For Arrest Of Hillary Clinton

Brown: Powerful People Involved In Epstein Case  

Democratic Congresswoman Will Not Return Contributions From Epstein

Comey's Daughter Handling Part Of The Epstein Prosecution Team  


Two Separate Earthquakes Shake California As Tremors Still Being Felt Late Monday


Heavy Rains Drench DC, Cause Flash Flooding


Reporter Andy Ngo Released From Hospital After Violent

Antifa Attack Leaves Him For Dead


Nolte: CNN Owes Reporter Of Antifa Attack An Apology

Report: Sarin Gas Sent To Facebook Headquarters in Washington State  



Obama Appointed Judge Blocks President Trump

From Using Military Funds To Build Wall

Supreme Court Redistricting Decision Strikes Down Partisan Gerrymandering Of Districts

Blocks Citizenship Question Off Census For 2020


Democrats Go Hard Left In First Debate: Elizabeth Warren Promises

To Eradicate Health Insurance For 150 Million With Government Take Over Of Plans

Health Care Costs of Illegals Could Costs $660B Per Decade  Says Report

Five Out Of Nine Americans Oppose Insurance For Illegal Aliens

Top Fundraiser Abandons Biden Over Support For Segregationist

Medicare For All, Climate Change, Abortion, Gun Control All Heard During Second Night Of Dem Debates

NBC's Chuck Todd Speaks More Words Than 7 Out Of 10 Democrat Candidates on Stage  

NBC News Refuses To Confront Warren On False Native American Claims


Obama Accepted $21.6 Million In Foreign Donations In 2012 According To New DOJ Report

Report: Under Obama America Became Number 1 Spot For Pedophilia


Carter Shames Himself: Trump Administration Tortures and Abuses Children At Border  

Claims President Trump An "Illegitimate President" Due To Russian Meddling


Biden's Support Falls 10 Points After Debate Debacle


Cortez Comes To Defense Of Booker In Brush Up With

Biden Over Praise of Segregationist

Cortez: Trump Running Concentration Camps At Border

Burgess Owens: Reparation Hearings Nothing But Going Back To Socialist Agenda Of Democrat Party

Holocaust Remembrance Centers Rebuke Cortez's Remarks On Concentration Camps Rhetoric

Cortez Denies Remarks Were Holocaust Related  

Angel Dad: How Many More Must Die Before Cortez Stops Concentration Camp Rhetoric

Cortez: US Has Run Concentration Camps Before  

Former Immigration Judge: Cortez Horribly Wrong With Comments  


Syrian Who Pledged Allegiance To ISIS Arrested Over Pittsburgh Church Bomb Plot  


Mueller Shames Himself By Implying Trump Broke Law Giving Dems Gas For Impeachment

Muller Vows To Never Speak Again On Russian Investigation

Pelosi: Speaker Deflects Calls For Impeachment After Mueller Statements

Amash: Congress It's In Our Court For Impeachment

Hollywood To Dems: Do Your "F#$#$#ing Job and Impeach Trump"

2020 Dems Renew Impeachment Frenzy After Mueller Statement  

Waters: Can't Wait For 2020 To Get Trump Out Impeach Now

Nadler Keeps Russian Hoax Alive, Says Trump, Barr Lying About Mueller Report

Bret Baier: Muller Keeps Collusion, Obstruction Alive

Mueller Speaks On Report Trying To Drop Bomb On

Trump As Dems Scream For Impeachment


President Trump Shakes Every Single Hand Of Graduating

Class of 920 USAF Cadets During Ceremony Friday


One Dead, Several Injured After

Large Tornado Hits Ohio, Midwest

Part Of Massive Tornado Outbreak To Hit Plains, Midwest More

Than 500 Tornadoes In May Across USA

Kansas City, Jefferson City, Missouri, Dayton, Ohio All Hit With Massive Tornadoes


Report: Christopher Steele Refuses To Cooperate With DOJ Investigation

Lynch Contradicts Comey's Version Of Clinton Email Investigation  


Border Agents: 100% Border Crossers With Children Being Released Into U.S. Given Work Permits

Illegal Alien Accused Of Stabbing Grandmother To Death  


Obama-Appointed Judge Blocks President Trump

From Building Portions Of Border Wall

Poll: President Trump Increasingly Looking Presidential  


DOJ Watchdog: Former Deputy Director Took Bribes From Media,

Leaked Sensitive Material During Russian Investigation


Border Agent: "We've Lost

Control Of The Border"

Tom Cotton: Trump Plan In Right Direction On Merit-Based Immigration

 Mexican Border Patrol Agent Gunned Down In Apparent Homicide  


President Trump's Approval Rating Hits Highest It's Been In Two Years


Meet John Durham - The Hammer That Will Bring

Down The Deep State Counter Spying Criminal Enterprise

Barr Drops Bomb On FBI: Hires U.S. Attorney John Durham To Probe Comey, Dems

For Spying On President Trump Rosenstein: Comey Seems Like A "Partisan Hack"

Durham To Look Into Handling Of Russia Probe



Actor Isaac Klappy Apologizes To Trump, Qanon

Before Suspected Suicide Jumping Off Bridge


Dow Drops More Than 600 Points Amid China-Trade Tensions, Tariff Battles


Border Patrol Flies Migrants From South Texas To Reduce Overcrowding

3/10 Families Found To Be Fraudulent


Attorney General William Barr Testifies Wednesday In Front Of Senate Judiciary Committee

Mueller Didn't Like Barr Report "Rollout"

But Never Said Anything In It Was Inaccurate

New York Times: Hunter Biden Was Paid By

Ukraine While Dad Was Vice President


One Dead, Multiple Injured in Synagogue Shooting Over Weekend

Suspect Opens Fire In Jewish Synagogue Near San Diego, California

Suspect: Trump A "Jew Loving, Traitorous White C-Sucker" In Manifesto

Former Obama Official: Trump To Blame For Shooting

Dems React To Shooting On Cue Condemning Gun Violence But Not Anti-Semitism

Israeli Leaders Condemn "Abhorrent" Attack On Synagogue

Feinstein: Time For Deeper Gun Control


Eight Shot, One Fatally At Baltimore Mall Shooting

President Trump To Rally In Green Bay Tonight

President Donald Trump To NRA: I'm Guilty of Being A Great President And The Democrats Don't Like It"

Trump To NRA: Second Amendment Not Going Anywhere

Biden: World Leaders Begged Me To Run Against Trump

President: I'm A Young Vibrant Man And Will Beat Joe Biden Easily  

Biden Defends Anita Hill Non-Apology

Joe Biden Raises $6.3 Million In 24 Hours After Announcement  

Caravan Of Nearly 10,000 Headed TO U.S. From Mexico


Massachusetts Judge Who Helped Illegal Aliens Indicted


Missing Illinois Boy Found In Shallow Grave

In Front Of House, Parents Charged


Soros Funded Groups Seeking To Enroll Thousands

Of Ex-Felons Ahead Of 2020 Race In Florida

Waters: I Call Out The Patriotism Of Those Standing With Trump


Jon Voight Offers Support To Laura Ingraham After

Left-Wing Groups Attempt Another Blacklist Campaign

Top 51 Fake News "Bombshells'' Regarding Russia Gate


Herman Cain Withdraws From Federal Chair Reserve Consideration


Trump: Middle East Peace Plan Likely

Won't Include Palestinian State


Pedophile James Gunn Rehired By Disney As

Actress Zoe Saldana Praises Move As "Redemption"

"This Sends Strong Message To Kids"


Mueller Report Drops: Exonerates President Of Obstruction,

Collusion AND Interfering Into Probe

Main Stream Media, LEFT, Still Pushing Fake Steele Dossier

Trump: Turn Table On Russian Conspirators

U.S. Attorney William Barr: I Feel The FBI

Spied On The Trump Campaign

Barr Names Team To Look Into Actions Of FBI, CIA During 2016 Elections

President Trump: Russian Investigation Started By Group Of "Dirty" Cops


Over 10K Illegal Aliens In United States Are From Terrorist Nations


Barrack Obama's Former Legal Counsel Craig Expected

To Be Indicted On Federal Corruption Charges

Trump Mocks New York Times For Hiding Obama Lawyer's Indictment To Back Pages Of Paper  

Campaign Adviser: They Tried To Frame Me In Russian Probe With Clinton Dirt  


Immigration Expert: Kirstjen Nielsen Was Actively

Working Against President Trump At Border




Chicago Suing Jessie Smollett For Chicago Race Hoax

Smollett Flies To Hawaii After Stiffing City of Chicago For Repayment For Hate Crime Hoax


Nunes Sends 8 Criminal Referrals To Department Of Justice

For Criminal Acts In Russian Probe

UK Authorities Arrest Julian Assange

U.S. Extradition Request Filed For Computer Hacking Charge Connected To Chelsea Manning

Clinton: Only Foreigner Trump Welcomes Assange