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Updated: 01/16/2020 04:23:31 PM
Michael Moore Apologizes To Iran For US Missile Strikes
Cardi B Filing For Nigerian Citizenship After Iran Terrorist Taken Out By President Trump  
Greatest Movies Of the 21st Century
2019 Breitbart Fake News Awards For Year
North Carolina Family Finds Snake In Pizza Box  
Two Sisters Thousands To Buy 108 Thanksgiving Meals For Holidays
Twitter Suspending Accounts For Naming Whistleblower
Missouri Sheriff's Office Welcomes 17 New Babies
Seinfeld Actor Charles Levins Body Found In Oregon Woods
Texas Couple Sets Record As Oldest Married Couple In World
Actor Robert Forrester Dies At Age 78 After Nominated For "El Camino"
Queen Publisher Demands Trump Campaign Stop Playing "We Will Rock You"  
Pictures Emerging of Bully Shep Smith After Departure From Fox
Woman Discovers She's Still Married To Ex En Route To Wedding
Sheriff: 22 Apps That Can Endanger Children
Thomas Rhett To Perform Thursday In Knoxville
Storm Team Starwatch Monday Through Sunday This Week  
Boo At The Zoo Returns To Knoxville Zoo This Weekend  
Diahann Carroll, Actress, Dead At Age 84
"Joker" Seen As Bitter Rebuke To Establishment, Elites
Michael Avenatti Claims Stormy Daniels Owes Him $2M In Legal Fees
Karate Kid Actor Dead At 59
Lead Singer Of Metallica Enters Rehab
Couple's Gender Issue With Children Rebuked
Fall Events Galore Across East Tennessee As Official Autumn Kicks Off
Knoxville Greekfest Kicks Off Friday  
Tennessee Plans Service Hike Days  
AAA: October Best Month To Book Flights, Holiday Trips  

Trampoline Recall Underway After Many Break

Streisand Mocks Trump, Praises Clintons At Weekend Concert  
Toni Morrison, Poet, Writer Dead At Age 88

Dolly Parton's Stampede Starts 33rd Season


Trump Derangement Syndrome Hits Canada As Film Company

Cuts Scene With President In "Home Alone 2"


Survey: 1/5 Left Leaning Bosses

Won't Hire Trump Supporters


Dolly Parton Celebrates 50 Years At The Grand Ole Opry



Asteroid Near Miss In 2019 Has Scientists

Scratching Their Head