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Updated: 06/22/2020 05:07:05 PM

Former Baltimore Mayor Pleads Guilty In Perjury Conviction Case  
LA Homicides Up 250 Percent Since Floyd Case  
Human Remains Found At Charged Lori Vallow's House Of Kids; Step Dad Arrested, Charge With Murder
Suspect Arrested In Slaying Of St. Louis Retired Police Chief David Dorn
Suspect In Madeline McCann's Disappearance Now Linked To Three Kids
De Blasio Kicks Jewish Kids Out Of Park, Allows Tens of Thousands of BLM Protesters In Same Park
Professors: Trump's Actions Unlawful During Protests
Esper Dearms National Guard Unknown To White House
Iron Man Actor Charged With CCP Virus Fraud - First Case Brought In Nation Like It
Texas Attorneys Arrested, Charged With Capital Murder
Georgia Man Robbed, Assaulted After Meeting Woman On Snapchat
Miami Mom Faked Child's Abduction According To Police
DOJ Warns California Over Orders Barring Churches From Worshipping
Florida Woman Arrested For Kissing Customers At Bar Amid CCP Virus Fears
Clinton Foundation Brutally Targeted Papadopoulos FiancÚ
Gates Pushes Pandemic Porn While Buying Up Stock In Google And Other Tech Companies Pushing It
DOJ Drops Investigation Into Insider Trader For Three Senators, Two GOP, One Dem
Disney, CBS Sued Over Sexual Harassment Issues On Criminal Mind Set
You Tube Blames Error For Censoring Anti-China Phrases
Cartel Violence Increasing In Mexico Despite Pandemic
Illegal Alien Charged With Sexually Assaulting Three Underage Girls
DOJ Sides With State Of Alabama Over Voting Right Integrity Law
Chicago Has Deadliest Memorial Day In Five Years l
Florida Sheriff's Office Worker Caught Spying On Roommate
Sheriffs Shoot NC Man After Disrupting Church Service
Loughlin, Husband, Likely To Serve Jail Time In College Admission Scandal
Trump Hammers Jeff Sessions, Support Tubberville
Fox Forecaster Slams Cuomo Over Handling Of Nursing Home Deaths In NYC
West Virginia Mail Carrier Found Guilty Of Voter Fraud Over Mail-In Ballots
US Professor Falsely Accused Of Rape Wins Huge Reward In Lawsuit
Man Who Photographed Aubrey Killing Arrested For Murder
Loughlin, Husband Officially Plead Guilty In College Admissions Scandal  
US Attorney Aide Accused Of Aiding Cartels With Info  
Two Illegal Aliens Abuse Six Year Old Boy  
MA Doctor Accused Of Medicare Fraud Accused Of Killing Wife
Florida Mother Found Murdered, Husband Said She Had COVID 19
Sex Crime Ring Trafficked Dozens Of Israeli Women To Ukraine
Country Music Singer Kills Himself In February After Guilty Pleas For Child Abuse
Deep State Actions In Italy Focus Of John Durham's Investigation
Cuomo: No One Will Be Prosecuted In Nursing Home Deaths In NY
Six of Seven High Risk Sex Offenders Rearrested In California Town  
Georgia Man Charged With Public Necrophilia
Supreme Court Warns Faithless Electorate Officials Could Cause Constitutional Crisis If Not Forced To Vote For State's Winner
Officer Allegedly Kept Pics Of Murdered College Track Star - Report
Twilight Actor, 27-Year Old Girlfriend Found Dead On Beach
Syndey Powell: Wray Wanted To Prop Up Terrorist Andrew Weissman
Barr: Mueller Was one Responsibility Looking Into Russia Dossier Disinformation
Top Doctor In COVID 19 Research Dead From Murder-Suicide
Clapper Knew As Early As June 2017 Russians Didn't Collude With President Trump
Durham Looking Into Clinton Foundation Ties To Fauci, Birx And WHO
Barr Blasts Comey For Role In Russia Gate
President Trump Not Happy With Wray
Governments Chief Witness Against Stone Has Issues
Flynn Docs Show Obama Knew Of Phone Call At Heart of FBI Case
Judge Refuses To Cancel Case Against Lori Laughlin and Husband In College Admission Scandal
Former AG Session: What Happened To General Flynn Was Horrible: WHERE WE YOU JEFF
Former WWE Star Charged With Sexual Assault
Mexican Drug Lord Dies In Prison Due To Coronavirus
Law and Order Star: Flynn Case Being Dropped Leading America To Totalitarianism
Former AG Sessions: What Happened To Flynn Was Bad - Did Nothing About It  
Mueller Thug Attorney Under Fire For Role Now In Flynn Case  
Ex Jacksonville Jaguar Player Caught Having Sex With Underage Female
450,000 Illegal Aliens Got College Degrees From American Colleges
Miami Herald: Beach Goers Getting Coronavirus May Thin Out Trump Supporters  
Gulf Cartel Operator Who Faked His Death Gets Killed In Shootout With Feds
Philly Suspects Arrested In Slaying, Throat Slashing Of Couple, Teen
Facebook Blocks Ads That Call For Gatherings That Break Social Distancing Rules
UN Aid Workers Raped 60,000 People And Hired Nearly 3300 Pedophiles
CT Man Breaks Into Restaurant Stays 4 Days Eating And Drinking
Klobuchar: Biden Incident Has Already Been Investigated
Coronavirus Scam: 39M Masks Diverted in Hospital Scam  
Rose McGowan Slams WAPO Story Protecting Joe Biden
Solomon: Durham Has Set Grand Juries In Motion  
Clinton Foundation CFO: I Know Where the Bodies Are Buried  
DOJ Declines To Prosecute FBI Agent Accused Of Child Porn Possession  
FBI Claims White Supremacists Trying To Incite Violence During Chinese Virus Scare
Stores Vandalized In Portland Oregon During Riots Over Virus Pandemic
DOJ: Boys Should Not Be Playing Sports With Girls
Epstein's Suicide Watch Partner Says "Epstein Was NOT Suicidal"
Italian Nurse Kills Herself Over Fear She Will Infect Others
Woman Coughs On $35K Of Groceries In Very Twisted Prank
New Jersey Man In Coma After Misplaced Coronavirus Test
Chelsea Manning Attempts Suicide In Virginia Jail
Minnesota Woman Throws Son Off Balcony Then Punches Police Officers
Weinstein Sentenced To 23 Years In Prison As Families Of Victims Speak Out
Weinstein Suffers Chest Pains In Prison, Rushed To Ward According To Reports
ICE Chief: Border Crossings Surging Again Along Southern Border
Former GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter Sentenced To 11 Months In Prison For Corruption Charge
John Durham Charges Man With Threatening To Assault And Murder Adam Schiff
Philly Suspends Jail Time For Non-Violent Criminals
Romney To Vote To Approve Senate Subpoenas To Investigate Biden Probe Into Ukraine Dealings
Immigrant From Egypt Accused Of Double Murder In Virginia
200 Pounds Of Meth Found At Immigration Checkpoint
Hillary: No Regulation Bars Secretary of State From Having Private Email Server
Defense Department Linguist Charged With Passing Highly Classified Intel To Hezbollah Operative
"It Makes My Day When Abortion Patients Come Back To Me For Another Abortion," Physician Says
Illinois Supreme Court Won't Dismiss Charges Against Jussie Smollett
Soros Backed Groups Gave Seven Figure Campaign Donations To Re-Elect Crooked Kim Foxx Who Initially Dropped Charges Against Jussie Smolett
Man Accused Of Drugging, Sexually Assaulting Female Tornado Victims At Nashville Shelters  
Obama's Homeland Security IG Indicted On Theft Of Government Property, Wire Fraud and Scheme To Defraud Government  
Corrupt Obama Judge Berman Jackson Gives Free Legal Services To Biased Stone Jurors  
Obama Judge Randolph Moss Rules Cuccinelli Illegally Named To DHS Post - Setting Up Legal Battle For Trump Administration  
Evelyn Farkas, Deep State Skunk Who Was First To Spy On Trump Running For Congress
Another Hate Hoax: Mississippi Man Who Reported Hateful Racist Pro Trump Graffiti On His Own Vehicles Is Arrested For Insurance Fraud  
Sandman's Attorney Sues CBS, NBC, And Three Other Media Outlets
California UPS Worker Threatened Mass Shooting Had 9 Guns According To Police
Hawaiian Councilman Accused Of Being Part of Samoan Meth Ring
Maryland Man Arrested For Attacking A Woman With Semen Filled Syrnge
Woman Rushed Into Transgender Surgery As Teen Suring NHS
Timothy Hutton's Show Cancelled After 37-Year Old Rape Accusation Surfaces
L.A. Sheriff's Office: Deputies Shared Kobe Bryant's Crash Pics 8 Times
UCLA Tried To Block Subpoenas By Those Investigating College Admissions Scandal
Jerry Nadler Announces Calling Durham And Jensen To Hill As Well As Four Corrupt Stone Prosecutors
Court Rules White House Attorney McGahn Does NOT Have To Appear Before House Kangaroo Court
Ex-FBI Unit Chief Blows Whistle On Comey, McCabe Over Warrantless Spying On Trump Campaign
Mike Flynn Seeking Total Exoneration, Not Pardon, Says His Attorney
FISA Court's Future Hinges On Reaction of Lawmakers To Revelations Of Corruption  
Argentina Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Girl After Parents Set Up Cameras In Bedroom  
Fashion Industry Titan Peter Nygards Time Square Office Raided In Sex Trafficking Sting
Singer Duffy: I Was Raped And Held Captive For Days
Joseph Misfud Gives Deposition To Durham, But Professor Still Missing
Comey, Mueller Went After Blago and Trump; Trump Fought Back, Blago Has The Goods And Is Talking
Judge Amy Berman Jackson Meeting Today At 2PM To Discuss Tainted Juror In Stone Case
Mom Of Missing Idaho Kids Extradited To U.S. From Hawaii - Very Weird Details Emerging Of Mother's Ties To Cult
Mardi Gras Getting In On The "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" Meme Party
Eric Holder Tells Conservative Journalist To "Shut The Hell Up"

Female Prisoner Claims Transgender Man Raped Her, Prison Tried To Cover It Up

Jessie Smollett Pleads Not Guilty To New Hoax Charges
U.S. Issues New Travel Warning After Mexican City Grenade Attack
Police: Body Found Hanging From NYC Park
No Cause Of Death Cited Yet In DHS Whistleblower Haney's Death First Said To Be A Suicide
Agent Responsible For Most Significant FISA Abuse Called For Disciplinary Action In Horowitz Report
Judge In Stone Case Claims Stone Threatened Her, Gives Stone 40 Months In Prison
Mexican Cartels Relying More and More On Child Recruits To Do Work Of Transporting Drugs
Drew Carey's Ex-Finance Arrested In Murder Of Her Ex-Boyfriend
FBI Gets Involved In Cold Case In NYC Homicide From Decades Ago
Two Ohio State Football Players Accused Of Rape, Kidnapping
Feldman Promises To Name Names Of Pedophiles In Self-Financed Documentary
England Police Announce Arrest In Murder Of Schoolboy There Over 25 Years Ago
Who Is Anti-Trump Judge Amy Jackson Berman
Florida Women Found Dead In Mercedes Island Socialite Killing
Teens Charged With Killing 4 People In Indy Apartment  
Rapper Shot Dead In Apartment
New York Man Arrested Three Times In One Day
Man Accused Of Kidnapping Woman, Making Her Watch "Roots" To Rid Her Of Racism
Trump Blasts Deep State Efforts In Blago Case As He Pardon's Ex-Illinois Governor
President Trump: There Must Be Justice - Several Have Committed Treason
Blago: I'm A Trumpocrat After Pardon By The President
Sally Yates Lied To Congress Three Years Ago, Still Walks Free
U.S. Sides With Migrants Over Border Patrol In Case
Miami Federal Agents Arrest Man For Being A Russian Spy
Woman Pleads Not Guilty In Baby Kidnapping Case
FBI Raids Businesses Tied To James Biden's Business Dealings
FBI Gave Sensitive Information To Informant Christopher Steele
Illegal Alien Acquitted IN Murder Of Kate Steinle Found Incompetent To Stand Trial On Gun Charges
Second Article Emerges From Stone Juror Hart Who Lied To Court In January 2019
Two MS-13 Gang Members Get 27 Years In Maryland Homicide
California Hiding Details Of Accused Child Abusers Who Are Illegals Being SOught By ICE
17 UC-Santa Clara Cruz Students Arrested In Protests Over Weekend
NYU Professor Leads Anarchist Group That Masterminded Subway Vandalism Attack
Rise Of Independent Drug Cartel Cells In Mexico Seen In Data
Eight Border Mexican Cops Arrested For Shooting Innocent Motorist
PA Mom, Daughter Plead Guilty In Death of Five Family Members
South Carolina Six Year Old Was Strangled To Death By Neighbor Say Police
Rise Of Murder In Mexican Based Amusement Parks Lead To Concerns
Violent Leftist Arrested For Slapping 15-Year Old Trump Supporter In Face And Fracturing Jaw For Wearing MAGA Hat At NH Polling Place
UK: Over 160 Terrorists Released Early In Past Seven Years Through Emergency Legislation
Valdosta State Dean Arrested In Child Sex Crime Ring Sting Bust
Ohio Superintendent Gets Ten Years Max For Sexually Assaulting Students
Wisconsin Swim Coach Accused Of Planting Cameras In Locker Room
Judges Meet To Blast Trump Led By Corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson  
Equifax Hack China Stole 13 Million People's Data In UK
Dems Freaking Out Commie Bernie Taking 10 Point Lead In Democrat Poll
Bernie Supporter Arrested On Burlary And Vandalism Attempted Arson In Attack On GOP Office In Northern California
Don Jr.: "My Family Has Your Back" To New Hampshire Youth Injured In Polling Attack  
Roger Stone Set Up By FBI Informant Henry Greenberg Back in May 2016 To Bribe Him With 2 Million  
Former AG Whitaker Says Deep State Operatives Set Up Barr and Trump By Going Rogue
Twitter Takes Away All Of Flynn's Wife's Followers After Tweet Of Support
Man Convicted Of Raping Twin Girls, 4, And Giving Them Both A STD
Nike Joins Effort To Block Bill That Would Prohibit Transgendered Girls Who Turned Into Boys Participating In Girl Events
Podesta Linked Judge Blocks Efforts To Get To Bottom Of Seth Rich Murder
Nadler Sends Bill Barr Letter Demanding DOJ Answer Why It's Receiving Ukraine Info From Guiliani
Trump Vows To Declassify Obama Hidden Documents On Fast And Furious
Parent Arrested For Running Sex Cult Out Of Daughter's Dorm Room
California Man Dishes Sexual Assault Hearing To Meet Michigan Girl He Met Online
AG Barr Files Lawsuits Against Sanctuary States, Cities In NJ, MD and Washington State
Woman Convicted Of Beheading Ex-Boyfriend's Mother With Steak Knives
Cell Phone Of Missing Teen Found In Hawaii After Parents Flee Authorities Seeking Questions In Death Of Teen And Young Sibling
President Trump Promises 1000 Miles Of Border Wall
Georgia Bill Would Make Transgender Making Drugs Illegal
Two Dozen Horse Facing Professionals Charged In Drug Scam
Baltimore County Facing Surge In Violence Against Children In Recent Shootings
Lunden Roberts Files New Motion To Hold Hunter Biden In Contempt For Failing To Turn Over Financial Docs In Paternity Suit
NY Times Doxes James O'Keefe
ICE Defies Sanctuary Laws In San Francisco, Rounds Up Illegals, Officials Steamed
House Dems Vote Against Sexual Predator Legislation Aimed At Keeping Women Safe
Crime Soars In New York City Under Deblasio

Court Orders Hillary Clinton To Be Deposed UNDER OATH Regarding Her Email Server

Chicago Mayor Defends Freeing Illegal Alien Accused Of Child Sexual Assault
Jury Decides Travis Smiley Must Pay PBS $1.5M In Failed Lawsuit
Guatemalan Man Wanted For Sex Assault In North Dakota  
Tennessee Professor Arrested For Passing Secrets To China To Defraud NASA
New York City Mugging Of 14 Year Old Caught On Tape; Perpetrators Wanted Her Shoes  
FBI Releases Photo Of Cult Mom Lori Vallows' Daughter on Day Of Her Disappearance
Alabama Executes Cop Killer; No Last Words From Murderer
Chris Steele's Firm Used Three Deep State Actors To Claim Dossier Was Legit - To The Tune Of $4m
Six Year Old Dies After Father Rapes Him During Camping Trip  
Previously Deported Felon Who Was Released Sexually Assaults Toddler
Hollywood Stuntwoman Who Stood In For Alba, Diaz, Shot To Death In Shootout
U.S. Border Seizures Of Meth And Fentanyl Set To Break Records In 2020  
Orson Bean, 91, Killed After Being Hit By A Car In L.A.  
How Orson Bean Influenced Andrew Breitbart
AG Barr Targeting Sanctuary Cities
Wall Street Journal: President Trump To Seek $2B For Border Wall In 2020
Illegal Alien Demands Cameras Not Be Allowed In His Trial For Killing 92 Year Old
Migrants Found In Texas Hotel Near Mexican Border  
Gunman Ambush And Kidnap, Kill Two Mexican Federal Agents On Stakeout
Cartel Kill 8 In Latest Mexican Attack
Rape Case To Be Dropped Against Doctor Who Appeared On Reality TV
Key Weinstein Accuser: There Is My Rapist
900K In Counterfeit Bills Found In Border Crossing Raids At International Falls MN
Teacher Accused Of Molesting 13 Year Old Facing Deportation
Anti-Gun Trama Surgeon Behind Fake Death Threats To Prominent Dems Including Clinton, Pelosi, Others
Five Deadliest U.S. Cities In America
900K In Counterfeit Bills Seized At Border Crossing In International Falls
Actress: Weinstein Offered Role To Me In Exchange To Do Threesome
Utah Teen Charged With Murder Of Four Family Members

10 Years Later More Elicit Hillary Emails Emerge

Rand Paul: Bidens Corrupt As Day Is Long
Illegal Alien From Canada Was Planning Gun Attack At VA Rally On January 20
Illegal Alien Convicted Of Sexual Assault On 92-Year Old Woman
Bill De Blasio Defends Freeing Illegal Alien
Kamala Harris Laughs, Then Says Impeachment "Solemn" Moment in Front Of Camera

Kerry: NO Whiff Of Scandal During Obama Years

Democrats, Especially Bidens, Nervous As Book On Corruption To Be Released In Ten Days

FISA Court Hires Obama-Era Justice Official To Review FBI Reforms

Huber Tanks Investigation Into Clinton Foundation
Huber Winds Down Clinton Foundation Investigation With NO Witnesses, No Charges

DOJ Refuses To Charge Saudi Classmates With Pensacola Terrorist Hit That Killed 3

FX Delays Clinton Impeachment Series Until After 2020 Election Claims Scheduling Crisis
Veteran Hit By Car In Florida, Crime Under Investigation
92 Year Old Woman Sexually Assaulted By Illegal Alien Who Authorities Refused To Turn Over To ICE
Iranian Nationalist Arrested Near Trump Home In Florida Brought To USA In Obama Refugee Program
Man Convicted Of 136 Rapes Part Of Those Nabbed In Indonesia Raids In UK

CNN Admits In Nick Sandman Lawsuit It Cannot Prove Anyone Is A Racist; Settles Case With Northern Kentucky Teen Who Sued For Libel

At Least Six Stabbed During Hanukkah Event In NY
Synagogue Terrorist Had Previous Police Record
Captain American Actress Accused Of Murdering Mom In Kansas  
Hunter Biden Accused Of Million Dollar Counterfeiting Scheme Linked To Burisma
Judge In Hunter Biden's Paternity Case Recuses Himself Suddenly Without Warning, Reason
Attacker Who Hurt Jewish Women Over Holidays Released Without Bail In NYC
Kevin Spacey's Third Accuser Dies Mysteriously  
PI Firm: Biden Is Subject Of Criminal Probe, Says Whistleblower On Secret Ukraine Flight
Baltimore Breaks City Record For Killings Per Capita In 2019
FISA Court Slow In Addressing FBI Problems In FISA Mishandling Of Trump Spygate Case
Spacey Accuser, Ex Royal Ari Behn Dead At 47
Officials Find Missing Epstein Footage Of Cell At Time Of Pedophile's Death  
Gulf Cartels Film Police Near Texas Border  
Nunes: I Did Nothing Wrong When I Warned FISA Court Of Abuses
Rudy's Tough Policies On Crime Being Destroyed By Liberal Mayors - Leading To Higher Crime Rank In NYC
FBI Wray Lied In 2018 Testimony Regarding Omissions and Facts In FISA Report  
FISA Court Slams FBI Over Horowitz Report  
FBI Agents Who Wrongly Jailed Michael Flynn Still Being Protected
McCabe Trying To Push Blame On Lower Level FBI Agents  
30 - 31 Dems In Pro Trump Districts In Trouble Over Impeachment  
Barr: FBI Falsified Docs In Spying Case Against Trump  
Oregon Mom Lures 14-Year Old Boy Through Snapchat To Have Sex With Him  
Rudy Drops Ukraine Bomb On Obama, Biden With Tweet About Billions Of Missing U.S. Dollars Related To Aid  
George Nader Indicted On Child Sex Charges Now Reportedly Involved In Funneling Millions Illegally To Hillary Campaign In 2016
New Connections Between Epstein, Clinton In New Report  
Bill, Hillary, Chelsea Frequent Guests At Epstein's New Mexico's Ranch  
ICE Arrests Rapist With Multiple Offenses Released Twice By Local Police Despite ICE Detainer  
Maxwell Met Prince Andrew After Child Sex Trafficking Investigation Launched
Schiff Wanted Whistleblower To Testify - But Felt Trump Would Put Him In Danger
Obama Holdover Leading Russia Probe Under Investigation For Illegally Leaked Classified Document
117 Acts Of Violence Against Conservatives On College Campuses
Carter Page Sues DOJ Over False Accusations And Actions Against Him In FISA Report
Chase With Stolen UPS Truck Ends With 4 Shootout Fatalities  
Prince Andrew's EX Threatens To Expose Pedophile Network Among Royals
Pedo Ring Busted In Afghanistan, 500 Boys Rescued After Abuse
471 Politicians In EU Condemn Polish Bill That Would Protect Minors From Sexual Abuse
Clinton Foundation Was Mentioned In Sex Trafficking Investigation In China In 2018
UPS Workers Arrested Running Alleged Drug Trafficking Ring  
Mozambique Urges End To Black Magic Murder, Rape and Dismemberment Of Albinos In Nation
Teacher Of Year Arrested For Sex With Student  
OKC Officer Given Cup At Starbucks Labeled "Pig"
Chicago Dem Resigns Amid Federal Corruption Probe
French Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Muslim Throwing Jewish Lady Off Three Story Balcony "Because He Was On Pot"  
Ghislane Maxwell Coming Out Of Hiding Soon: Report
Doctors Caught On Tape Threatening To Take Newborns From Parents Who Refuse To Take Vitamin K Shots  
Disney Workers, Principal, College Students Charged In Porn Crackdown  
Former Dem Staffer Sentenced In Attack On Trump Supporter For Wearing MAGA Hat
Captured Virginia Seafood Executive Accused Of Child Sex Crimes on Company Yacht Arrested  
Priests Guilty Of Abusing Deaf Children At Argentina School  
Current NFL Linebacker On Suspension: NFL Games Are Rigged  
First Look At Epstein Island And His Lair
New Victim Says She Was Groped By Prince At Epstein's Mansion Promises To Rat Out Prince Andrew
Attorney General Barr Promises To Fight For Executions For Federal Crimes All The Way Up To Supreme Court
Maxwell Requests Extension To Argue Against Unsealing Of Names Identified In Epstein Docs
104 Arrested In Undercover Sting Operation In Florida For Trafficking
Mexican Government Sues Wal Mart For El Paso Shooting  
Antonella Barba Sentenced To 45 Months For Drug Trafficking, Blames American Idol
Trump Titles 11th Circuit Court - Another - To Conservative Side
ICE Sting Nabs 21 Involved In Kidnapping, Trafficking
Sanctuary State Illegal Flees To Mexico After Allegedly Killing Woman  
Nigeria Scammer Ran $1M Scheme From Jail Cell  
Student Dies After Falling Off Cliff
Ohio State University Student's Death Brings Nine Indictments  
French Woman Killed By Dogs During Hunting Trip, Investigation Underway
Disney Workers, Middle School Teacher Caught Up In Porn Sting
Three Men Shot At Mexican Border, One Dead
Smugglers Arrested For Bringing 27 In On Trucks At Border
Arizona: 1200 Pounds Of Drugs Brought In From Illegals Found In One Home
Ky: Mom Left Child With Convicted Sex Offender
Top Dem Witness Lied Under Oath Regarding Contact With Dem Staffers
Whistleblower: Code Name Charlie
Whistleblower Attorney Says He Likes Watching "Disney Girl" Movies And Videos  
Sens. Grassley and Johnson Want Docs Relating To Joe Biden, Son Hunter, And Burisma Released To Public  
Man Arrested For Stabbing Trump Balloon At LSU-Alabama Game
Sanctuary County Frees Illegal Alien Who Sexually Assaulted 11-Year Old Boy  
6/10 Floridians Oppose Driver's License For Illegal Aliens
Bernie Opposes Deportations Of Criminals, Rapists, Pedophiles  
Louisiana Sheriff, Wife (Teacher) Arrested On Porn Charges, Child Rape
More Charges Coming In College Bribery Scandal With Loughlin, Others  
Illegal Alien Charged With Four Murders Wont Get Death Penalty Because of Low IQ
Florida Senate Votes To Remove Scott Israel From Office Of Sheriff
Special Report: Prostitution Victims Charged With Crimes While Pimps, Johns Always Walk Free
MA Bill Would Criminalize Anyone Calling Anyone A "B-Tch"
Cartel Receives Tax Breaks From The Mexican Government  
Migrant Group Assaults Border Agent, Shots Fired
Two Previously Charged Sex Offenders Caught Crossing U.S. Border
Police Bust Nets 15K Worth of Fetanyl Pills In Phoenix
Transgender Model Files Police Report Because She/He Refused Role In Porn Movie Due To Penis
39 Dead Bodies Found In Truck, One Arrested In Paris
Cartel Drug Labs, Witchcraft Altars Found In Mexico City
Homeless Man Slams Six Year Old To Ground On Concrete
More Remains Of Aborted Found In Car Trunk Of Abortionists  
Rape Accusations Against Lauer Ensnare NBC Management  
Teen Robbers Threatened To Kidnap Child Unless Texas Mother Handed Over Phone
NY Judge Gives Stay To Trump Campaign Over Tax Returns  
Khans Online Hate Crime Network Nets 6 Convictions Out Of 1626 Cases Investigated
Police: 12 Men Arrested For Statutory Rape Of Two Girls At Alabama University  
Dominican Immigrant Charged With Murdering Four Homeless Men in NYC
Mom Arrested For Trading Toddler For Used Car
Supreme Court Starts Election Year Cases -Many of Them Major
NC Ex Gets $750K From Wife's Lover Over Affair That Ended Marriage
15-Year Old Dies While Protecting 5-Year Old Brother From Home Invasion  
Ex Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) Pleads Guilty to Insider Trading  
Mary Stauffer Kidnapping Stopped
South African Airways Flight Attendants Arrested
Fake Doctor's Butt Enlargement Pills Almost Kills People  
Serial Killer In Texas Targeting Broken Down Vehicles  
Two LA Men Charged In $17B Medicare Fraud Scheme
Princeton Grad Gets Max Sentence For Killing Father
Black Teacher Who Opposed Black Behavior In School District And Got Fired Gets Huge Settlement
Crime On Rise in California After State Decriminalizes Theft
Five Arrested In Florida Dog Fighting Scheme, Ring
Bill Macy Concerned About Wife Felicity Huffman's Safety During 14-Day Stay In Prison  
Colombian President Maduros Aiding Child Rapists  
Man Convicted Of Killing Friend Same Day Of Prison Release  
Kevin Spacey Accuser Dies Days Before Being Set To Testify Against Actor  
Chinese National Pleads Guilty To Terrorism Plot  
Trump Celebrates 150th Judge Being Confirmed During Administration
61 Retired Judges Back Colleague Who Helped Illegal Aliens Escape ICE Capture  
Cartel Gunman Finish Off Mexican Rival In Hospital   
Nadler Holds First Impeachment Hearing Despite Pelosi Concerns  
Clinton Foundation Billed 130M From Australia After 2016 Election Directors Fled Country Near Melbourne
Obama Possibly Involved In 38 Emails Found To Be In Violation Of Federal Law In Clinton Scandal
New Benghazi Docs Show Clinton Email Cover Up  
George Papadopoulos Warns Clapper Upcoming Revelations Will Show His Perjury and Put Him In Legal Jeopardy
Judge Asked To Stop Suspension Over Note About Rape  
Virginia Teacher Arrested At Border on Sex Charges  
Justice Department Lawyers Support Obama's Push For Citizenship For DACA
Nearly Two Thirds Of House Back Censuring Adam Schiff
PA Police Warn Residents Of Candy Laced With THC
Cuba Gooding Jr. Pleads Not Guilty To Sexual Misconduct Claims
Explosive Device Blows Up At Montana Elementary School - No Injuries  
Single Fentanyl Bust Could Have Killed Up To Five Million People Say Feds
Gang Member Accused of Sexual Assault While Out On 6,000 Bond
Pedophile Who Molested 200 Kids Stabbed To Death In Prison  
Whistleblower Attorney Was Informant Who Scuttled Trump's Pick For CIA Watchdog  
Biden Investigation Was Opened MONTHS Before Zelensky Took Office According To Report
Ninth Illegal Alien In Maryland County Accused Of Rape  
Huffman Reports To Prison To Serve 14 Day Sentence In College Bribery Scandal  
Nine Year Old Sets Home On Fire Killing All Five Family Members  
Man Arrested At Pro Life Event In Minnesota  
Massie: Gun Control A Democratic Fundraiser  
Witness: Epstein Took Girls As Young As 8 To Virgin Islands 
American Airlines Pilot Accused Of Sabotaging Jet; Came From Iraq  
Minnesota Parents Rally To Protect Kids Against State Mandated Planned Parenthood Sex- Ed  
Convict Arrested For Allegedly Raping Amish Woman In Her Own Home  
Missing California Mother's Remains Found - Husband Arrested  
Illegal Alien Convicted of Stabbing Three Year Old Girl To Death On Halloween  
Lyft Sued By 14 Women Who Claimed Drivers Sexually Assaulted Them Or Raped Them  
Swedish Scientist Proposes Cannibalism To Fight Climate Change  
Nearly Four Tons of Meth Found In New Mexico  
Eight States To Go After Facebook For Anti-Trust Violations  
Wal-Mart Bans Sales Of Ammo In Alaskan Stores  
Accused Kidnapper Claims Father Sold Child For $10K
Midland Shooter Failed Background Check According To Texas Governor Greg Abbott
41 Shot, 7 Fatally In Chicago Over Labor Day Weekend  
Before Suicide, NYPD Detective Was Questioned About Sister's Double Murder Hire For Plot Scheme  
Agency Boss Accused Of Furnishing Girls For Jeffrey Epstein's Island Vanishes  
Lawmaker: IG Report Going To Lead To Indictments  
Eight Schoolchildren Killed In China Knife Attack On First Day Of School  
Three Shot Outside Minnesota State Fair Event  
Woman Arrested For Burning Flag Gets Priceless Response From VA Firefighters  
American Idol Contestant Dead In Motorcycle Accident  
Student Driver Who Led Police On 137 MPH Chase In Custody  
Oregon Man Accused Of Sending Lewd Pics To Alabama Girl  
West Tennessee Pastor Found Guilty of Raping, Abusing Child  
Hayes: Comey's Claim He Didn't Leak Just Don't Measure Up To IG Beatdown Of Former FBI Director  
Rotherham Rape Claims Among Gang Members Increase  
Delta Gives 100 Flights And Over  $1.5M To Help Fight Human Trafficking
Epstein Victim Anouska De Georgiou Appears In Court Pleading For Justice
Parents Kidnap Teen Daughters, Assault Them In Bedroom  
Illegal Alien Pleads Guilty In Murder Of 10 Year Old  
MPAA Executive In Washington Arrested For Alleged Rape, Blackmail  
Alabama Couple Arrested For Starvation Of Three Year Old Boy  
NYPD: Attack on 58-Year Old White Man Was Hate Crime  
Prince Andrew Continues to Deny Epstein Ties In Latest Attempt To Distance Himself From Dead Pedophile  
Sweden Bombings, Explosions Up 45% in 2019  
Facebook Building Communist Like Social Media "Credit System"  
Iowa College Fires Professor When Antifa Ties Surface  

Woody Allen, Paltrow, Couric, Handler, Stephanopoulos Busted Partying At Epstein Mansion Before He Dies

Agency Was Spotted Scouting Fresh Flesh In Brazil Before Epstein Arrest
Bill Gates Fly On Epstein's Lolita Express After Pedophiles Prison Stint
Victim's Lawyer: Epstein Was Murdered According To Prison Source
Atlanta Attorney Charged With Murder After Golf Ball Hits Mercedes  
Italian Leader Praised For Stopping Mass Migration  
Smugglers Charging Migrants Up To 9K Each To Enter U.S.A.
25 Tons Of Fentanyl  Seized In Mexico
Dem Gov. In NC Vetoes Bill Sheriff's Cooperate With ICE Agents  
Huffington Post Sued For Defamation In Kavanaugh Article  
Grand Jury Subpoenas For Up to 20 Officers At NYC Prison Where Epstein Died  
Senior Citizens Busted For Sex Romp In CT Park  
Two NY Women Plead Guilty To Planning Terrorist Law Enforcement, Military  
Boy Members Face Up To 15 Years After Brawls With Antifa In Manhattan
Modeling Agency Provided Epstein With 1,000 Underage Girls  
Don Lemon's Sexual Assault Accuser Has Witness According To Reports  
Miss. Ice Raids Produce NO Arrests For Employers Of Illegal Aliens  Kerik: NYPD Cops Now Afraid To Do Jobs After Garner Firing/
Epstein Former Cell Mate Receiving Threats From Guards To Remain Quiet About What He Knows About Epstein Suicide  
Mexican Man Extradited For Trafficking Back To US
Italian Psych: Let's Do Electroshock To End Prejudices
New Jersey Woman Accused Of Setting Man On Fire After Refused Booty Call  
Three NYPD Officers Injured In Brooklyn Mob Attack  
Dems Deliver Warning to Supreme Court Over Restructuring  
President Trump: Raids A Great Deterrent To Illegal Immigration
47 Shot In Chicago, 4 Fatal Over Weekend
Ohio Man Who Wrote "Cortez Should Be Shot" Arrested  
Illegal Alien In Mollie Tibbetts Case Claims His Rights Were "Violated"
Epstein Told Reporter He Saw Several Silicon Valley Notables Doing Drugs, Sex On Island  
Illinois Leaders Warn Illegals Of Possible ICE Raids
Death Camp For Trump Supporter Fliers Seen Throughout New York City  
FBI Agents Had Affairs With CNN Reporters According To Report  
Louisiana Woman Says Meth Hidden In Her Vagina Was Not Hers  
You Tube Video Leads To Animal Cruelty Charges Against Woman  
Police: Man Who Entered Missouri Wal-Mart "Lucky To Be Alive"  

President Trump Surges With Black Voters After Pointing Out Baltimore Corruption ; Chicago Weekend Of Violence: 7 Dead, 59 Wounded

Police: Man Who Entered Missouri Wal-Mart "Lucky To Be Alive"  
Jackson Lee: Trump Needs To Stop "Gestapo" Type ICE Raids  
One Killed, One Injured In Pittsburgh Stabbing At Bus Stop  
Allred Says She Has New Accusers, Information On Jeffrey Epstein  
Cyntonia Brown Released From Prison
Baltimore's Murder Rate Outpaces Central America's Most Dangerous Countries  
Non Muslim English Girls Ask For "Hijab" Day in November  
FBI Agents Under Fire For Sex With CNN Reporters While Bosses Looked The Other Way Under Comey, Wray  
Chicago Weekend Of Violence: 7 Dead, 59 Wounded
Wray Welcomes Stryok Back To FBI
Shooter Described Himself As Warren Supporting Leftist, Satan Worshipper  
Police: Convicted Murderer Flushed Pedophile Down Toilet  

Deep State Spy Stephen Halper Paid Over $1.5 M To Spy on Trump, Spying Work Went Well Into 2017

Judge Denies Epstein Bail Request  
Thiel: FBI, CIA Need To Investigate "Treasonous Google"  
Bill Clinton Continues To Distance Himself From Jeffery Epstein  
Brandon Judd Rips AOC Over Comments Regarding Detention Facilities  
Two In Five Dems Oppose Enforcement Of Judges Deportation Orders  
GOP To Trump: Sign Census Question Into Order Soon  
Pelosi's Daughter: "Some Of Our Faves" May Be Implicated In Epstein Case  
Florida Man Charged With Slicing Political Rival's Penis Off  
El-Chapo Sentenced To Life In Prison
Border Patrol Seizes $2M In Meth Along Border  
Trump Congratulates Pakistan For Capturing Mastermind Behind 2008 Mumbai Attacks in India  
Supreme Court To Decide DACA Amnesty Case Before 2020 Elections  
48 People Shot 9 Fatally Weekend Democrat Controlled Chicago
Illegal Alien Arrested For Allegedly Raping Child Under 16 Years  
Sexual Assault Investigation Into Trumps Pick For No. 2 Military Post Found No Semen Evidence  
Deported Sex Offender Caught Crossing California Border
Alan Dershowitz Doubles Down On Adults Permitted To Have Sex With 15-Year Olds  
Investigators Are Reportedly Probing Close Epstein Associate Ghislaine Maxwell Mysterious Ocean Non-Profit
Jury To Decide Damages Owed By Katy Perry For Dark Horse Copyright Infringement
Pentagon Nominees Denies Sexual Misconduct Allegations  
Protecting Yourself After the Capital One Breach  
Clintons Island Buddy Indicted In Epstein Case  
16 U.S. Marines Arrested On Human Smuggling Drug Charges Near Border  
Report Jeffrey Found Semi-Conscious In Jail Cell After Possible Attack  
Ilhan Omar Possibly Guilty of Immigration Fraud, Tax Fraud, Petition Demand Congressional Investigation  
Ny Bishop: Shames Abuse Victims: 7 Year Olds Should Think For Themselves  
Narco Terrorist Charged After Breitbart Expose On Cartels
Five Charged In Texas Trafficking Scheme
Teen Mobs Bust Up Philly Car In Brawl
Missing 2 Year Old Found Dead, Mom Arrested  
Teen Tourist Slips Into Coma On Dominican Republic Trip  
Deputy Headteacher Jailed For 28 Years For Filming Pedophilia Acts With Children On Zoom  
No  Jail Time For Man Who Raped 11 Year Old And Gave Her STD
Texas Woman Gets Banned From Wal-Mart After Eating Half A Cake, Offering to Pay For Only Half  

Updated: 06/22/2020 05:07:05 PM  More Crime in Archives


Lib Lawyer Gloria Allred Says She Has New Evidence From

New Accusers Against Jeffrey Epstein, Powerful Pals


Human Trafficking Second Highest Rated Crime In Tennessee


President Trump's Former Attorney Michael Cohen Sentenced To Three Years In Prison  


LA Archdiocese Releases List Of Priests Accused

In Sexual Abuse Scandals

29 Priests and Deacons Accused Of Child Sex Abuse in Mobile, Alabama

Bishop To Release Names Of Pervert Priests


Former MLB General Manager Kevin Malone Makes It His Life's

Goal To Combat Human Trafficking


Trumps Border Rules Meant To Center In On Curbing Child Trafficking

U.S. Bishops: Trump's Proclamation Against Caravan "Illegal"


Jeff Sessions Out As AG, Whittaker At Large For Now


Senate Judiciary Committee Report Says Man Comes Forward Saying HE, Not Kavanaugh

Was The One Involved In Christine Balsley Ford's Accusations

Kavanaugh Rape Accuser Admits She Made Up Story


Feds: Heroin, Fentanyl Remain Biggest Drug Threats To U.S.

FEDS Ok Powerful Opioid Alternative Pill


Boston Mobster Whitey Bulger Murdered In Prison As He Was About To Out FBI Agents




Suspect Due in Court Monday As Harrowing Tales

Emerge From Violent Deadly Shooting In Pittsburgh

Brothers, Husbands, Couples Among Dead In Pittsburgh Synagogue Anti-Semitic Attack  

Knoxville Jewish Alliance Holds Vigil

Local Synagogue Working To Keep Grounds Safe


Statue Of Liberty Celebrates 132 Years Of Existence


Cesar Sayoc Arrested In Bomb Scare

That Covers Four States 

President Trump Decries Media's Bias Unfairness And

Rhetoric Following Bomb Arrest At Charlotte, NC Rally

Cesar Sayoc Had Long History of Violence, Threats And Criminal Behavior 

Twitter Ignored Threat By Bomb Suspect To Baltimore Mayor's Assistant