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Tuesday, January 01, 2019 03:04 PM

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Knox Group Gives Support To Families Who Lost Loved Ones To Drug Overdoses

"We've had to adjust to life without him," said Kim Jones, who lost her son to an overdose.

Kim Jones lost her son, Patrick, in May 2017 from an overdose. He was 21-years-old. He would have been a student at Pellissippi State.

"He loved cars, tools, he loved his friends and family," said Jones. "He wanted to be a surgical tech. We got his acceptance letter a week after he passed away. "

The Knoxville Police Department's drug overdose support group came together to remember their loved ones.
Jones helps run the support group.

They painted memorial crosses and made ribbons.

"We like validation, to know that we're not alone, and know that our child is not going to be forgotten," said Debra Reagan, who lost her son to an overdose.

Families said the goal is to remind folks to get hep if needed.

"There are people who love them," said Jones. "There is help for you. Don't put your families through this, it's terrible. There is help. You can find it. You can ask for it. Just get help."

Below is a list of resources for addiction:

Focus Treatment 423-308-2560
Buffalo Valley Inc. 931-796-5424 or 931-796-5427
Journey Pure River 888-340-4175
The Ranch 888-664-5692
The Oaks at La Paloma 901-726-6053
Agape 865-259-7996
Knoxville Families Anonymous 865-824-6429
Sisters of the Rainbow 865-521-9788
CADAS 1-877-282-1223
Eagles Nest Recovery Living 865-454-0331 or 865-971-1887
Great Starts or Respond 865-246-1100