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Donald Trump: Iran CIA Claim: Totally False



Woman Charged With Human Trafficking In 2016

Knoxville Kidnapping Case  


Comey Praises Mueller Ahead of Testimony As

"American Patriot With Principles"

Giuliani: Muller Has No Business Before Congress On A Case He Didn't Bring

Deep State Spy Stephen Halper Paid Over $1.5 M To Spy on Trump, Spying Work Went Well Into 2017

Mueller Set To Testify July 24 Before House Intel and Judiciary Committees


New Video Surfaces Showing Underground Tunnels On Epstein's

"Orgy" Island "What The Hell Was Going On There?"

Epstein's "Little Black Book" - 93 Names Of Hollywood Pedo Elites, Politicians, Others

Key Witness In Mueller Probe, Clinton Pal,  Arrested On Charges Related To Jeffrey Epstein Case


Mariano Rivera Praises Jesus Christ In Stirring Hall of Fame Speech

Critics Go Ballistic Over His Faith, Support Of President Trump


LOCAL Updated: 07/22/2019 04:49:11 PM
Investigation Into Dandridge Shooting Underway     
Gatlinburg Police: No Foul Play in Death Of Tourist Over Weekend
Blount Community Rallies Around Family Of Man Killed In Auto Crash  
One Person Dead, Drugs Found In Vehicle After Knox Crash 1AM Saturday
Carson Newman Student Dead After Accident in Guatemala  
Former ETSU Student Found Not Guilty in Discrimination Case  
More Local Stories HERE

STATE/REGION Updated: 07/22/2019 04:49:11 PM

Virginia Woman Infected With Flesh Eating Bacteria 10 Minutes Into Water  
Police Warn Tennessee Residents To Not Flush Drugs Down Toilet That May Create Meth Gators  
Ky Sheriff's Deputy In Critical Condition After Shooting  
198M Winning Lotto Ticket Sold in Hendersonville TN Store
More State Stories HERE
NATION Updated: 07/22/2019 04:49:11 PM
Republicans Vow Tough Questions For Mueller At Hearing on Wednesday  
Omar Praised Allah For Benghazi Attacks In 2012
Omar Arrested In 2013 For Trespassing  
Omar Rips Into President Trump Again Calling Him Racist and Says He Wants Muslims Banned  
Google Found To Be Behind Russia Hoaz Story, Cried When Hillary Lost  
Omar Laughs Over Antifa Attack on Detention Facility, Refuses To Condemn It  
CDP: Democrats 100% Responsible For Attack On Facility Because Of Their Rhetoric  
President Trump: Weekend ICE Raids Went "Very Well" l/
Minnesota Reinstates Pledge Of Allegiance After Backlash  
Border Ranchers: Illegals Lurking Night And Day Along Border  
Partial List of Hateful Statements By "Dem" Squad
Omar Speaks To 400 High School Students: America Is Unjust  
Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stephens Dead At Age 99 9
Pelosi To Stave Off Another Impeachment Effort  
Pressley: Trump Just An "Occupant" At The White House, Not A President  
AOC: Pelosi Singled Us Out Because We're Women of Color  
Brooks: Dems Turning Every Single Policy of President Trump Into Racism Claim  
Trump Tweets To Dem Squad: If You Don't Like Our Country Feel Free To Leave  
Educators Seek To Eradicate "Racism" In Math  
Trump To Dem Squad: Go Back And Fix The Countries You Came From Since You Hate America So Much  
Trump Torches Fox News: They Forgot The People Who Got Them Here  
VA Gov. Ralph Northam Seeks Gun Confiscation In New Law
More National Stories HERE

WORLD/ISRAEL Updated: 07/22/2019 04:49:11 PM
U.S. Deploying Third Warship To Middle East Amidst Rising Iranian Tensions  
Ebola Outbreak in Congo Declared World and National Emergency  
Uganda Seeing Double Immigration From Congo During Ebola Outbreak
Cyprus Detains 12 Israelis After Woman Accuses Them Of Rape
Boris Johnson Considering New General Election Next Year In Britain  
Israel: Corbyn's Labor Party Hates The Jews
70 Year Old Venice Priest Beaten By Illegal Aliens  
Australia Rejects Calls For Open Borders and Easing Immigration Policies
Hindu Mob Beat Muslim To Deaths And Threatens Others To Chant Hindu  
More World Stories HERE
NEWS FROM ISRAEL Updated: 07/22/2019 04:49:11 PM
Israeli Warships Cross Into Lebanese Waters  
Iran Officials Promise They Will Violate Iran Nuke Deal Unless U.S. Meets Demands  
Netanyahu: IDF Only Army Capable Of Fighting Iran  
Israeli Officials Believe They Have Found Ancient City Of Ziklag  
DNA Study: Israel Is Jewish Land  
IDF Forces Arrest Travel Agents in Jerusalem Found To Be Helping Hamas Laundering Ring
More World Stories HERE
Devotion: "The Spirit Of Lawlessness" By David Wilkerson  
Fountain City Youth Group Helping Rebuild Puerto Rico  
Planned Parethood Removes New CEO Over "Philosophical Differences"  
Four Christians Executed For Wearing A Cross Necklace In Burkina Faso
Christian Doctor Fired For Failing To Use Transgender Pronouns  
Ten Christians Dying Per Day In Nigeria For Their Faith  
Egyptian Committee Legalizes 127 Churches Once Deemed Illegal  
President Trump Begins Defunding $60M From Planned Parenthood
California Lawmakers Pass Laws Forcing Pastors To Preach LGBTQ Ideology From Pulpits  
More Faith HERE

Deep State Spy Stephen Halper Paid Over $1.5 M To Spy on Trump, Spying Work Went Well Into 2017

Mueller Set To Testify July 24 Before House Intel and Judiciary Committees
Judge Denies Epstein Bail Request  
Thiel: FBI, CIA Need To Investigate "Treasonous Google"  
Bill Clinton Continues To Distance Himself From Jeffery Epstein  
Brandon Judd Rips AOC Over Comments Regarding Detention Facilities  
Two In Five Dems Oppose Enforcement Of Judges Deportation Orders  
GOP To Trump: Sign Census Question Into Order Soon  
Pelosi's Daughter: "Some Of Our Faves" May Be Implicated In Epstein Case  
Florida Man Charged With Slicing Political Rival's Penis Off  
El-Chapo Sentenced To Life In Prison
Border Patrol Seizes $2M In Meth Along Border  
Trump Congratulates Pakistan For Capturing Mastermind Behind 2008 Mumbai Attacks in India  
Supreme Court To Decide DACA Amnesty Case Before 2020 Elections  
More Criminal Justice Cases HERE
Schiff Outlines Deep State Plan To Destroy Trump - Even After His Presidency  
Chuck Schumer: Trump To Blame For Inhumane Conditions After Calling Border Crisis "Hoax"
430 Former Members Of Congress Are Now Lobbyists  
Omar: Trump Stokes "White Nationalism" Every Day  
RNC Spokesperson: Romney Should Know Better Than To Trash Trump
Biden Smirks When Asked To Explain 3 Millon Deportations Under President Obama  
More Criminal Justice Cases HERE


SPECIAL: Obama's Historic History Or Surveillance Abuse Of Power

We Can Never Trust The FBI, CIA Again: Nolte

Omar Happened Because Media Chose To Lie To You
Coulter: MSM Lying About Drug Situation In America But What's New  
Chris Pratt's Shirt Called Out For White Supremacy Is Laughable  
Good News Means No News To Anti-Trump Social Media Groups  
Romney Should Know Better Than To Trash Trump
CNN, MSNBC Used Word "Racist" More Than 1100 Times In 24 Hour News Cycle  
GOP Sends 74 American Flags To Dems Noting Deafening Silence In Response To Attacks  
Netflix Shares Plunge Amidst Customer Cancellations  
Japan, USA Working On Historic Trade Deal  
House Rejects Saudi Arabia Weapons Deal, Trump Plans To Veto  
Robocall Victim Commits Suicide After Life Savings Stolen  
El Chappo Sentenced To Life, To Forfeit Fortune Close To $12B  
Why Women Have A Higher Chance For Alzheimer's
Autism Caused Mainly By Genetics Not Environment Says Study  
Menstrual Cramps Normal Says Study  
Can A Broken Heart Lead To Cancer  
Why Staying Slim Is So Tough  
13,000 Pounds Of Beef and Chicken Recalled  
Georgia Couple Married 71 Years Dies On Same Day  
More Life, Business, Health Stories HERE
Major League Baseball
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Spacey Whistleblower Killed  
The Disney Death Machine In Death of Christopher Boyce

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Eugenics, Population Growth Crisis Part 6  
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Many Bombshells In One Week But Nothing Happening - Yet
Clintons Shipwrecked On Epstein's Island
Blissfully Ignorant In A World Of Turmoil Over America
All An Illusion  
Nyxvim Latest Updates As Salzman Takes Plea
Church Pedophiles And Trafficking "Nests"
Inside Hillary's Latest Tax Scandal  
The Abortion Agenda - What You Don't Know  
Will The Real Jim Yong Stand Up As The World Bank Turns  
Interview with Former Haitian Senate President (AUDIO)
Traffickers Exploit Haiti To Tune Of $10B
Organ Trafficking Conspirators A Worldwide Epidemic  
What We Know About The Sealed Indictments  

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Epstein's New Mexico Ranch Possible New Hub Of Pedophilia Under Investigation
Jeffrey Epstein's Flight Log And Little Black Book
Prosecution Exposes Some Evidence
Jeffery Epstein Case Unfolding
Epstein - Part 2
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Allison Mack
Joel Davis Of Nxvyim

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