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Tuesday, January 01, 2019 03:01 PM

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Three Hit By Boat On Norris Lake In Campbell County, One Airlifted To Hospital

Officials say three were taken to area hospitals after being struck by a boat on Norris Lake in Campbell County.

TWRA say that three children were taken to area hospitals after being struck by a boat on the lake near the White Bridge Access area. Earlier, TWRA reported that they fell off an innertube while being pulled by a boat, and that the children were hit by the boat's propeller after the boat's driver returned to pick them up. However, through more witness interviews, information gathered by TWRA revealed that the kids were hit while still on the innertube.

According to the witnesses' information, four kids were on the tube when they realized they were about to be hit as the boat made a turn. Two jumped off, one of whom was the 16-year-old girl. She was hit and later airlifted to UT Medical Center. The other person who jumped off was not injured. The two who remained on the innertube were injured and transferred to LaFollette Medical Center.

TWRA said that the victims, as well as the party they were with, were visiting from Ohio. The boat has been impounded while officials investigate.

Matthew Cameron, with TWRA, said propeller strikes happen a few times a year across Tennessee. He added the most common mistake boaters make is not wearing a life jacket.