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Tuesday, January 01, 2019 02:47 PM

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Fox News Responds To Gov. Jerry Brown's "Cheap Shot" At Their Network Over Illegal Alien Issue

The hosts of "The Five" responded to California Gov. Jerry Brown (D), who said that Fox News "exploits" the illegal immigration issue.

Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins asked Brown whether his sanctuary state law "favors the rights of criminal illegal aliens over the rights and safety of [immigrant] communities."

Brown fired back that the question's premise was "absolutely false" and an "outlandish Fox proposition."

He said President Donald Trump's administration is "waging war on California."

Jesse Watters called Brown's remarks a "lazy cheap shot" and the four-term governor's attempt to find "an easy way out" of a "tough question."

"He could've said something really heartfelt [to] bridge the [ideological] divide," Watters said.

Greg Gutfeld, a California native, said Brown's remarks bring back memories of the "worst thing about my childhood."

Gutfeld reminded the audience that, before Brown's most recent tenure in Sacramento, he also served as California's governor in the 1970s and was also the mayor of Oakland for a time.

"You want to [also] bring back my chickenpox?" Gutfeld remarked. "[California] keeps going back to an ex that made their lives miserable in the '70s."