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Tuesday, January 01, 2019 02:39 PM

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Knox County Woman Charged With Financial Exploitation Of Elderly Person

According to an arrest report, Betty Lou Myers was arrested and charged with financial exploitation of an elderly or vulnerable person, and theft of property valued at $10,000 to $60,000, on Tuesday, March 6.

According to the report, a victim had been contacted by an unknown male suspect, who stated that the victim had won a sweepstakes. The victim was told to send money to Myers in Texas in order to process the winnings.

Officials said the victim mailed two checks to Myers in Texas, one for $12,200 and the second for $8,800. On March 6, Myers arrived at the victim's residence in Knoxville and told them that she needed more money regarding the sweepstakes.

Myers allegedly told the victim to go to two different Sun Trust bank locations in Knoxville and take money out of their account to give to them. The victim took money out of their account and gave it to Myers.

Officials said Myers told the victim she needed their cellphone because her boss wanted it. The victim did not give up their phone.

When police were contacted, they obtained verbal consent to look in Myers' purse, where they found three envelopes that contained cash totaling $3,400. They also found a check written to Myers for $8,800, along with a grocery bag that contained a Sun Trust bank bag, which contained a sum of cash totaling approximately $19,100.

Myers told officials she had deposited the previous check for $12,200 into her personal bank account.