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Posted: Tuesday, January 01, 2019 02:35 PM

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400 Pound Crosses Vandalized In Blount County Near Butterfly Gap Road

What some folks consider a landmark in Blount County were one man's religious artwork. On Tuesday, however, the crosses and religious symbols located at 4744 Butterfly Gap Road just miles from downtown Maryville were lying on the ground, vandalized.

The creator of the artwork, Rowdy McCall, calls the area God's Office, and he told Local 8 News reporter Chynna Greene his creation was a place where no one ever needs to make an appointment. On Tuesday, February 22, however, three crosses, scriptures and commandments in God's Office were vandalized, closing the spiritual space.

McCall said he built "God's Office" three years ago, not ever imagining that anyone would vandalize it.

McCall, who has owned the property for eight years, said he was only upset for a little bit when he saw the damage.

"I felt really sorry for whoever did this, when you as a person can destroy this symbol of love and peace," McCall said.

McCall did not file a police report, saying, "A little bit of jail's probably not going to change them."

McCall said for the people who choose to vandalize a religious site, the most he can do is to pray for them.

He chose to rebuild the site of ill will with love and grace, and the scriptures were back up within two days. McCall said he will put them up more times than they can ever be torn down.

McCall said if the purpose was to destroy the crosses so nobody would see them, they failed tremendously. Someone posted a picture of the vandalism on Facebook, and the post gained a lot of traction. He told Local 8 News that the damage led to many new eyes seeing "Gods Office."