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Source:  Fox News

Posted: Tuesday, January 01, 2019 02:32 PM

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Nearly 20 Animals Rescued By Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), Near Nashville From Dog Fighting Operation

Almost 20 animals were rescued by the Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) and the Humphreys County Sheriff's Department on February 9.

The two teams, along with Animal Control, rescued 16 dogs and two cats from the property of a suspected dog fighting operation in Waverly, Tennessee.

Authorities were alerted to the fighting ring by a tip which suggested that as many as 80 dogs were being kept there as an alleged dog fighting and breeding operation. When authorities arrived, they discovered the 16 dogs, mostly American Pit Bull Terriers and German Shepherds, with no access to food or water. All required medical attention.

Some dogs were tethered with heavy logging chains to stakes while others were in pens. More than 60 chemical barrels and makeshift shelters were used as dog houses.

According to authorities, fresh evidence suggested that many of the dogs had been moved off of the property in the last several days, and the dogs were found underweight with sores covering their bodies. They also exhibited signs of internal and external parasites.

“Efforts are currently underway to locate and rescue the rest of the dogs moved off this property,” said ARC President Scotlund Haisley, “and we and our law enforcement partners won’t give up.”

Despite all they experienced, ARC said that the dogs were very affectionate.

They reported that dog fighting paraphernalia, such as a treadmill and springboard, were discovered on the property.

“Dog fighting is a felony and we take this very seriously in our county,” said Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis. “We will continue on this case until we bring everyone involved to justice. Anyone with information about this case or an ongoing situation like this in Humphreys County is encouraged to call 931-296-2301.”

ARC worked with the sheriff's office and safely removed all of the animals and transported them to an emergency shelter. There, ARC will provide care until the animals are placed into the proper custody and can be placed with shelters and rescue groups.