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Source:  Fox News

Posted: Tuesday, January 01, 2019 02:31 PM

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Nearly 1800 Patients Treated In January At 900th RAM Clinic In Knoxville

The 900th Remote Area Medical Clinic provided care to more than 1,800 patients from January 31 through February 4.

During the five days, RAM coordinated to provide dental, vision and medical care to children and families at Chilhowee Park's Jacob Building in Knoxville. All services were free of charge.

1,865 patients from 17 different states were treated during the clinic. Of the 1,865 patients, 1,175 received dental care, 865 received medical care, and 840 received vision care.

The total value of the free care was estimated to be $1,061,726. RAM gave out 846 pairs of brand-new prescription eyeglasses, extracted 2,135 teeth, completed 615 fillings, among other medical services.

More than 1,200 volunteers helped out during the clinic, according to coordinators.

RAM's next clinic in the area has been scheduled for March 17 to March 18 at Cookeville High School in Cookeville, located at 2335 North Washington Avenue. The patient parking lot is scheduled to open no later than midnight. Numbered patient admission tickets will be handed out at 3 a.m. with one ticket per patient. Services will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.