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Source:  WVLT

Posted: Tuesday, January 01, 2019 02:24 PM

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Oak Ridge Police To Charge Student Responsibile For Explosions In Area With Felonies

OAK RIDGE - The Oak Ridge Police Department identified and detained a student suspected of causing recent explosions in the Oak Ridge area on Tuesday.

Officers described the person they believe is responsible for the explosions as a juvenile student at Oak Ridge High School.

On Wednesday, ORPD said the juvenile was charged with two counts of possession or manufacture of prohibited weapons, a class B felony.

ORPD said Tuesday they had connected the juvenile suspect to two recent explosions, one near Blankenship Field, and one at Milt Dickens Park. Investigators said they did not believe the explosions were the result of any malicious intent.

ORPD Juvenile Unit investigators worked with Oak Ridge Schools on Tuesday to detain and question a male student at the high school who was believed to have knowledge regarding both explosions. Further investigation revealed that potential evidence could still be inside the student's vehicle, which was parked in the front lot of the high school.

Investigators identified the vehicle, established a safe perimeter and requested assistance from the Knoxville Police Department's Bomb Squad. Police said no students, staff or bystanders were in danger at any time during the process.

ORPD said they recovered evidence from the vehicle, and the area was deemed safe.

The student was transported to the Anderson County Juvenile Detention Center, where he faces class B felony charges. The juvenile appeared in court for a detention hearing Wednesday and was released. Police said the investigation was continuing as of Wednesday.