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Source:  AP

Posted: Tuesday, January 01, 2019 02:21 PM

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Ohio Police Investigating Woman's Death At Graceland In Memphis

MEMPHIS (AP) - Police in Ohio are investigating what happened to a woman who went with her husband to see Elvis Presleyís Graceland.

The womanís husband told police in Hartville that they were in Memphis, Tennessee, just over a week ago when she died in a hotel parking lot.

Philip Snider says his 69-year-old wife was in poor health and this was to be their last trip.

He says he flagged down an ambulance after she died and rescue workers took his wifeís body. He says he returned to Ohio because he didnít know where they took her.

But police in Hartville say Tennessee authorities donít have a record of the womanís body.

Police tell the Akron Beacon Journal that Sniderís memory might be suspect and itís not clear if he misled police.