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Posted: Sunday, January 21, 2018 07:29 PM

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Local Authorities Warning East TN Residents Of Illegal Diabetes Test Tips Stolen From Area Pharmacies

Knoxville Police have received reports of stolen Diabetes test strips from pharmacies in town; pharmacist Hank Peck says it won't be long before they hit the streets.

"Insurance isn't being billed for it when you're buying it off the street and sometimes insurance may not cover something like that anyway. So somebody needs the strips, and they can't afford to buy them and their insurance isn't going to cover it, then they may see that as an alternative," Peck said.

He explained, getting an accurate reading for your blood sugar level is important and buying from the street risks your safety.

"If you're buying it from somebody just off the street then there's a chance you could be wasting your money," he said.

Buying these supplies outside of a doctor or pharmacist is not illegal, but selling the strips is if the tests strips are mis-branded or stored incorrectly.

Peck suggested, if you find yourself low on cash but need an accurate reading, see your pharmacist, even if it's just for a chat.

"There are lesser expensive alternatives that you can buy safely," he insisted.