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Posted: Sunday, January 21, 2018 07:25 PM

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"Fire Currie" Chants Erupt At Mercer-Tennessee Basketball Game Wednesday Night

Fire Currie' chants echoed at Thompson-Boling Arena as Vol Fans took their disappointment in Tennessee football to the basketball arena.

Someone even captured a fan being taken down by officers at the game against Mercer and shared it on Twitter.

Students had a lot to say about the exhaustive search.

Reed Reynolds said, "It's a train wreck." "We're just a laughing stock,"
Sanderson Wall said. And Taylor Patterson said, "It's embarrassing, really."

Some even threatened to boycott their own university.

"I might transfer fan bases," Wall said. I grew up in Knoxville, my parents went here. I might be an Auburn or a Clemson fan after this. I can't handle it."

Protest erupted after talks of Greg Schiano coming. Students were then teased with the thought of Mike Gundy. Then Jeff Brohm got crossed off the list, among many others. Students were ready for a final pick, who was willing to commit to Tennessee.

"I don't know of anyone who'd want to come here right now," Reynolds said. "It's kind of a mess."

Lauren Lilly said, "I heard it called a carousel, so they can't really decide and go back and forth."

But not everyone was ready for the search to wrap up.

"I don't want us to rush into it," Patterson said. "But I think we need to get the right guy for the job."

They were looking for a leader.

"Somebody who loves Tennessee and cares about tradition and passion and can bring energy here," Reynolds said.

And somebody who could make Tennessee competitive again.

Jace Smith said, "I'm tired of just having mediocre seasons."

Only time could tell when the Vols would score the coach they want.

"We ran off one guy and now nobody wants to come here," Jake Cook said.