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Posted: Sunday, January 21, 2018 06:35 PM

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White Nationalists Rally Planned Saturday Cancelled In Shelbyville, Murfressboro

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (SOURCE: WIRE, WVLT, CBS)-- A group of white nationalists from the League of the South held a White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville but later canceled the demonstration in Murfreesboro Saturday.

The League of the South was one of several groups that marched in the August 2017 protest in Charlottesville, Virginia that ended in violence, according to WTVF News Channel 5, Local 8 News' CBS affiliate in Nashville.

Chris Conte ✔@chrisconte
More of what it looks like in Murfreesboro right now. Very calm. White lives matter protestors have yet to materialize

Those with the group cited multiple reasons, including the length of time it took to get through security in Shelbyville, and they also mentioned Murfreesboro not being worth the risk, according to News Channel 5.

After announcing the group was sending demonstrators to Shelbyville, a counter protest was organized.

News Channel 5 reported voices were raised as the two groups started getting into place.

Chris Conte @NC5_ChrisConte
We've got our first confrontation between counter protestors and white nationalists @NC5

Although authorities said the protest in Shelbyville ended without violence, one man was arrest for disorderly conduct when he jumped over a barrier.

The other WLM rally was supposed to take place in the Murfreesboro Public Square from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.

News Channel 5 reported the area was shut down to both vehicle and pedestrian traffic Saturday morning after law enforcement swept the area for safety.

Several large trucks were used as road blocks to keep any rogue vehicles from driving into the crowd.

Everyone attending either rally was being searched for weapons and masks.

Senator Lamar Alexander expressed his views on the rallies on Twitter.

My statement on the white nationalist rallies in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville:
Sen. Lamar Alexander (@SenAlexander) October 28, 2017