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Posted: Sunday, January 21, 2018 06:32 PM

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College Football Players Sing National Anthem When PA System Fails

It was just another college football game on Saturday in Hartford, Connecticut, until just before kickoff, an announcement came over the loud speakers that there would be no playing of the National Anthem.

Everyone was on the field, the coin toss had just happened, and players had their helmets off, standing at attention, ready for the Anthem to be played, Coach Jeff Devanney told Fox News.

But after a few moments of silence, it was announced the PA system failed – and there would be no playing of the Anthem.

Trinity senior fullback Ethan Suraci told Fox News the silence “felt like forever, honestly. You could hear the crowd and the opposing team” expressing disappointment over the announcement.

Suraci said he immediately started belting out the words to what he calls “America’s song,” which also happens to be his favorite song, and it seemed everyone joined in.