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Posted: Tuesday, July 25, 2017 04:24 PM

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Veteran Creates Act of Kindness In Knoxville Grocery Store

For a couple years, a civil war reenacting group, the 8th Tennessee US Volunteer Infantry, takes flags before they're disposed and cuts out stars to hand to veterans they meet. The group also hands them a card.

Bill Walker, a member of the 8th Tennessee US Volunteer Infantry, ran into a veteran at a grocery store.

He said he identifies service members by the hat they're wearing or an article of clothing that represents veterans.

When he saw East Tennessee veteran, James Mednenhall, he thanked him for his service and handed him a card along with a star.

"I thought 'what was it this guy gave me' so I pulled it out of my pocket and I sat there and looked at it and I had to sit there for 5 minutes before I could drive away", said Mednenhall. "I just kept looking at it and got a little chocked up over it," he continued.

Walker said people need to appreciate veterans because they make they ultimate sacrifice.

"Bill's job and fellows like that and people that thank you like that to me they're the heroes," said Mendenhall. "They're the ones with the big heart and patriotism," he added.