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Posted: Sunday, January 21, 2018 11:22 AM

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Oak Ridge Faith Community Asks City Council To Condemn White Supremacy, Racism and AntiSemtism

In an Oak Ridge City Council meeting Monday evening, faith leaders across the community joined together to condemn white supremacy, racism, antisemitism "and any other form of hatred."

Ten faith leaders endorsed a statement made to the City Council Monday in response to the protests and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend, saying "While the kind of hate, bigotry and white supremacist ideology that we witnessed in Charlottesville is not new to America, this racist minority movement has been emboldened by what they perceive as support for their un-American worldview.

Their rhetoric and actions threaten the historic progress our ancestors, from many faiths and ethnic backgrounds, have made toward equality for all. It is now our responsibility and privilege to celebrate the rich diversity of our nation and continue their work."

The statement continued by asking the mayor and City Council to draft and adopt a resolution to condemn white supremacy, racism, antisemitism "and any other form of hatred in the strongest terms."

The statement was sponsored by the following faith leaders:

Rev. Derrick Hammon - Oak Valley Baptist Church
Rev. Sharon Youngs - First Presbyterian Church of Oak Ridge
Rev. Mark Flynn - First United Methodist Church of Oak Ridge
Rev. Brian Scott - Robertsville Baptist Church
Rev. Rory Naeve - First Baptist Church of Oak Ridge
Rev. Jake Morrill - Oak Ridge Unitarian Unviersalist Church
Father JB Shelton - St. Mary's Catholic Church
Rev. Annette Flynn - AFlynn Parnerships
Rev. Larry Dipboye and Rev. Carolyn Dipboye - Grace Covenant Church
Rev. Steve Sherman - First Christian Church of Oak Ridge
Rabbi Victor Rashkovsky - Jewish Congregation of Oak Ridge