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Posted: Sunday, January 21, 2018 11:21 AM

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Knoxville PD Issues 58 Citations To Drivers In School Zones On First Day of Classes In Knox County

The Knoxville Police Department is kicking it into high gear for back to school.

Officers issued nearly 60 citations to drivers in school zones Monday on the first day of classes for Knox County Schools.

"Every year, we place officers in the school zones to try to remind people to slow down," said Knoxville Police Department Traffic Supervisor Lt. Brian Evans.

It's the same set up each year.

"The school zones don't change, the times don't change," said Evans. "People just get preoccupied."

But drivers still get ticketed quite a bit, KPD issued 58 school zone citations Monday.

"The first two weeks of the school year we do enhanced enforcement outside the school where we'll take our traffic officers, place them in school zones around the city, and we'll rotate those around," said Evans.