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Posted: Sunday, January 21, 2018 11:20 AM

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Wisconsin Court Rules Christian Photographer Cannot Be Forced To Provide Services To Same-Sex Weddings

A Wisconsin court has ruled that a Christian photographer should not be forced to provide her services to same-sex weddings.

According to The Christian Post, 25-year-old Amy Lawson, who is an independent photographer, posted a statement on her website last year explaining her stance on same-sex marriage and clarifying that she would not be providing services to same-sex weddings.

Like many other Christian business owners, Lawson received backlash against her convictions on this issue.

However, the Dane County Circuit Court, which is hearing Lawson’s case, has said it will soon issue a verdict declaring Lawson to be exempt from state laws that prohibit a place of public accommodation to refrain from serving someone based on their sexual orientation.

The court has said it will issue this ruling based on the fact that Lawson does not own a brick-and-mortar business, and also because the anti-discrimination laws would restrict her artistic freedom.

"The court's announcement has important implications for everyone in Wisconsin who values artistic freedom," said Senior Counsel Jonathan Scruggs of the Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian nonprofit which is defending Lawson. "It means that government officials must allow creative professionals without storefronts anywhere in the city and state the freedom to make their own decisions about which ideas they will use their artistic expression to promote."