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Posted: Monday, January 01, 2018 12:29 PM

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Sevier County Humane Society Looking For Alternate Shelters For Animals That Still Remain After Its Closure

Three weeks ago, the Humane Society in Sevier County announced they wouldn't be taking any more animals; now, the group that stepped in to help animals without a place to go says they need some help of their own.

Pets Without Parents has been taking in all of the pets in Sevier County for three weeks. They've gotten a lot of animals that have been brought to the shelter, where workers are hoping to find a home for them soon.

You may remember Teagan Huskey and her hot dog stand. She's raising money for Pets Without Parents, something they need badly since hundreds of dogs and 90 cats now call the facility home.

"Ever since that, I really supported this organization," said Huskey. "I've donated my money from the hot dog stand."

New fences are going up for new kennels and space to house all the pigs, rabbits, and more that have been coming into the facility.

"We're trying to do the same schedule like we were before," said Lory Sounders with the organization. "Making them go outside three times a day and be able to walk them and spend time with them, so yeah, it does take a lot of extra time."

Pets needing adoption from Pets Without Parents has doubled, and Sounders said dozens come in daily.

"They are all needing homes, but we need the space. That's our biggest need right now is space," said Sounders.

Huskey plans to come Saturday and adopt her new friend, while bringing more hot dogs to help raise the money to keep the shelter going.

The facility will be hosting a special adoption event this Saturday, July 29.