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Posted: Monday, January 01, 2018 12:28 PM

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FAITH: China's Strict Two-Child Policy Leads To Death Of Woman Forced To Have Four Abortions

China’s strict two-child policy has tragically resulted in the death of a woman who was forced to have four abortions.

The Christian Post reports that the woman, identified only as Yueyue, already gave birth to a girl with her husband.

In China, each couple is only allowed to have two children, which often results in more frequent and forced abortions because many families want boys.

When Yueyue became pregnant again, her husband made her get an ultrasound (even though this is illegal) to determine the sex of the baby. When the couple found out it was another girl, Yueyue’s husband forced her to abort the child.

This happened three more times, all within a year. After the last time, Yueyue became bedridden and ill.