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Updated: 11/19/2019 04:50:03 PM

FAITH: Franklin Graham: Chelsea Clinton's Claims

About Jesus Would Be Pro-Choice Are

Things Hitler Would Say




New Planned Parenthood President Grilled Over Claims

Organization Doesn't Provide Most Abortions




491 Overdose Deaths In Knox County

In Less Than Two Years




Pope Urges Climate Change Conference Amidst Child Sex Abuse Scandal Rocking Catholic Church





Connecticut School Board Member Resigns After

Issues Over Citing Pledge Of Allegiance






Pedophile Priest Who Had HIV And Raped 30 Children

Not Charged Due To Church's Efforts To

"Forgive" Him Of His Sins





Colorado Baker Jack Phillips Back In Cross Hairs

Of LGBT Community Over Refusal To Make

Transgender Cake At Shop






69 Massive Earthquakes Hit Pacific Ring Of Fire In 48 Hours According To Reports, Scientists

A large swath of earthquakes hit the Pacific's so-called Ring of Fire earlier this week, prompting some to wonder if it is a precursor to the oft-discussed massive earthquake, colloquially known as "the Big One." Sixty-nine earthquakes, including 16 tremors registering 4.5 or above on the Richter scale, recently hit the area, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), which recorded the events but did not issue a warning - MORE







Oprah Winfrey's Magazine Promotes

"Shout Out Your Abortion" Movement





Billboards Removed After Pictures Of Pastor Holding Bible Was Declared Offensive





Cardinal Burke: Terrible Homosexual Culture

Prevails In The Catholic Church





Blue State Dems To Bring Anti-Israel Caucus To

Congress If Elected In 2018 Says Report






Turkish Court Rejects Appeal From U.S. Pastor For House Arrest Release







Chick-Fil-A Opening First Store In Hawaii





Chick-Fil-A Emerges As America's Top Rated Fast Food Chain





Yemen's Children Solders Facing Tough Road After Sexual, Physical Abuse





North Korea Found To Have Most Modern Day Slaves World Wide





North Carolina Pastor Still Jailed In Turkey

After Hearing




"Tolerance Is A Two Way Street"


U.S. Supreme Court Sides With Colorado Baker Jack Phillips 7-2 In Case

 Involving Same-Sex Marriage Cake



Special Faith: 2017 Was Year Of Convergence Over Israel As Nation Celebrates 70 Years As

Nation May 14, 2018




New Starbucks "Training Manual" On Race Nothing But Attempt Of Company To

Cover Their Political Backsides





Jesse Duplantis Asks $54M From Donors To

Purchase New Jet To Travel On





Ireland Repeals Abortion Ban In

Mainly Catholic Country




Billy Graham To Family in Will:

Defend Gospel At All Cost




Pope To Gay Man:

 "God Made You Like This"





Southern Baptist Leader Steps Down Amid Complaints Of Abusive Counseling Behavior




Very Few Conservative Speakers Across America This Year During College Commencement Ceremonies





Turkey Calls For Islamic World To Unite Against Israel As Tensions Between Two Nations Increase


OUR VIEW - 05/06/2018 - As Nation Observed National Day of Prayer This Past

Week It Behooves Us All To Make Sure God Is On Our Side And We Are On His


On National Day of Prayer President Trump Announces New Policy Agendas To Protect Faith Groups And Their Involvement With Government



Mike Pompeo Sworn In As New Secretary of State Promising To Move U.S. Embassy To Jerusalem "Years Ahead Of Schedule"





Boy Scouts To Change Iconic Name To Embrace Political Correctness Following Acceptance Of Girls




FAITH: Pre-Prom Pic Of Kids Praying Draws

Outrage From Liberal Trolls





Israel Solemnly Marks Holocaust Remembrance Day

Holocaust Remembrance Day Across The Globe

President Trump's Statement On Yom HaShoah,

Holocaust Remembrance Day, 2018







FAITH: Five Nations Where Christians Were

Persecuted During Easter Weekend







Easter's Blue Moon A Message From Heaven






Southern Baptist Leader Resigns

Amid Inappropriate Relationship


FAITH: Retired Air Force Sergeant Sues U.S. Air Force After He Was Removed From Retirement Ceremony Mentioning

 "God" Mid-Speech





Planned Parenthood Tweet Saying Disney Needs "Princesses Who Have Had An Abortion" Or Are "Trans" Sparks Social Media Backlash



FAITH: Tennessee Passes Bill Requiring Schools

To Display "In God We Trust"


Tennessee Lawmakers Pass Bill That Seeks Federal Approval To Ban TENNCARE Payments To Abortion Providers








Spiritual Adviser To President George W. Bush Accused Of Bilking Elderly Investors Out Of More Than $1M





March For Eternal Life Event Held In Dallas Led By Pastor Robert Jeffries

One Day After Activists March For Gun Control In DC








Billy Graham: An Extraordinary Journey





Federal Judge Blocks New Mississippi Law That Bans Abortions After 15 Weeks





FAITH: ABC's Joy Behar Apologizes To Christians Nationwide For Disparaging VP Mike Pence's Faith; "VP Pence Is Right"







Billy Graham Library Reopens After

Funeral Services Held For Late Evangelist







The Late Rev. Billy Graham

Laid To Rest Friday In Charlotte, NC




The Late Billy Graham Given Great Honor That Only Few Receive As He Will Lie In State At U.S. Capitol Today And Thursday Before Friday Funeral in Charlotte

Only Fourth Citizen To Be Given Such Honor Since 1998




Our Great Smoky Mountain Journal Salute And Memorial To The Late Great Evangelist Billy Graham - 1918-2018




Funeral Arrangements In Place For The Late Great Billy Graham Who Passed Wednesday At Age 99

Teen Vogue Columnist Slammed For Vile Comments

About Rev. Graham and His Death






Rev. Billy Graham's Final Message To America





Christian Leaders World Wide Mourn Passing

Of Famed Evangelist Billy Graham

Celebrities Celebrate Life And Passing Of

"America's Pastor" Rev. Billy Graham




FAITH: Pastor Robert Jeffress Blasts Joy Behar For Her Attack On Vice President Mike Pence's Faith

On "The View" Tuesday



"The View's" Joy Behar Mocks Vice President Mike Pence's Christian Faith On Show







FAITH: First Lady Melania Trump Had White House

Cleansed When POTUS, Family Moved Into White House



FAITH: Pastor Robert Jeffress Blasts Joy Behar For Her Attack On Vice President Mike Pence's Faith On "The View" Tuesday







FAITH: North Carolina Mom Starts Serving Week-Long Jail Sentence For Having Daughter Baptized, Posting Pics To Facebook





President Trump's Remarks At

National Prayer Breakfast 2018





Kentucky Governor: Company Should

Not Be Forced To Print Gay Pride Shirts

Due To Christian Beliefs




Great Smoky Mountain Journal Interview

 Susan Michael, USA Director For International Embassy Of Christians And Jews - 01/31/2018







Christian Broadcasting Network Founder Pat Robertson Recovering After Suffering From Stroke





Planned Parenthood Still Harvesting Fetuses

Whose Hearts Are Still Beating After Abortion






FAITH: Archaeologists In Israel Discover 1,500 Year Old Pool, Elaborate Fountain At Site of Ancient Church In Jerusalem





Pain-Capable Act Fails In Senate

After Passing In House


President Trump Slams Senate After It Fails To Pass Procedural Vote

To Ban Abortion After 20 Weeks Of Pregnancy





Kentucky Bill Would Allow Bible Courses

To Be Taught In Public School




Hal Lindsey Prophetic Year In Review

2017 - Part One




Iranian Muslim Convert Changing Muslim's Lives With The Gospel Of Jesus



Insult To Life: Ohio Billboard Makes Light Of Abortion, Calling It "Parenting" Decision 






Middle Eastern Christians On Brink Of

Destruction According To New Report





FAITH: U.S. Court Of Appeals Refuses To Hear Case Of Washington State High School Coach Punished For Taking Knee At 50-Yard Line For Post-Game Prayer





Young Massachusetts Girl Climbs

On Tree To Rescue "Old Glory"






Human Rights Watch Group Says President Trump Is Protecting Human Rights Across Globe Despite Media Silence On Matter






Billy Graham's Actions Against Segregation During The 1950s And His Relationship With Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.




Greece To Limit Islamic Law After European Court Complaint





North Korea Ranks #1 Where Christians Face Most

Persecution On 2018 World Watch List




Country Artist Charlie Daniels Not Happy

With Taco Bell's New "Illuminati" Ad Campaign




Google's New "Fact Check" Feature Exclusively

Targets Conservative Websites


World Remembers Slaughter Of Six Million Jews At Hands Of Nazi

Germany On Holocaust Remembrance Day Saturday


OUR VIEW: 01/28/2018 - As We Recognize International Holocaust Remembrance This Weekend, Let Us Never Forget The Six Million Jews Slaughtered By Nazi Germany And

Islam's Role In History's Darkest Stain And Hour


PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Our Nation is indebted to the Holocaustís survivors"




Facebook Removes Christian

"Warriors For Christ" Page




FAITH: Appeals Court Upholds Penalty, Rules Against Oregon Bakery Owners Who Refused To Make Same-Sex Wedding Cake Five Years Ago



Israel To Name Future Train Station After President Trump In

Honor of "Brave Decision" To Move U.S. Embassy

From Tel Aviv To Jerusalem



STARNES: Liberal Arts College Advancing "Queer Theology"

 Agenda That Literally Includes "Queering God"





Freedom From Religion Group's East Tennessee Chapter Wanted Nativity Display Removed From Courthouse Building Over Holidays





U.N. Ambassador Nikki Halley Announces $285M Cut In U.S. Funds For U.N. After They Condemn U.S., Israel On President Trump Naming Jerusalem As Israel's Capital





 Franklin Graham Praises President Trump's Defense of Religious Freedom and Making Christmas Great  Again In America




Jonathan Khan On President Trump's

"Jerusalem Declaration" Part Two And

It's Prophetic Significance



Jonathan Khan On President Trump's "Jerusalem Declaration" Part One And It's Prophetic Significance





FAITH: Appeals Court Upholds Penalty, Rules Against Oregon Bakery Owners Who Refused To Make Same-Sex Wedding Cake Five Years Ago




FAITH: Ancient Historic Menorah Carving Discovered In

Ancient Tomb Door In Jerusalem




"Make America Gay" Again Posters Greet Vice President Pence, Wife Karen While Staying In Colorado



Jonathan Khan On President Trump's "Jerusalem Declaration" Part One And It's Prophetic Significance


Jonathan Khan On President Trump's "Jerusalem Declaration" Part Two And It's Prophetic Significance















Special Christmas Weekend Faith Chat This Week With Pastor Ronnie Mitchem On The Meaning of Christmas and Why We Must Be Joyous and Thankful


Special Interview From Jerusalem, Israel

Ian Norton, Co-Owner Of The Jerusalem Gift Shop That Sits Downtown In The Heart Of The Ancient City

Ian Speaks To Us About His Miraculous Testimony Being Delivered From Heroin and Healed From Hepatitis C And Also Discusses What Is Going On In The Heart Of Israel Following President Trump's Historic Recognition Of Jerusalem

As Israel's Capital City Last Week



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Franklin Graham Praises President Trump's Defense of Religious Freedom and Making Christmas Great Again In America




Dying Knoxville Dad's Dying Wish To Teach His Children Love, Morals An Inspiration For Others This Christmas Season







PA Family Ordered By Homeowner's Association To Take Down Jesus Christmas Display Because Neighbors Found It Offensive





Whitestone Country Inn In Kingston Staying Open To Help Grieving Families




Atlanta Based Chick-Fil-A Help Stranded Travelers At Hartsfield Airport Sunday After Power Outage Grounded Flights In

Nightmare Travel Weekend


SPECIAL FAITH ARTICLE FROM The Great Smoky Mountain Journal- The Second Hanukkah

OPED: As Hanukkah Ends, The Nation Must Unite And See The Light!


Justice Department Launches Federal Investigation Into Planned Parenthood's Practices Of Sale

Of Fetal Tissue



Great Smoky Mountain Journal EXCLUSIVE Interview With Blake Percival, Former Federal Whistleblower Who Exposed The Mishandling of 665,000 Security Clearances During The Obama Administration Including Those Of Edward Snowden and Aaron Alexis, The Washington Stock Yard Killer of 2013

PART ONE OF TWO - Visit Our News Network Channel For MORE!



Read Blake's Incredible Story From The Original Story In Washington Post From January 2014




OUR VIEW: President Trump Stands In Agreement With God And Shows Courage Where Others Have Showed Cowardice In Naming Jerusalem Israel's Capital




FAITH: Starnes: Republican Lawmakers In CT

Defy Atheists, Ring Salvation Army Bells



The Landscape Of The City Of Gatlinburg And

The East Tennessee Mountains Changed

Forever One Year Ago Today

Special Great Smoky Mountain Interview With Pastor Steve Branch Who Was Visiting Gatlinburg From Bluefield, VA. Who Along With His Wife Pamela Lost Their Possessions While Staying At Westgate Resorts And Nearly Lost Their Lives. Steve Offers Encouragement And Insight On What Took Place And How Their Faith Got Them Through This Tremendous Ordeal Here In The Hills Of East Tennessee



Special Great Smoky Mountain Journal Interview With Retired Fireman Mark Taylor, Mary Colbert, Co-Authors Of

"The Trump Prophecies"






Follow Up Interview With Pastor Ronnie Mitchem Of Victory and Praise Church On His Sharks Football Team And The Backlash For His Stand For America And His Faith








Special Great Smoky Mountain Interview With Rev. Derek McCoy Of CURE, On Israel's 70th Anniversary As A Nation And Why Moving The US Embassy From Tel Aviv To Jerusalem Is A Great Move For The USA, The Trump Administration And The World


Related: President Trump Considering Recognizing Jerusalem As Israel's Capital

Turkey's Muslim President Warns President Trump That Recognizing Jerusalem as

Israel's Capital "Red Line" For Muslim World

Palestinians Vow To Cut Off Peace Talks With US If President Trump Moves Embassy To Jerusalem  





How the Number 7 Biblically Links Trump and Israel - Faith Article



SUNDAY FAITH CHAT With Coach Ronnie Mitchem

Of Victory and Praise Church


Sunday Faith Chat With Pastor And Texas High School Football Coach Ronnie Mitchem Of Crosby, Texas On The Pending Supreme Court Decision of Colorado Baker Jack Phillips Being Sued By The LGBT Community. In Addition, Pastor Mitchem's Thoughts on President Trump's Jerusalem Decision, Coaches And How Money Has Corrupted Much Of College Football And Political Correctness Has Destroyed America


Special FAITH Interview With Dale Heiser On How A

Wooden Cross Refusing To Burn In Last Year's Wildfire Provided Faith For Him , His Wife To Escape Deadly Ordeal With Their Lives




FAITH: Pope Francis Wants To Adopt

"Better" Translation Of "Lord's Prayer"




70th Anniversary Of UN Vote Making Israel A Nation Event Marked By Vice President Mike Pence




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