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GDP Crashes 33% Due To Covid 19 Continued Effect
Oil Prices Surge On Firmer Demand, Reduced Supply  
Trump Orders Federal Money Tied Up In China To Be Brought Back Home
Food Prices Soar To Highest Levels Since 1974
Kudlow Predicts Record 3Q After Storm Passes
Trump Cuts More Federal Regulations To Help Spur Growth  
Workers Who Reject Back to Work Order Do Not Get Stimulus  
Pier 1 Imports To Close All 540 Stores Amid Pandemic  
Wal Mart To Hire 50K More Workers During Pandemic Event
Three U.S. Treasury Bonds Yield Negative - First Time Since 1982
Varney: Economy Headed For Recession Due To Coronavirus
Small Businesses To Back Corona Bill
Oil Price War Between Saudi And Russia Sending Gas Prices Down  
Stocks Tank Triggering Trading Halt, Then Tank Again
Medical Supply Chains To Establish Unity in U.S.A.
Jobless Claims Fall Again In February- Job Market Remains Strong Despite Coronavirus Fears
Dow Plunges 768 Points After Feds Cut Rates

6.1 Million People Off Food Stamps Under Donald Trump 

U.S. Economy Created 225,000 Jobs In January
White House: Drug Prices Have Dropped 11% Under President Trump
Stocks Take Hit Due To Virus Fears
Things You Need To Know About Tax Season 2020

U.S. Household Income Jumped 7% In 2019

Under Trump Economy

Congressman Buck: Pelosi Extortion Holding Up Coronavirus Aid


S/P Rises To Surpass 500 First Time In History

Despite COVID 19 "Fears"

Housing Starts Jump 22.6% - Higher Than Expected


July Spending Rises Sharply Pointing To

Sharp Economic Recovery By Fall


JC Penney To Close 200 Stores As Chain Files Bankruptcy


NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 25: A pedestrian, wearing a protective face mask walks past the American flag video board in Times Square during the coronavirus pandemic on April 25, 2020 in New York City. COVID-19 has spread to most countries around the world, claiming over 200,000 lives with

Unemployment Rate Soars To 14.7% - Worst Since Recession Of 2008

Stocks End On An Upward Spike Of 455 Despite Job News

Trump: Jobs Will Be Back

80% Of Those Laid Off Are Temporary Layoffs

PA Businesses Reopen Despite Governor Wolf's Insistence They Don't


Stock Market Crumbles Again With

1400 Point Loss Over Coronavirus Fears

Trading Halted On Wall Street Monday After 2000 Point Loss

As  Oil Stocks Plunge, And Added Fears Of Corona Virus Sweeps Nation


Another All-Time High On Wall Street Thursday

Pentagon Moving $3.8 Billion To Finance Building Of More of Southern Border Wall


President Trump Signs Historic Deal That

Galvanizes American Businesses on Same Day

In Historic Phase One Of China Deal

China Says Economic Growth Fell To Lowest In 30 Years  

Merkel Says Germany Will Not Help USA In China Trade Fight

President Trump Proves Critics Wrong - Again - With Historic Trade Pact

List Of Ignorant Liberals Wrong About Trump's China Trade Policy

National Science Board: USA Losing Technology War With China

Companies Have Brought Back $1T In Wealth Oversees

During Trump Presidency

Stocks Hit All Time High After "WW3" Event With Iran; Media Fails in Their Fear Mongering


145,000 New Jobs In December, Stock Market Hits 29,000 As Record

Economic Boom Continues At End Of 2019 Going Into 2020


2019 Jobless Claims Show Economy Ending

On Strong Footing in 2019



America Creates 266,000 Jobs In November!



Confidence In Economy Reaches Highest Level Ever With President Trump


5.8 Million Americans Off Food Stamps Under President Trump

President Launches Black Voices For Trump 2020 Coalition


Dow Reaches 110th All Time High Since 2016 -

Election Markets Up More Than 50%


Tariff Rollback With China Facing Extreme Opposition



People Puzzled By Peculiar Texts


Weekly Jobless Claims Tumble More Than Expected For July


Dow Drops 800 Points In Worse Sell-Off Of Year


Feds Cut Interest Rate For First Time Since 2008


Justice Department Launches Anti-Trust Suit Against Google


Blowout April Jobs Reports Say Earners Earned

$275,000 More Than Normal In Wages


U.S. Economy Grows At Whopping

3.2% Busting Expectations


Jobless Claims Fall To Lowest Since October 1969


Honda To Recall 1 Million Cars Due To Airbag Malfunctions



Hispanic Unemployment Lowest On Record


Ford Recalls 953,000 Vehicles To Replace Inflators


U.S. Becomes Net Oil Exporter For First Time In 75 Years


Ford Recalling 874,000 Pick Up Trucks In America



U.S. Adds 250,000 Jobs In October, Nearly 60K More Than Expected As

Economy Continues To Explode With Trump Policies

More Than 1,000 Manufacturing Jobs Added Daily - Best Since 1998

Wages Rise 3% - First Time Since Recession

Fake News Media Warning Of "Recession" When Every Indicator Shows Different


U.S., Canada Reach Deal On NAFTA Along With Mexico


Gov. Haslam Signs New Law Into Effect Allowing

Wine and Liquor Sales on Sunday


President Trump Brings Hammer Down Ordering Steep New Tariffs

On Steel, Aluminum Imports To U.S. On Thursday


January Gas Prices Hit Four Year High Across East Tennessee



BUSINESS: Dow Jones Hit All Time Highs Monday As Congress Ends Three-Day Shutdown; DJIA: 26,214, S&P: 2,832, NASDAQ: 7,408



Employers Say Flu Season Could Cost Taxpayers Nearly $10B


Food Stamp Work Requirement To Return To Tennessee Starting February 1, 2018