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Posted: Monday, January 01, 2018 12:28 PM

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New White House Communications Director: I'm A Front Stabbing Person, Not A Backstabber

New White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci suggested Wednesday that his efforts to stop damaging leaks will go beyond the West Wing and into federal agencies -- and made clear he won’t play the Washington back-stabbing game.

To the contrary, he said, “I’m more of a front-stabbing person."

Scaramucci, a New Yorker, told “Fox & Friends” what he doesn't like about Washington is "people do not let you know how they feel. They're very nice to your face, and then they take a shiv or a machete and they stab it in your back."

He said that would change on his watch. "I have the stomach and the backbone to fire you," he said

Scaramucci, who on Friday became communications director as Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigned, also said holdovers from the Obama administration are responsible for some of the leaked information that has slowed President Trump’s agenda.

He said he’s going to be working with the federal agencies and departments within the administration -- a departure from earlier comments.

“I’m not going to be able to stop the leaks in the inter-governmental agencies and all that other stuff,” he told “Fox News Sunday.” "I'm just focused on the communications team.”

Scaramucci also confirmed a Fox News report that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is preparing an investigation into intelligence leaks, saying Sessions will announce the plan as early as Wednesday or perhaps next week.

He also acknowledged again that stopping all the leaks is “impossible” and suggested his focus will be West Wing employees leaking information on each other.

“The president himself deserves better that,” said Scaramucci, who declined to directly discuss Trump’s dissatisfaction with Sessions' job performance or whether a rift exists between Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.