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Posted: Monday, January 01, 2018 12:25 PM

Pro-Trump Singer Gets Death Threats

Musical artist Joy Villa is facing violent threats because she supports President Trump, according to an exclusive report on The Todd Starnes Show.

Joy triggered microaggressions from coast-to-coast earlier this year by wearing a stunning "Make America Great Again" dress to the Grammy's.

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"I've gotten death threats and hate mail," she told me on my nationally syndicated radio program. "All I did was wear a dress -- something that was pro-Trump."

She was also targeted by online vandals who defaced her Wikipedia page.

"I can't really say I was surprised (by the hatred)," she said. "I was prepared for it."

But it's still unsettling -- especially with the level of unhinged rhetoric coming from the Mainstream Media and Hollywood.

"They are actually attacking his supporters and attacking him that are quite honestly disgusting and Im appalled by it," she said.

But instead of giving in to the bullies, Joy has doubled down in her support for the president. And she credits him with getting her involved in politics.

"I got really excited when I saw someone who was not a politician," she said.

Instead of responding to the violent threats in anger, Joy decided to record a new song, "Make America Great Again."

"We decided to combat that violence by doing a tribute and something beautiful," she told me